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XPiratez / Re: A thread for little questions
« on: January 06, 2023, 03:06:45 pm »
Am I missing something for ACADEMY PROVOST'S SECRETS? I have every single academy interrogation done. Almost all academy personnel are 100% researched, missing only a single tech from the scientist and thrall (Lightning Thrower and #058). It doesn't show any research requirements in the xpedia. I have the ESP Secrets but I think I got that from the previous version by manufacture breaking one. The only other SECRETS tech I haven't got is for the guildmaster.

I'm about to enter 2603 and am on the cusp of researching Higher Studies. I've already cleared an academy base once but if needed I can just buy a Provost, but as I've researched every tech she can give I don't think I'll be able to research her.

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