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Suggestions / Re: New types of alien bases - manufacturing bases and all
« on: November 28, 2013, 01:04:16 am »
How about TFTD-style 2-parter bases, with 3-parter Cydonia, for those who want a challenge?

On the other hand. TFTD itself could use 1-parter lower-risk lower-reward "outposts" for a change of pace.

NOTE: I'm basing this on TFTD where X-COM's existence is publicly known from the start.

Each Nation has two parties: The Ruling Party and the Opposing Party. Through elections or violent take over the Ruling Party may change, along with the ones responsible for our paycheck.

Besides the invisible relationship meter already present in the vanilla game, called the Official Opinion from now on, the Parties have their own Personal Opinion of you. The parties will high opinions of you will try to raise as much funding as they can, and try to lower as little as possible when you screw up, and (in case Alien Infiltration are not instant-success) will not sign up with the aliens. Those will low opinions will try to lower the funding as much as possible, reluctantly raise as little as possible and sign up with the aliens without looking back.

The Parties also have two additional stats: Powerbase and Public Opinion; Both are essentially modifiers to the events and actions used by and against them.

So what if the one who doesn't like us is on top?:
1) You spend resources to improve their personal opinions;
2) You spend resources against the Opposing Party trying to get the Ruling Party's favor. If the Opposing Party becomes the Ruling Party, though, you are screwed.
3) You spend resources to dig up the blackmail material on Ruling Party. They become more generous with funding, but become even more likely to sign up the with the aliens.
4) You "replace" them by helping the Opposing Party (who hopefully likes you) to become the new Ruling Party.
4a) Covertly, so that the old Ruling party won't be angry with you in case they come back.
4b) Openly, so that the Opposing Party will be grateful to you. If the old Ruling Party comes back, you are screwed.
5) You completely annihilate the core that holds the party together. The Ruling Party disbands, the Opposing Party becomes the new Ruling Party by default, and the new Opposing Party is created. Bad aftermath rolls may sour relations with all of Council in general.

Optional Complexity: Both parties have Heirs-Apparent who try to become the number one in their respective parties. And Potential Heirs who try take the Heir-Apparent spots.
1) The Boss of the party doesn't like you, but the heir does? Get rid of the Boss.
2) The Boss of the party likes you, but his fall is inevitable and will be succeeded by the Heir who doesn't like you. Discredit the Heir-Apparent, thus ensuring the former Potential Heir (who likes you) will become the future boss.

Why reinvent the wheel when the traitor humans can just be the very early Cult of Sirius?

Suggestions / Augmentations
« on: November 16, 2013, 01:38:22 pm »
Played Enemy Within, and remembered that Apocalypse has something similar with Hybrids and Androids and the background fluff about modifications. Since the chances of OpenApoc becoming a reality are slim at best, here are some suggestions for augmentations for post-1.0 UFO and TFTD:

Basically a modified version of Genesis/MegaDrive Shadowrun system, your soldiers start with, say, 100 points of unmodifed flesh distributed over the body (50 Body, 20 Legs, 20 Arms, and 10 Head) and you can spend them on cybermods and genemods, both with their own pros and cons. Both of them can be taken at the same time, but are not very compatible: Each cybermod installed increases the costs of installing genemods and vice versa.

Alternatively, there are no limits, but each mod slightly increases the installing price of the next one of the same type, and greatly increases the costs of next one of the opposite type.

Other suggestions:
1) Original Deus Ex-like slots, with certain mods only allowed in certain slots.
2) Limited number of universal slots.
3) Unlimited number of universal slots.
Other limits:
1) Upkeep in money, special materials (ala Meld) or both;
2a) Past the certain threshold, the Soldier may suffer side-effects that range from merely annoying to fatal. Ex: All mods the Soldier has on him/her have a total value of 80 points, right at the threshold of 80 points, but if more mods will be added than his/her organism will become unstable, at which point the soldier will suffer penalties or outright die;
2b) Past the certain threshold, the upkeep costs increase dramatically;
2c) Some mods, events and injuries can decrease the Threshold.
2d) You cannot cross the threshold.

EDIT: Costs, upkeep and thresholds can be altered through research.

Released Mods / Re: Firestorm Restyle
« on: October 29, 2013, 09:49:24 am »
How about using that image for the new craft you can research before the actual firestorm.

I always though that not being to able to create/research a craft that is basically normal earth tech + alien alloys as a stop gap measure before you get firestorms and avengers was a little dumb, especially in TFTD were the requirements for new craft were a little steep.

Suggestions / Re: Some things i expect in an OpenXcom for TFTD
« on: October 24, 2013, 05:18:54 pm »
1. An option to change load-outs between "Surface" and "Underwater" options before taking off.

2. Weak Laser weapons and VERY expensive Plasma weapons (Elerium is not cheap) for surface operations; Air-to-Air weapons for our flying subs, for when you think that that USO is going to fly over land.

3. Specialized Surface and Underwater versions of items: With no need for underwater life support "Surface" versions of Armor has more protection; Weapons that can operate both on surface and underwater can sacrifice one for better performance in another, etc.

4. Swimming in non-Mag.Ion Armor: Can "fly" a certain number of tiles, regardless of time units, before "falling", and you fall slowly (one level downwards per turn if the soldier does nothing, or fall one level every time the soldier moves)
-Can't swim in starter armor, because that hastily created armor is too heavy.
-Aqua Plastic Armor: As explained above.
-Ion Armor: More heavy than Plastic Armor, but still lighter than the Starter one.

5: Alien outposts: One-parter versions of colonies.

6. Optional, but desirable: New Terror sites: Coastal Towns, South-East Asian water villages, Gritty Asian "Venice"-like places (as seen in Ghost in the Shell: Gits) and Venice itself.

EDIT: 7. Underwater Grenade Launchers, and to make it impossible to throw grenades underwater.

EDIT 2: 8. Additional door on the right side of the Triton.

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