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Offtopic / Re: Ai generated images.
« on: July 16, 2023, 09:39:32 am »
I like how it uses big phallic buildings as analogy for the manparts and the street-lamps and other people as nails.

Now it is suddenly deep.
Nice dogs, by the way.

Tools / Any modding guide suggestion?
« on: July 16, 2023, 09:27:56 am »
So, I want to make a submod to Xpiratez, or vanilla. I want it to have:

1. New Techtree:
2. New armor
3. New vehichle
4. New weapons
5. New enemy

I failed to use Unisprite studio - it crashes on start for me on Windows 7x64. Links for How-to looks dead. I completely do npt know where to start at this point. Please, help.   

XPiratez / Re: What is the border between plagiarism and inspiration?
« on: April 24, 2023, 12:53:22 am »
@Interdictor By any chance "Враг Неведом"(Enemy Unknown) by Vladimir Vasylyev?

I believe, you still can do such things in Russia, and probably in Japan. In Russia because in Soviet Union they pay writers for words in text, so copyright law was and probably is still weird in Russia. While I don't know why it works in Japan, but third party artists can go pretty far with definitly copyprotectable material.

In Western ethics it must be different. 

EDIT: P.S.: There was SO much stuff that was just faithfull fan fiction in Russian in 90s. I remember a decent fantasy writer just made Middle-earth part of his multiverse. He just wrote LOTR 4,5 and 6 and later on included it in his further books. There was Master Of Orion novelization, and so on and so forth.

Fan-Stuff / Re: The odyssey of chaos
« on: April 24, 2023, 12:40:46 am »
While thinking about possible "politically incorrect" stuff I thought about how unequall the same amount of money can be for different people. Like 10k a month salary for a rookie makes him live almost not poor in the US while making him as good as a multimillionaire in post-soviet space in 1990s. 

The post reminded me of an old book I have read in Russian which was straight up called "Enemy Unknown" and was just a fan-fiction xcom novel published by somewhat copyright-careless publisher. A good one, really. I hope to see yours translated one day too.

Fan-Stuff / Re: Some X-com fanart I made
« on: April 24, 2023, 12:16:34 am »
AI generated for Xpiratez

Offtopic / Re: Ai generated images.
« on: April 24, 2023, 12:05:55 am »
Can you stick a banana to the wall with a duct tape? Can you draw a square and paint it black? Would you ever be able to nail your real life manparts to the Red Square? Do you think AI can do this? Do we even understand what is "this" until we see it? Are those who call themself artists doing "this", or do they just craftsmen? Anyway, I just asked AI to nail it manparts the Red Square. After it failed to do The Black Square. I'm attaching the result now. Yes, today is a good day to change the avatar. 

So, I really dont know why do people bother so much about it: AI-generated art is just like a super brush. A support for bigger, grander pieces of art made by human mind. This elf of yours is not an art, its just a picture of an elf. The meaning of its look, the idea behind the whole picture is what makes it an art. more precisely, the idea which raises in the minds of the beholders.

So, its not artists who'll lose their jobs, but rather some craftsmen will lose their jobs, but that's it

With all of this in mind, lets just call people who anyhow produces interesting pieces of art artists, and people who will lose their jobs craftsmen as they should be called since forever.

XPiratez / What is the border between plagiarism and inspiration?
« on: April 23, 2023, 11:09:35 pm »
If I want to make a story about postapoc post alien invasion post alien leaving world with hot mutant super babes as a separate nation, what is plagiarism and what is "inspired by" would it be for you. In case you stumble upon such game at Steam or other such places?

Released Mods / Re: What is the most carefree mod now?
« on: October 21, 2022, 01:36:56 pm »
Thanks for recommending. It was quite fine.

UNEXCOM is a bit too much micromanagement and too flat learning curve - everything is a bit too good from the start. But still, I wish it was among the Released mods section, it feels pretty much completed.

XPiratez / Re: I want to find what music plays
« on: September 20, 2022, 10:14:23 am »
Thanks. I want to mention that I didn't expect AC:AH soundtrack was so fine.

From the Ashes / Re: Suggestions
« on: September 16, 2022, 12:32:40 pm »
Hello. It's mostly  not a valid suggestion, rather just thoughts, really.

So, I'm looking forward to play the mod since its release. But the problem is : I'm playing on mobile, so I need Android support.

And the second problem: the other major mods - it takes months to finish such for me. So, I am planning to try your mod after finishing the current XCFiles. But it looks like it takes forever for me to finish it(I am not sure if I am winning at this point, really). I believe there are lot of people here, who has the same situation. So, maybe please make your mod shorter if possible.

XPiratez / Re: Guys. Will XPiratez work with steam deck.
« on: September 01, 2022, 08:27:17 pm »
I know that you may install any operating system on this console. Idk how it works. They have some sort of Linux on it by default. So, you may ask how to install OXCE on Linux, I guess.

XPiratez / Re: What is the music playing? I want to know the source.
« on: September 01, 2022, 08:23:37 pm »
I was stupid, it's all easily searchable with music searching tools. GMINTER3 was from Ace Combat Assault Horizon ("Dogfight"). Actually it was my first thought because of the very acey track in the middle of the song, but I expected it to be some fan-created, not official song from the game.

XPZ Strategy/Tactics / Re: Struggling in a few areas. Research, Air, Score.
« on: September 01, 2022, 08:11:26 pm »

Expedition is invisible to interceptors.

I believe the big expedition is visible at the current patch. The small one needed. HUNT PARTY - this one.

Check out "ANAL" button at ingame bootypedia while chicking your available crafts - you need "undetectable = true" transports to deliever your gals around.

I have been looking up guides and scouring the forums but I just don't get it. I feel like I need a walkthrough to play this game, but I love it so much, I'm so torn.

A year ago the mod have changed, so you probably receive too much "build up industry and chill" advices. Cool kids (which are alive kids) do streamline research and extensive kidnapping now.

And the last one: this mod gone from "Build up industry, have all time and fun in the world" to "Right order research or infancy death" this year. So, maybe you want a version of a year or two ago before ninja bases appeared in the mod. This will be the difficulty decrease. And maybe it is a more immersive way to experience XPiratez first time (rather than rush first year).

XPiratez / Re: Guys. Will XPiratez work with steam deck.
« on: September 01, 2022, 02:59:35 pm »
If you find out if it works it will be nice to know. If you are asking if it nice to play it on touchscreen - It was great for me to play it on Android phone. UI of 1993 game fits well for fingers.

XPiratez / What is the music playing? I want to know the source.
« on: August 31, 2022, 08:11:23 am »
Hello, may I ask for the source of GMWIN, GMINTER3 and GME013 source? Is there any list of music playing in game in general?

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