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The X-Com Files / Psi Training and Combat training
« on: November 06, 2020, 01:48:13 am »

Can you train in both psi and combat training at the same time?

It would appear that way, but I just want to confirm how it works, or if efficiency drops if you engage in both.


The X-Com Files / Too much research...
« on: November 01, 2020, 11:38:17 pm »


I am in April 1999...

I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of research I have available.

I currently have my hq with 40 scientists, and a secondary base with 35 scientists.

The thing is, I have 7 6 bases in total, so I have room to expand my science base, but I think I may have been a bit too blase (perhaps my mindset is still with the vanilla version).

I am not sure if I am "behind" where I should be. I am using laser weapons, but cant manufacture ammo yet. I have sky rangers and interceptors, drowning in cash. I can tell by writing this the answer is probably having a research facility in each base, but I was wondering if anyone can share their own reseach strategy/methods?

Oh, and specifically, how do I get to manufacturing laser ammo? Is it a case of  capturing sectoid engineers, and hoping they divulge battery tech?

I just started a second campaign with my son, and he is absolutely loving it too. Totally amazing what you have done with a 26 year old game. I keep reminding my son the game is 3 times older than he is :)

The X-Com Files / Questions on Promo 3 and relative progress...
« on: September 24, 2020, 05:06:41 pm »
Must admit, I am having a lot of fun with this. I remember playing the original back on my Amiga, what with all of the different versions of Xcom down the years... the hardest decision is which soundtrack to mod in.


A few quesions:

1... I have just started July 1998... I am aware I now have 6 months until colonisation begins. . I am also aware I need promotion 3 by the turn of the year to be in a postion to intercept ufos.

To do that I need to (and this is where I am unclear):

Capture a live one - research Deep one Communities
Capture an Alien - research alien origins
Into the Dark - no idea?
Cyberweb Portals ... no idea?

Do I just need one of, or all 4?

Then I assume I need to take down one of the gangs/cults  (think it will be Dagon as I have interrogated the boss guy in a green cloak, and now need to go to a "party").

Or do I need to take down all 4 to get promotion 3?

2... I have just attempted the cave mission. After several turns, the lights all went out and I got attacked in the dark... all my guys started to die... then I realised the game had bugged out, and reloaded and got to replay it in the light (it had me going for a while though, lol).

Then I came across some Silicoids. How do I take them down? I tried to shot them and stun them... presumably fire aint gonna work. I hit them with a torch too. Do I need to complete this mission to get "into the Dark"?

3... My weapons currently feel a bit ineffective. I am mainly using black ops pistols and rifles, and magnums for my high accuracy guys. The damage output is a bit lame though. I assume I need alien alloys to get the upgraded bullets? I have got a couple of disrupter guns from the anthropods, but they dont last long. I do get a bit confused by the way magazines/weapons expend their load. Sometimes you have a full clip for the next mission, other times it just disappears. Should I be a bit further along in weapons tech by this point?

4... I have 50 agents, 20 engineers, 40 or 50 scientists, 4 bases... Have long range sensors researched. I have a fair bit of alien weaponary that I cannot use (I got a ufo landing in the first month... it went to shit, but I did manage to take one down, and with my lone survivor, pick up the body and plasma and did a runner... Just goes to show you how useless Fox Mulder was). I also have a plasma pistol and some sonic weapons that I cannot research. I feel as I am in a good position generally, within six months I should have a radar station and minimal base in every continent (just need Africa and South America). I am only clearing £1m income a month through funding at the moment though, as my research team and engineers are taking a big chunk of cash. Does this sound like a semi decent position?

This is a tricky game, although I have taken in very carefully. Although I got really excited at the durathread factory (thinking it would give me upgraded ammo). So I sent out my "A" team in a humvee and lost 2 commisars and a captain, injuring my commander and another captain. Taught me to retreat if the odds are stacked up (but I was not sure if the mission would repeat or disappear... so I jumped straight in there.

Anyway... Cheers in advance!

Open Feedback / Music options
« on: September 09, 2013, 08:52:49 pm »

Just to say, decided to replay this superb game, and came across this site. Looks awesome. I am going to give it a go. Be nice not to have to rename all my guys to include their strength...

Anyway, I used to play using the music from here   as those remixes are awesome (although I still get misty eyed for the amiga version).

THought It would make sense to turn the music down in game and play mp3s in the background, but when I set the music to zero, it appears to turn the sound off too.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way around this?


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