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The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.9.9e2: Summertime Lovin'
« on: September 05, 2019, 11:03:45 am »
Oh, I’m afraid that I’ll grow old and die before I can play OpenApoc ...  ;)

I want to play it too. We can only pray. ;)

The X-Com Files / Re: Some suggestions
« on: September 05, 2019, 11:02:13 am »
I'm not a big fan of timers and wouldn't be eager to implement them freely. I would rather use reinforcements mechanics, if they ever happen.

40k / Re: Warcraft 3 unit response sounds mod
« on: September 05, 2019, 10:59:01 am »
don´t need to worry about that, i´m testing and they don´t overlap even if you spam, works fluid even sometimes you hear nothing

I was not talking about overlapping. I am talking about not hearing a voice with every damn click. I would rather hear it at random.

OpenXcom Extended / Re: Base Name Generator
« on: September 05, 2019, 10:40:53 am »
This has been suggested a long time ago already (be me), and I think it's still on Meridian's to-do list.

40k / Re: Warcraft 3 unit response sounds mod
« on: September 04, 2019, 10:33:07 pm »
I have a request: can we have a % chance to play these sounds? Hearing them sometimes (say, 1 in 10 times) would be fun, hearing them every time would make me unable to play.

Released Mods / Re: Chryssalid tweaks [OXCE]
« on: September 03, 2019, 05:21:26 pm »
Looks very interesting. Thanks for this.

The X-Com Files / Re: Bugs, crashes, typos & bad taste
« on: September 03, 2019, 11:59:55 am »
Just got a red dawn base mission, some weeks after i stormed their HQ and terminated them.

Which version are you using?

Just had a crash on cyverweb heist mission, it says object spawns outside map bounds. Spawned in Rocky Mountains if the moíuntain terrain could be the cause.

Known bug, sorry. Retry the mission (with save scumming on) or get the unreleased version from GitHub:

The Kukri is handled as a firearm with a range of 1, not as a melee weapon. Is this intended?

yes, otherwise you wouldn't be able to cut foliage with it (melee weapons can't attack terrain).

Also, some of the terrain tiles in that mapset have no defined ground/ground object, so they don't get revealed unless you're standing directly on them

Yeah, I keep fixing these (not my map). Thanks for the report.

As far as i can tell that is the only block in the set that has missing surface tiles, but STORMMOUNTAIN02 can lead to geometries:

Makes sense. Also fixed.

Just noticed this:
The inventory position of the sprites for blackops rifle clips and tritanium rifle clips are one or two pixels off.

Funny, considering these are vanilla resources. :P (Well, the tritanium one is recoloured.)

Heavy Tactical Suit and Heavy Tritanium Suit share the same drawbacks, despite the later supposedly being easier to use due to it's reduced weight. Is this intended?


This might've already been reported, but some of the paperdolls don't quite match up with the overlaying armor:

Darn. Will this issue never end? ;)

MIB bases/mission sites (connected to alien embassies?) show up as UFOs, not as ground mission sites. They also have associated briefings.

That's more of a limitation than a bug. We're trying to figure out how to improve it, though.

Alien Laser Rifle can be manufactured by researching Laser Weapons, actually researching the rifle isn't required. Is this intended?

Not intended. Fixed.

Researching Alien Origins after researching a (Sectoid) Leader did not unlock the "Alien leader is researched" prerequesite. Is this intended? I don't remember running into this bug before, but there seem to have been some changes in the last updates regarding research progression. Do i need to interrogate another leader?

Can you tell me a bit more? What do you want to achieve? What exactly do you need?

I recently encountered Shamblers in the caves/underdark. I haven't had a look at the spawn list, but what exactely are shamblers - who are manufactered by the Syndicate iirc and home to cold climates - doing in the caves?

They aren't manufactured by the Syndicate, though the Syndicate experiments with them.
There's an "explanation mission" planned.

Iceland along with some of the other new countries can start the game with zero funding, which in turn keeps them at 0 funding for the entire game as finding increases are percentage based. I've seen this behavior for at the very least Iceland and New Zealand, but it probably can occur for any of the new super low finding nations.

Thanks, known and (hopefully) fixed.
For now, you can edit your save file to give these countries some positive income. Though some people like the idea of some countries being only a burden. ;)

UFO subtypes can be gotten for free from alien data slates, but in order to decrypt them the topic itself needs to be researched first (as it's a prerequesite for alien vocabulary, which again needs to be researched for alien encryption).

Solarius, I think understand what you were going for with the vocabulary&encryption stuff, but at this point the data slate becomes kind of pointless, since by the time you have researched the necessary topics to break the encryption, you're bound to have unlock a lot of the topics the slate is supposed to contain.

Also, while the vocabulary article mentions that you're now able 'to ask better question', none of the unlock research topics are connected to interrogations - it's only the data slate encryption and the embassy key. This seems kind of strange. Maybe instead of locking encryption behind vocabulary, lock some of the more advanced topics gained by interrogation behind it, but also make them unlockable by decrpyting the data slate?

I guess the entire data slate research list should be revised, as it's a very old feature.
I don't have a good concept yet. Ideas welcome.

Roboturrets are bugged atm, you can't actually load the ammunition into the weapon, as both items are fixed and you can't access the inventory of the drone either.

But you can press "R". ;)
I'll make it smoother soon.

so i researched & produced tritanium magnum ammo.
but it doesn't have an ufopedia entry it seems.
how much dmg does it do?

The code seems fine... Can you attach a save?

This happened when I shot a large rocket into a sinister clinic

We'll check, thanks.

Everything else is solved, please let me know if anything is left to discuss.

The X-Com Files / Re: Minigun seems OP
« on: September 03, 2019, 11:18:48 am »
Considering the amount of equipment in the game i'm not surprised that people are calling weapons OP that I never (or rarely) use during my playthroughs. I think a lot of this is down to individual preference and tactics.


Heh, i could see myself in that...
Yeah, any less dmg or acc and they´d be completely useless.
But the ability to kill up to 3 targets per turn (plus collateral if someone is in the way) for each just 30% TU is pretty hardcore.

Yeah, I managed to do this... exactly once in my life. :P

In comparison the HMGs do partially more dmg, highly more accurate, but one salvo takes like 90% TU...
That makes more sense to me in terms of balancing.

The HMG is so anal to use that I think it's okay.

(Also, has anyone ever been able to release the trigger of a minigun fast enough that just 10 bullets are fired?  ;) )

This is a game abstraction, would you like to wait for 700 bullets to be animated? :P
Also, if it really would be 700 bullets, they would have to be weaker and not have the armour strip... Or in fact, completely new effects would be needed to simulate this bulletstorm.

The X-Com Files / Re: Terrain / Maps
« on: September 03, 2019, 11:14:08 am »
Well... I always accept good maps from the community. :)

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 0.9.9e2: Summertime Lovin'
« on: September 03, 2019, 11:12:25 am »
Hi guys! Sorry for the delay, I am on holidays and spend more time on the beach than at the PC. (No Osiron found yet.)

So, the space missions are coming and UAC weapons will be in great demand? ;)

Yes! Though this particular one is endgame, so I expect UAC will be outdated.

Does this have an Ufopaedia article? This mechanic should have one, as well as the hunter-killer ufos if they don't already.

I thought the player didn't need this info as there is no reason to suspect otherwise. But then again, this is a mod to a game which didn't have this mechanics, so there is a reason to suspect otherwise.
I'll add it.

Moon missions, yay! To be fair, I cheat and I snoop the Github directory from time to time.

That's no cheating, that's staying on the bleeding edge of development. :)

(...) arc completed, or will it be a few random missions since it's kind of a joke arc? What about the ghost-busters one?

These guys are intended to be a serious arc. These are its humble beginnings.
Ghostbusters will hopefully happen too, but they're shelved at the moment. It's a big thing.

Guys! If we have Hyperwave decoder, we no longer need any of radar systems???

That's right.

@Solarius: maybe you can introduce a 1000-item limit for all craft? for people who don't know when to stop...

Yes, you're right. I did just that.

It would be interesting if the sponsor countries somehow competed among themselves for dossiers and other materials obtained by our organization.
For example, if we transferred the extracted artifacts to America, then, on the basis of this, it slightly increased our funding. Or sent some gifts (armor, weapons, ammunition, etc.). At the same time, for example, China, which also claimed these artifacts, but did not receive them, reduced its contribution.
In general, I would like to somehow reflect the more active relations between countries among themselves and countries with our organization.

Interesting musings, but completely out of scope of this engine. Wait on OpenApoc, maybe the devs will be crazy enough to listen. ;)
(This also applies to the following posts on this topic, with examples from SparrowHawc etc.)

By the way, I did not know that points are also awarded for research ... Are these the same points that are awarded for successfully performed operations, are calculated at the end of each month and make up the success rating of our project or something else?
About the points for research somewhere said in the game itself, did I miss something?

AFAIK there are two kinds of points: region-specific (which you see on graphs) and general. Research gives the latter.

Krautbernd's explanation is correct, though I can't really wrap my head around his system of per-country researches. XD (As you'd still need new code to assign points to a specific region.)

I've found them after many and many clinic missions (don't know how much exactly)... It seems, scripts of ver. 0.9.9e work incorrectly. I've interrogated all types of hybrids, researched all techs, which depend from them, done all types of missions, but still hybrids' base haven't appeared. Same shit with Syndicate's missions: now it is July of 2000, and there were NO Syndicate's missions since early 1999.

I'll ask Finnik to double check, I am not that familiar with the ADVENT stuff, as it's all his work - I only reviewed it.
But regarding the Syndicate: I've been too stingy with access to them. Will be improved in the future. This will also help with their weapons' availability.

Another thing I've found wierd is the UAC corporation in general, compared to MAGMA and Blackops Industries that is little interaction with UAC apart from finding out it exists. Like MAGMA gives you missions to do and tech trades and Blackops has the stuff with the Syndicate, but UAC has none of this. And you can't even get things like the UAC rifle without finding it first which is a little wierd.

I simply didn't have the time to develop them yet. But I have plans!

The X-Com Files / Re: Recently discovered and fell in love with this mod.
« on: September 01, 2019, 07:21:25 pm »
If you want to keep the clips you'd either have to enable inventory access or find a way/request that units can be spawned with loaded weapons.

I don't want to give them true equipment, because they don't even have hands...
Well, switching to player operation wasn't as painless as I imagined. :P

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - J16 - 8 Aug -Zombie Dreams
« on: September 01, 2019, 04:21:13 pm »
Hi, it's been a while since I played this, but the latest update made me curious: It mentions enemy bases got Hunter-Killers.
Does that mean there will be enemy ships patrolling nearby to attack your ships then? Is there a way to avoid them?
IIRC the mod author didn't want to use this kind of encounters and the lore justified it by having your ships use a cloaking system. Did you change your mind, Dioxine?
I'm curious.

AFAIK it only concerns Ninja bases, as Ninja Gals are exempt from the "no detection" rule.

XPiratez / Re: Girls or Boyz? Which path is better?
« on: September 01, 2019, 04:19:26 pm »
I would say that the Male Touch is more directed at veteran players, who know the game well. It's not that it's so much more difficult (because I don't think it is), but it relies on having decent knowledge on the mechanics. Playing gals only is more of a no-brainer: they're tough, fast and strong, so you can just brute force most missions. With the guys, it gets more involved, as you need to compensate for not being supermutants with equipment and planning.
Just remember that after you make your choice, you will still have access to most stuff from the other path, just not as easily available (you can't recruit Gals but you can still rescue and then conscript them; or you can't recruit Slave Soldiers but you can still make them from slaves).

Released Mods / Re: [COMPILATION] Final Mod Pack (FMP)
« on: August 29, 2019, 12:01:14 pm »
One question does not give me rest: is it normal that MIB and hybrids fly on a chic mansion? Is there any explanation for this? :) Perhaps it was supposed that these missions (meeting of MIB & Hybrids) should be static, like a convoy of hybrids?

Yes, precisely - it is a technical limitation. Or more precisely, it used to be at the time I made it. Now it can be made more elegantly, I just never got around to remaking it. (I did it for the convoys though.)

Hello people! I had been lurking around here for a while and decided to register as I've got things to say.

Velcome to my kastle. :3

First I would like to express my gratitude for the openxcom team for making this whole darn super awesome game work on modern machines! I've been a huge fan of UFO since forever and after my XP tabletop fried, I haven't been able to play the game. Until I found openxcom. Then I want to thank Solarius & co. for FMP, this is magnificent! Its like the old game made perfect with surprises behind every corner. I love the new aliens and weapons and the tech tree is so cool now, I have tried to not spoil too much as I took on playing the FMP without knowing much and I love it. Its like my good old xcom with familiar mechanics, but at the same time, its brand new!

That's nice to hear! This is pretty much why this mod was made in the first place.

I just started a Veteran playthrough and holy shit what a jump in difficulty from Experienced. Its absolutely brutal, I met Chtonites before Sectoids. It seems that upping the difficulty made the aliens much more aggressive. On experienced it seemed that I had the initiative 99% of the time, but on Vet the aliens just keep on attacking without giving me time to organize my troops. The deployment seems to be the deadliest point of the battle now, with luck the slaughter begins after few turns. Its great!

You mean the Skyranger being a death trap? ;)

Just for clarification, difficulty doesn't affect alien AI directly (as far as I know anyway), but it gives the aliens better stats, which may allow them to do more in a turn.

Then I would like to report a bug I discovered, its not a game breaker, but for some reason the game isn't keeping count of crashed UFO's, every time I've shot down a UFO, it says "Crash site-1". Is there anything I could do to fix this? It doesn't break the game, everything seems to work as usual, its just a nuisance as I like how I can keep count on how many crafts I've shot down. (I'm using the latest version of both openxcom and FMP, the only other mod I have on is high quality sounds.)

That's definitely weird. But it's not something that can be affected by a mod, so it's an issue with the game.

And lastly, I have a question about the tech tree, I've had a look at it, but I don't remember much as I want to figure it out myself, but this much I want to spoil, what are the requirements to reseach the hyperwave decoder? It needs several things now, that much I know of. Not much of a problem as I'm making good use of AWACS and stacking radars... But its so nice to have full knowledge of what the aliens are up to. :D Can't wait to get that far.

Just a hint then: Alien Optical Processor.

On my vet playthrough I'm now in the end of january and I'm already making good progress on alloy ammunition and advanced firearms, I really want that tactical sniper rifle soon. Btw the weapon balance seems perfect! It has made me play very tactical and smart and there's the sense of urgency to get better weaponry asap, also how conventional weapons can keep up with alloy ammo etc., its fantastic! Got to love that minigun, saved my ass so many times. ;)
I hope you'll have an interesting, challenging, fun campaign!

The X-Com Files / Re: Minigun seems OP
« on: August 29, 2019, 11:43:06 am »
Miniguns are heavily disputed. They were also rebalanced more times than any other weapons category.
Back when they were slightly worse, they were completely unattractive. Now they're sometimes considered OP, sometimes still useless.
They seem to be loved by "Nurgle-type players", who don't move much and rely on high numbers (of units but also, more directly, bullets fired) and ignored by everyone else.

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