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a little pb i have since some time  (before the summer holidays).

Actually, build 2016-09-25 on Win 7 U amd64, fresh install of the OS.

In OpenXcom, mouse wheel work for scroling in long list, but there is no effect when scroling while cursor is on an increase/ decrease button.

What can i do for this ?
I have the pb with the basic Windows mouse driver as well as the OEM driver.

Another question ... is there any key-combination to jump quantity by huge amount ( like : ctrl-clic -> +/- 100 items ) ?

Hardmode Expansion / Re: [UFO]Darkened UFO Vanilla Variants - 1.0
« on: February 15, 2016, 12:20:42 am »
I like all those mod that add varit ywithout changing too much the game spirit.

Too bad i have soooo litle time to play OpenXCom actualy.


If it's stuned/dead, it is laying on the floor like the carpet in the middle of your room.  ;D

So the cursor no longer blink on that position.

Troubleshooting / Re: [REQ] openxcom nightly build around oct 3rd.
« on: December 04, 2014, 09:52:47 pm »
I just uploade the

It's the version i switch back to when a recent nightly crash with a mod i use.

Troubleshooting / Re: [REQ] openxcom nightly build around oct 3rd.
« on: December 02, 2014, 09:28:54 pm »

I put the 2 most relevant ZIP i have on my DropBox:

Suggestions / Re: producedItems list in Manufacture
« on: November 10, 2014, 06:00:17 pm »
Oh yess


Work In Progress / Re: [Crafts][Weapons] XCom Armoury Expanded - v1.02
« on: November 06, 2014, 08:34:16 pm »

I have little time, but :

- i have only assembled tank/laser and a-tank/e-laser, but they were never destroyed in mission (some time badly damaged, but still here :-) so, no repair and ... no crash

- for the crafts, i'm still testing, but it seems that the MCDPatchs: code in recent ruleset for SkyRanger an be used to "patch" the SkyTrooper ruleset so that tank can unload.

- for x2 weapons tank, i think it would be better not to have too much combinations, just some simple combinations of 1 area-damage weapon + 1 chirurgical-strike weapon.
The dual-tank should cary less ammo than a 1-weapon tank in all weapons and maybe be slightlyy less armored since weapons are weak points.

If possible, give priority to the precise weapon for reaction-shot.

-- tank : canon (or better : auto-canon or minigun) + rocket
-- tank : laser + rocket
-- a-tank : e-laser + e-rocket
-- a-tank : gauss + de-gauss

no pure alien-tech in dual-combinations
no hover with dual-weapons
no blaster + xxx
no plasma + xxx

- for tanks armor, maybe better armor/frame for a-tank than for hover, i think an hover shouldn't be heavier than a whelled tank, keep the balance so a-tank keep beeing usefull even with hover available

Work In Progress / Re: [Crafts][Weapons] XCom Armoury Expanded - v1.02
« on: November 03, 2014, 09:58:44 pm »

For the tank unload pb, it's ok with xae 1.02 and the last nightly.

I have still the pb, but it's with the SkyTrooper, not an XAE craft.

Work In Progress / Re: [Crafts][Weapons] XCom Armoury Expanded - v1.02
« on: November 02, 2014, 04:03:24 am »

Hello, for those who have pb unloading tank from modded transport craft, could you try with an old build, the openxcom_git_master_2014_10_12_1240

I have some pb with this, and I have open a thread here:

I'm ok up to : openxcom_git_master_2014_10_12_1240
pb occurs from : openxcom_git_master_2014_10_13_0423

I have no build between those 2 to test deeper.

Troubleshooting / ? bug ? - can't unload tank from moded crafts
« on: November 02, 2014, 03:56:36 am »

It seems there is a pb with modded transport craft, tanks can't unload from new transport like for exemple "SkyTrooper" (from here :

I have done some testing, it's ok up to openxcom_git_master_2014_10_12_1240 but tank can't go down the exit since openxcom_git_master_2014_10_13_0423

I can't find build older than 2014_10_13_0423 on the downlaod page, are they available elsewhere ?

Vanilly crafts seems to have no pb, only new ones, so ... bug repport or not ?

Work In Progress / Re: [Crafts][Weapons] XCom Armoury Expanded - v1.02
« on: November 02, 2014, 02:34:27 am »
Oops .... crashed :o


I have a weird crash in my game at the time of completing a production for :"reproduction pod dis."

using XAE 1.02

It seems to me that the root cause is in the Research_and_Manufacture ruleset, in the STR_DIS_ALIEN_REPRODUCTION/producedItems:

I have solved my crash by changing : STR_ENERGY_CELLS: 1 for STR_ALIEN_ENERGY_CELLS: 1

this crash
Code: [Select]
    listOrder: 4020

this pass
Code: [Select]
    listOrder: 4020

but i haven't checked if there is other thing to change elsewhere

Open Feedback / Re: Armors and damages ???
« on: October 27, 2014, 10:25:07 pm »
ok ..i see

Thanks all.

Open Feedback / Armors and damages ???
« on: October 27, 2014, 12:38:48 am »

I'm not sure of fully understanding the calculation of damage to soldier wearing an armor.  :-[

How are accounted the "xxxxxArmor:" values and the "damagemodifier:" ones ?

Is there any doc/tuto on this part ?



extraStrings: fr for Gazer:

Code: [Select]
  - type: fr
      STR_GAZER: Gazer
      STR_HOLODRONE: Holodrone
      STR_HOLODRONE_TERRORIST: Terroriste Holodrone
      STR_GAZER_SOLDIER: Soldat Gazer
      STR_GAZER_MEDIC: Médecin Gazer
      STR_GAZER_ENGINEER: Ingénieur Gazer
      STR_GAZER_NAVIGATOR: Navigateur Gazer
      STR_GAZER_LEADER: Leader Gazer
      STR_GAZER_COMMANDER: Commandant Gazer
      STR_GAZER_CORPSE: Corps Gazer
      STR_HOLODRONE_CORPSE: Corps Holodrone
      STR_GAZER_AUTOPSY: Autopsie Gazer
      STR_HOLODRONE_AUTOPSY: Autopsie Holodrone
      STR_GAZER_UFOPAEDIA: Les gazers ressemblent à des tortues bipédes et sont aussi corriaces qu'ils en ont l'air. Leur énorme armure leur confère une résistance incroyable contre toutes les attaques et tout particulierement les munitions perforantes et les armes à plasma.
      STR_GAZER_AUTOPSY_UFOPAEDIA: L'oeuil de cyclope est la caractéristique principale de cette créature qui sinon ressemble à un crustacé en plus évolué. Son importante armure n'est pas qu'un blindage, elle est greffé sur la créature par des implants bio-cybernétiques et constitue une vrai coquille.
      STR_HOLODRONE_UFOPAEDIA: Les holodrones sont des pièces d'artillerie volantes. Ils sont protégés par une bulle de plasma qui interfère avec les tirs de plasma et le feu. Il se pourrait qu'ils aient été développés spécifiquement pour combattre les ennemis équipés d'armes à plasma. La température très élevé et les radiations émises par ce dispositif empéchent de l'utiliser pour des armure humaine.
      STR_HOLODRONE_AUTOPSY_UFOPAEDIA: Un automate très complexe alimenté par un coeur d'élérium surdimensionné. Deux diffuseurs sortants de ce coeur générent la bulle de plasma enveloppant l'unitée. Il est également évident que le noyau peut générer une surcharger et l'utiliser pour générer un puissant faisceau laser.

for players who don't like editing ruleset, simply downlaod and activate the attachment to add "Fr" string to the mod.

[Fr] pour les joueurs qui n'aiment pas éditer les ruleset, télécharger et activer la PJ pour avoir le blabla des gazer en français  ;)

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