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Work In Progress / Re: [Crafts][Weapons] XCom Armoury Expanded - v1.01 !!
« on: October 26, 2014, 01:08:24 am »

v2 ruleset,  with the modification i was wondering ...

- dragon kiss is compatible with standard shotgun
- reinforced shotgun only depend on alloy, not other alien tech/research.

I don't know which rulset is best balanced ....

For the idea of a full set of weapon based on good-old human concepts but optimized an built with alloy, i think at such a set for some time.

There is some great pixelarts in Chiko's ressource posts :

But they lack handobs gfx, and i'm not good at drawing them, so for now, this is just an idea.

Work In Progress / Re: [Crafts][Weapons] XCom Armoury Expanded - v1.01 !!
« on: October 25, 2014, 08:51:30 pm »

For the graphics ... they are in the last XAE release ZIP :-)

For the reinforced shotgun, i didn't think about a full new tier, just as a little upgrade to a very old/basic weapon since the std shotgun is a lot less sophisticated than the rifle or the auto/heavy canon.

I have seen your work on the DE-Gauss, so i have not included Warboy's original E115 shotgun ammo but my concept of a simple human-tech incendiary ammo for the shotgun.

I ask myself 2 questions about those wepons:
- Maybe it would be good to make the dragon's kiss useable with the std shotgun, so the only improvement of the "aloy shotgun" would be the auto-shot feature ?
- And decrease prerequisites for reinforcedshotgun to just Aloys and no alien tech since it's jsute a teran concept with better raw material. ?

Work In Progress / Re: [Crafts][Weapons] XCom Armoury Expanded - v1.01 !!
« on: October 25, 2014, 06:24:25 pm »
Hello alien hunters :-)

This mod make me drop some little mini-mod i was working on since some times ... but i like it.

So, my little contribution : an advanced shotgun and a new shotgun ammo for XAE.

Based on Warboy's shotgun, just a ruleset, no need for additional graphics, it use Warboy's graphics that are present but unused in XAE 1.01.

- Reinforced Shotgun : same stats as original by Warboy.
-> auto-shot : x3

- Shotgun Dragon's Kiss ammo : A rain of molten metal, not to be used for a barbecue, but potentially effective response to some aliens. Can only be fired with reinforced shotgun since the standard shotgun can't deal with such a high temperature.
-> type 2 (incendiary) damages, so useless against snakeman, but better against some of other aliens.

Code: [Select]
# ===============================================
# ===== RENEWED WEAPONS=====================
# ===============================================
    size: 0.2
    costSell: 4000
    weight: 5
    bigSprite: 608
    floorSprite: 608
    handSprite: 608
    bulletSprite: 2
    fireSound: 56
    accuracySnap: 70
    accuracyAuto: 60
    accuracyAimed: 80
    tuSnap: 30
    tuAuto: 40
    tuAimed: 45
    battleType: 1
    twoHanded: true
    invWidth: 1
    invHeight: 3
    listOrder: 2008
    maxRange: 13
    aimRange: 11
    snapRange: 8
    autoRange: 6
    dropoff: 5
    size: 0.1
    costSell: 800
    weight: 3
    bigSprite: 609
    floorSprite: 609
    hitSound: 22
    hitAnimation: 36
    power: 30
    damageType: 2
    clipSize: 8
    battleType: 2
    blastRadius: 0
    listOrder: 2009
    shotgunPellets: 6
# ===============================================
# ================= RESEARCH ====================
# ===============================================
    cost: 800
    points: 10
    listOrder: 901
    cost: 500
    points: 10
    listOrder: 903
# ===============================================
# =============== MANUFACTURE ===================
# ===============================================
    category: STR_WEAPON
    space: 4
    time: 820
    cost: 18000
    listOrder: 811
    category: STR_AMMUNITION
    space: 2
    time: 40
    cost: 400
    listOrder: 812
# ===============================================
# ================= UFOPAEDIA ===================
# ===============================================
    type_id: 4
    listOrder: 2106
    type_id: 4
    section: STR_NOT_AVAILABLE
# ===============================================
# ============= EXTRA SPRITES ===================
# ===============================================
  - type: BIGOBS.PCK
      608: Resources/XCom_Armoury_Expanded/Shotgun/ReinforcedShotgun.gif
      609: Resources/XCom_Armoury_Expanded/Shotgun/EleriumShotgunAmmo.gif
  - type: FLOOROB.PCK
      608: Resources/XCom_Armoury_Expanded/Shotgun/ReinforcedShotgunF.gif
      609: Resources/XCom_Armoury_Expanded/Shotgun/EleriumShotgunAmmoF.gif
  - type: HANDOB.PCK
      608: Resources/XCom_Armoury_Expanded/Shotgun/ReinforcedShotgunH.gif
    width: 128
    height: 80
    subX: 32
    subY: 40
# ===============================================
# ================== SOUNDS =====================
# ===============================================
  - type: BATTLE.CAT
      55: Resources/XCom_Armoury_Expanded/Shotgun/Fire.wav
      56: Resources/XCom_Armoury_Expanded/Shotgun/Fire2.wav
# ===============================================
# =================== STRINGS ===================
# ===============================================
  - type: en-US
      STR_ADV_SHOTGUN: Reinforced Shotgun
      STR_SHOTGUN_SHELLS: Shotgun Shells
      STR_SHOTGUN_DRAGONSHELLS: Shotgun Dragon's Kiss
      STR_SHOTGUN_DRAGONSHELLS_BATCH: Shotgun Dragon's Kiss (x4)
      STR_ADV_SHOTGUN_UFOPEDIA: Utilizing the properties of Alien Alloys, this semi-automatic shotgun features a stronger barrel compared to the conventional counterpart.{NEWLINE}Its resistance allows the use of high-calorie ammo ("Dragon's Kiss").
  - type: en-GB
      STR_ADV_SHOTGUN: Reinforced Shotgun
      STR_SHOTGUN_SHELLS: Shotgun Shells
      STR_SHOTGUN_DRAGONSHELLS: Shotgun Dragon's Kiss
      STR_SHOTGUN_DRAGONSHELLS_BATCH: Shotgun Dragon's Kiss (x4)
      STR_ADV_SHOTGUN_UFOPEDIA: Utilizing the properties of Alien Alloys, this semi-automatic shotgun features a stronger barrel compared to the conventional counterpart.{NEWLINE}Its resistance allows the use of high-calorie ammo ("Dragon's Kiss").
  - type: fr
      STR_SHOTGUN: Fusil à Pompe
      STR_ADV_SHOTGUN: Fusil à Pompe Renforcé
      STR_SHOTGUN_SHELLS: Cartouches Fusil à pompe
      STR_SHOTGUN_AA_AMMO: Munitions AET Fusil à Pompe
      STR_SHOTGUN_DRAGONSHELLS: Bisou du Dragon (Mun. F.Pompe)
      STR_SHOTGUN_DRAGONSHELLS_BATCH: Bisou du Dragon (x4)
      STR_SHOTGUN_UFOPEDIA: Fusil à pompe tactique standard calibre 12. Délivre une puissance de feu dévastatrice à courte portée, mais la dispersion des projectiles et leur faible force de pémétration limite son efficacité face à des cibles éloignées ou fortement blindées.
      STR_ADV_SHOTGUN_UFOPEDIA: Tirant parti des propriétés des alliages E.T., ce fusil à pompe semi-automatique dispose d'un canon plus résistant que le modéle standard.{NEWLINE}Sa résistance permet l'usage de munitions hyper-caloriques ("bisou du dragon").

NB: extrastring contain also "fr" string for the standard shotgun that are missing in XAE.

edit: oops ... not the good .rul, uploaded an old version -> corrected.

Suggestions / Re: Equip armor from the in-base inventory screen ?
« on: September 11, 2014, 09:30:59 pm »

o know the right-clic ktrick.

..and i will wait for your branch to be included in main :-)


Suggestions / Equip armor from the in-base inventory screen ?
« on: September 10, 2014, 10:24:56 pm »
Congratulations to all the contributors to this great game (developers, artists, modders ...)

And ... a little wish ... :)

Would it be possible to be able to select the armor for a soldier from the crew's equipment screen available for transporters at base ?

In the concept:
-1- Be in soldier equipment from one carrier to the base screen
-2- Click on the silhouette of the soldier
-3- Pop-up -> list of available armor
-4- Click / select the armor and return to the screen equipment

Thank you.

Work In Progress / Re: [WEAPON/BETA] Laser Sniper Rifle
« on: September 07, 2014, 11:41:44 pm »
Hi all,

I haven't been very active for a few month due to some concerns at office.

@SiceX : thanks for translation, i will include it.

@caleafterearth : feel free to reuse my Gfx, a little "credit note" will make me happy :-)

For the time since my last post, i have worked on a little "laser mod" with those ideas:
- Gfx from Chico's work for the 3 standard laser weapons
- a laser snipper rifle
- power clips for all laser weapons
- all this without E115 nor alloy dependency (laser stay 100% human tech.)

For graphics, i can't manage to draw any good gfx with darker red, so i will stay on red.

For the snipper rifle, i have changed the grip to a gray one for better consistency with the 3 other laser weapons.

For clips, i have see that other similar mod have been released before mine .. so it seems to be a good idea :-)

I will try to pack actual state and post it this week, but it is still beta IMHO.

I had never heard of "La courbe du chien", even though french is my native language..!

On the mathematical side, it was a beloved subject for one of my professor in "Math Spe",  I'm probably unable to recalculate one now, but this leaves some memories ...:-p

On the "military" side, it is probably more used in submarines for long torpedo trajectory path than for the much shorter and faster missiles shoot.
It is a matter of optimizing the interception time and consumes less fuel (ie autonomy and practical range of the weapon).

Troubleshooting / Re: kernel32.dll problem
« on: August 06, 2014, 01:01:08 am »

No pb playing OpenXCom nightly build  on XP...

But ...XP with SP3

Why haven't you installed the SP3 ?

In French, we call this "la courbe du chien" (~"the curve of the dog", sorry i can't find any good translation) .

The nose of the dog/fighter/rocket always pointing to the target instead of the future position.

To me, it's seems to be a too big modification from vanilla to give such a sophisticated capacity to XCom interceptors, but what could be really cool and maybe not a too big work would be to allow launching interceptors with multi-point orders (like the blaster trajectory) so we could give at least one fixed point to the fighter before heading for the ufo.

Troubleshooting / Re: crash on base defense if scout drone in store
« on: August 03, 2014, 08:39:07 pm »
Mhhh ..

I dont undestand all,

 the only signficative diff i see is the "floorSprite" for the "STR_SCOUT_SMOKE" ammo ...

Is this the cause of the crash ? but HW Pammo are not displayed in the equipment screen ?

Troubleshooting / Where are my sectopods ?
« on: August 03, 2014, 02:33:34 am »

currently playing with build : openxcom_git_master_2014_08_01_2129

I just destroyed an Ethereal base, and by the way, I stunned 3 sectopods.

I found them in the alien detention inventory.

I "kill" them via alien detention screen ... but no trace of the body in the store.

Where are the bodies? I need to build cyborg XCom :-(

Troubleshooting / crash on base defense if scout drone in store
« on: August 03, 2014, 12:04:10 am »
Hi all,

I just encountered a crash, the game just close without any message.

It's on a base defense mission, the UFO land ... and plop, the game exit abruptly.

After some replay, i have found that this hapend when i have some scout drone in the base store.
If i sell scout drones before the ufo land, no crash and i can play the base defense mission.

Since it's linked to a mod, i don't know if this should be put in the bugtracker ?

savegame attached, just let the ufo attack "Zone 51"  and enjoy the crash

Released Mods / Re: [ARMOUR] Hazmat Armour 1.2
« on: August 02, 2014, 10:30:36 pm »
My 2 cts : French extraStrings:

  - type: fr
      STR_HAZMAT_ARMOR: Combinaison Hazmat
      STR_HAZMAT_ARMOR_UC: Combinaison Hazmat
      STR_HAZMAT_ARMOR_UFOPEDIA: Cette combinaison ignifugée offre une excellente protection au feu et à une assez bonne résistance aux produits chimiques et autres acides, mais elle réduit notablement la visibilité et la mobilité.

Fan-Stuff / just a drawing found on the net
« on: August 02, 2014, 02:44:26 am »
Hi all,

Google just give me a sight at this while surfing:

From here:

This sectoid doesn't seem too malicious :-)

Released Mods / Re: [WEAPON] Gauss Weapons 1.5
« on: August 01, 2014, 12:24:35 am »

Dissect a mod helps me to understand and advance in mine.

But ... I do not know if I have more trouble with the pixlart or rulesets  :P

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