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Work In Progress / Re: Converting XCUTIL to OpenXCOM
« on: December 10, 2013, 08:29:59 pm »
MKSheppard, thanks a lot for taking the time to convert all these to mini-rulesets !

In vanilla TFTD + XComutil, I enjoyed a lot the improved Heavy Explosive, I even made the weight so considerably higher that a soldier could barely carry one. For assaulting ships that have a hard entrance, it was very fun walking a lone bomb-carrier to the sub (he can't throw it more than a tile or two), set the timer to 3, run the hell out of range, watch the screen-sized explosion that leaves a crater in sand with a lot of bubbles - and still a single-tile opening in the ship's hull.

I played an OpenXcom game with the improved heavy laser, at first I loved having one more choice for soldier setup, but it's a bit overpowered... I'm up to facing Mutons and Chryssalids, and don't feel the need to use plasma weapons yet  :-\

Open Feedback / Graphs "trick"
« on: December 07, 2013, 05:04:18 pm »
The original UFO and/or TFTD had a tiny bug in the "Graphs" screen : the top-right button that returns to geoscape was effectively larger than it looked like (it extended maybe 8 extra pixels down).

The extra space overlapped with the position of the "graphs" button in geoscape. So if you placed your mouse cursor there, you no longer had to move the mouse : you could click click click repeatedly, and keep your eyes on the graph lines to watch for any rising UFO activity.

OpenXcom doesn't have this bug, so you have to move the mouse cursor each time (and see where you click).

I can't find this piece of information anywhere (even on Ufopaedia), so I thought it was worth sharing here.

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