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Released Mods / Re: [STAT TRACKING] Soldier Diaries 1.0
« on: August 06, 2015, 10:56:22 pm »
I haven't tried (or ever played) TFTD before, but the stat tracking should still work the same :)

Any plans/timeframe for an updated EXE to give it a whirl?  Looking forward to trying it as TFTD is my favorite version.


Open Feedback / Re: TFTD research issues
« on: August 05, 2015, 05:05:43 pm »
We're all good.  Thanks.  8)

Open Feedback / Re: TFTD research issues
« on: August 05, 2015, 02:48:41 pm »
why would we go out of our way to deliberately replicate all the original game breaking bugs?

Sorry.  I didn't mean to offend anyone.  I just hadn't seen anything said about it so thought it was worth asking.  My thought was "was the EXTRA effort put into fixing these issues?" rather than "testing of vanilla TFTD ... before you all decide to mod the crap out of it." 

Thanks for the answer.

Open Feedback / TFTD research issues
« on: August 05, 2015, 08:01:43 am »
Does OXC have the same research issues/problems as the original TFTD?  Specifically, if I research a Live Deep One too early, will I lose the ability to get more powerful armors and techs needed to finish the game, like the original.  Or has this been fixed in OXC?

Released Mods / Re: [STAT TRACKING] Soldier Diaries 1.0
« on: July 25, 2015, 04:11:57 pm »
I've upgraded to July 22 version of Commendations.  Just noticed something with the UFOpedia.  If I click on the first line for "XCOM CRAFT, ARMAMENTS & HWPS" and then click on "Canon" and then click the Right Arrow, the next entry up is Military Cross.  However, on the UFOpedia menu, the next section should be "Heavy Weapons Platforms".  'Course, as I'm typing this it dawns on me that HWPs are not included in the first section anymore but as still labelled in that way.

Anyway, is it intentional that the order is different from the menu?  It's obviously still a work in progress, but thought I would mention it.

Thanks for the LPs.  Sorry to see you go.  Would have loved to see that JA2 LP.

Released Mods / Re: [STAT TRACKING] Soldier Diaries 1.0
« on: July 24, 2015, 01:00:03 am »
@wsmithjr: Alright.. I think I know what's happening here. It's not that you have an old ruleset lying about, it's that you have too new of a ruleset! You have downloaded the Nightly for July 13th, but you have Commendations for May 25th. That's almost two months of updates in the Nightly that aren't in Commendations.

Particularly, on June 21st, SupSuper changed how languages are handled and, amongst other things, moved STR_MODS_TOOLTIP, STR_1_5X and STR_GAME_TYPE from bin/standard/xcom1/Language/en-US.yml to bin/common/Language/en-US.yml. So when you put the "old" Commendations executable in your folder, it looks in the wrong file and can't find what it's looking for.

Honestly I'm surprised the game managed to work with this setup :P The good news is that Shoes just updated Commendations to July 22nd. I suggest you grab the July 22nd Nightly, the July 22nd Commendations and give that a try :)

Thanks so much for the help.  Got the new version and everything seems fine -- no errors in the .log file.  I had the right idea by trying to get an old nightly, but the oldest I could get was still 7 days too new.  I think it might have actually been less frustrating had it not worked at all.

Maybe once we get a new standard version, these kinds of issues will not be a problem.  In the interim it might be really helpful for mod authors to make sure the proper nightly is available for their mods somewhere, but I'm certain that would be a lot of extra work for everybody so I guess we just need to live with it.

Anyway, I appreciate all the time and effort everybody has taken to help.  Think I can take a pill and relax for a while and take my frustrations out on some Sectoids.  Though, knowing my skill level at the game, it'll probably just add to them.

Again, thanks.

Released Mods / Re: [STAT TRACKING] Soldier Diaries 1.0
« on: July 23, 2015, 07:27:24 am »
@wsmithjr: Are you sure your installation is looking at the right ruleset? In theory, mods should have a metadata file that would cover that, which now is missing so the game tries to display the default string, which also is missing. That, to me, points towards your installation trying to run off data from an older version of OpenXCom.


Thanks for the help.  That makes a lot of sense.  I did have a bunch of old folders lying about, so I went and deleted every last reference to OpenXcom from both my install drive and my user folder.  Reinstalled everything from scratch exactly as above.  Problem still exists.

I looked at the openxcom.log file and can't get anything out of that which makes sense.  It does mention E:\Users\Warren.Warren-PC\Documents\OpenXcom\ under Data search but that folder actually does not exist.  Instead of using that, the game just created the user folder in my install folder, D:\Games\OXC.  It says both user and config folder is set to D:\Games\OXC\user.  If there's something extra in there, I didn't put it there myself and I can't figure out what it is or where it could be as the whole folder was wiped before doing a complete reinstall.

Here's the log file which shows where it is searching for and finding everything.  Also, at the end it does show that I'm missing 3 strings from en-us.  But, why are they missing when they are not for others and I haven't touched that file and there's no other file around it could be loading instead?

[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   Data folder is:
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   Data search is:
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - E:\Users\Warren.Warren-PC\Documents\OpenXcom\
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - D:\Games\OXC
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - D:\Games\OXC
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   User folder is: D:\Games\OXC\user\
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   Config folder is: D:\Games\OXC\user\
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   Options loaded successfully.
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   Scanning standard mods in 'standard'...
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/Aliens_Pick_Up_Weapons
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/Commendations
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/Limit_Craft_Item_Capacities
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/PSX_Static_Cydonia_Map
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/UFOextender_Gun_Melee
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/UFOextender_Psionic_Line_Of_Fire
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/UFOextender_Starting_Avalanches
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/XcomUtil_Always_Daytime
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/XcomUtil_Always_Nighttime
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/XcomUtil_Fighter_Transports
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/XcomUtil_High_Explosive_Damage
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/XcomUtil_Improved_Ground_Tanks
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/XcomUtil_Improved_Heavy_Laser
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/XcomUtil_No_Psionics
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/XcomUtil_Pistol_Auto_Shot
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/XcomUtil_Skyranger_Weapon_Slot
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/XcomUtil_Starting_Defensive_Base
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/XcomUtil_Starting_Defensive_Improved_Base
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/XcomUtil_Starting_Improved_Base
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/XcomUtil_Statstrings
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom2
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   Scanning user mods in 'D:\Games\OXC\user\mods'...
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   Mapping resource files...
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]     mapping resources in: standard/Commendations
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]     mapping resources in: standard/xcom1
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]     mapping resources in: UFO
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]     mapping resources in: common
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   SDL initialized successfully.
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   SDL_mixer initialized successfully.
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   Attempting to set display to 640x400x8...
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   Display set to 640x400x8.
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   Loading rulesets...
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/alienDeployments.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/alienItemLevels.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/alienMissions.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/alienRaces.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/armors.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/countries.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/craftWeapons.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:56]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/crafts.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/cutscenes.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/extraSprites.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/facilities.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/globe.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/interfaces.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/inventories.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/items.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/manufacture.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/mapScripts.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/mcdPatches.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/music.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/regions.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/research.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/soldiers.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/startingBase.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/terrains.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/ufoTrajectories.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/ufopaedia.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/ufos.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/units.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/xcom1/vars.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   - standard/Commendations/Commendations.rul
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   Rulesets loaded successfully.
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   Loading resources...
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   Loading font... Font.dat
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   Loading extra resources from ruleset...
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   Resources loaded successfully.
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   Loading language...
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   Language loaded successfully.
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   OpenXcom started successfully!
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   Playing flx, 320x200, 890 frames
[23-07-2015 00:16:57]   [INFO]   Using software scaling routine. For best results, try an OpenGL filter.
[23-07-2015 00:16:59]   [INFO]   SDL_mixer initialized successfully.
[23-07-2015 00:16:59]   [INFO]   SDL_mixer initialized successfully.
[23-07-2015 00:17:01]   [WARN]   STR_1_5X not found in en-us
[23-07-2015 00:17:02]   [WARN]   STR_GAME_TYPE not found in en-us
[23-07-2015 00:17:02]   [WARN]   STR_MODS_TOOLTIP not found in en-us

I beginning to think that this really isn't worth the effort.  As far as I can tell, it doesn't affect game play, only some missing strings.  It just doesn't make sense and *that* is what is driving me up a wall.

I had a similar problem when trying the UFO Redux mod but without Commendations.  A scripted mission kept crashing, but my save ran fine on other computers.  There's gotta be a reason for both of these issues, but I'm completely baffled.

Thanks.  I really appreciate the efforts to help track this down.

Released Mods / Re: [STAT TRACKING] Soldier Diaries 1.0
« on: July 22, 2015, 11:58:35 am »
If your  language is set to English-US, try English-England
If your  language is set to English-England, try English-US
If it fixes something, the issue was specific to that one language you moved from.

Thanks.  I meant to check that but forgot.  For some reason, language was set to "ar" ... whatever that is.  Changing it to English (US) didn't matter because nothing changed.  Changing it to English (UK) mucked everything up.  Changed it back to US but that string is still missing.

Just for kicks and went back and tried the oldest nightly I could download.  No change.

Released Mods / Re: [STAT TRACKING] Soldier Diaries 1.0
« on: July 22, 2015, 07:30:40 am »
I just checked on my install (made using git and compiled/installed locally) and everything works fine. Seems like it's either something from the pre-compiled Windows version or a mistake while installing.

Well, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, then.  Tried a brand new install and still have the error.  The following is the exact install procedure I've used in Windows 7:

a) Redownload latest nightly:
b) Redownload latest Commendations: 2015_05_25
1) Create d:\Games\OXC folder
2) Copy contents of to d:\Games\OXC
3) Copy original UFO files to d:\Games\OXC\UFO folder
4) Copy contents of file to d:\Games\OXC\UFO folder, overwrite all files
5) \User\Documents\Openxcom folder is completely empty
6) Test game, everything works including MOD description text
7) The following is automatically added to \User\Documents\Openxcom foder: mods folder, options.cfg and openxcom.log
8) Copy Commendations contents from 2015-05-25 to d:\Games\OXC folder, overwrite all files
9) Run game, get STR_MODS_TOOLTIP instead of mod descriptions
10) Enable Commendations mod in mod list
11) OXC reloads STR_MODS_TOOLTIP is still there instead of mod descriptions.

So, what am I doing wrong?  Everything seems to work except that one string, but it doesn't make sense to me why that one string is wrong.  And, if that is wrong, it makes me wonder what else might be wrong that I can't see right now.

Released Mods / Re: [STAT TRACKING] Soldier Diaries 1.0
« on: July 21, 2015, 06:05:18 am »
Don't know if it affects anything, but there's a string error in Commendations with the latest nightly.  In the Options - Mods screen, putting the cursor over any of the mods shows the string "STR_MODS_TOOLTIPS" instead of a description of the mod.  I'm using the 2015-05-25-Nightly version with the latest OXC nightly.  I've checked and I don't see the same problem with vanilla OXC.  I think I have it installed correctly as everything else seems to work.

Work In Progress / Re: Weapon Rework/Expansion - Version 0.8
« on: July 21, 2015, 02:43:21 am »
Cool.  No worries.  It is version .4 after all.  8)

I was curious but wasn't really hurting for upgraded weapons with a few of those grenade launchers around.  Will look forward to the next version.  Thanks.

Work In Progress / Re: Weapon Rework/Expansion - Version 0.8
« on: July 19, 2015, 08:41:24 pm »
Thanks for the mod.  Some interesting changes.  I wonder if some of the starting Xcom weapons are too powerful, though.  The shotgun seems very good, and at 50x5 damage vs 25x6 damage in another Shotgun mod maybe it's too good.  But, the Grenade Launcher using canister (AP) at 55x20 just seems insane.  2 shots from that took down a Cyberdisc and those are supposed to be resistant to AP damage (I think).  Took down 2 Reapers each with a single hit as well.  Just seems a little unfair to have that powerful of an area attack without worrying about blowing up all the alien artifacts and corpses.

'Course, you can still have collateral damage.  Had a weird thing happen with that.  A civilian was too close to one of those reapers and so went down with it.  However, at the end of the mission, I was not penalized for killing a civilian.  However, the Extended Commendations mod which I was running as well... showed that the soldier had killed the civilian, so I don't know why I wasn't penalized for it.  Don't know if your mod might be causing that or if it's something with Extended.

After 1 month, I still haven't gotten to any Flash weapons let alone any of the alien weapons.  So many different ones, though, I'm hoping it's not overwhelming.


Released Mods / Re: [STAT TRACKING] Soldier Diaries 1.0
« on: July 19, 2015, 03:26:52 pm »
I haven't messed with promotions like that, so I can't be sure what's going on. Maybe Extended got rid of Squaddies because it's not reallya rank?

Very next battle I had a bunch promoted to Squaddie.  Still, it's weird that guys with kills were not at least squaddies and I have a dead soldier in the memorial who was in 6 battles with 6 kills and is still a Rookie.  I'll set up Commendations with vanilla and see if the behavior is different.  Some other odd things were going on, but I'm sure it's because of other mods I'm using.

On another note, is there an explanation somewhere of how the score is calculated for soldiers?  Just curious.


Released Mods / Re: [STAT TRACKING] Soldier Diaries 1.0
« on: July 19, 2015, 07:11:43 am »
I've installed the recent Extended + Commendations install found in another thread.  I've just noticed, that after 3 completed missions, a few of my soldiers have not been promoted.  One guy has 3 missions completed and 1 kill and another 2 kills and they are still Rookies.  In fact, I noticed that I have no Squaddies in the roster at all.  They are either Rookies or Sergeants/Captains.

Anybody else noticing similar behavior?

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