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Open Feedback / Re: Why do shots at 100% or above miss?
« on: July 25, 2023, 07:34:53 pm »
Simple answer: it is not 100%, it is just 100

Long answer:

Ah! I see, thank you very much  ;D

Open Feedback / Why do shots at 100% or above miss?
« on: July 25, 2023, 03:58:41 pm »
I'm not entirely sure why nor can I really find a proper explanation as to why but its something thats been happening as far as I can recall when I started to use mods for OpenXcom for the first time. I always assumed it was due to objects in maps blocking the shot that got in the way, though I've also noticed this phenomenon on maps with little to no objects where this odd situation occurs on. For years I always assumed this was either a bug or a weird and amusing quirk of openxcom and never thought much on it till now after making a damage calculator in google sheets haha.

So why do shots at 100% or higher miss?  :o

Thats really good to hear, I absolutely love settings that are akin/based on war of the worlds and this mod certainly scratches that itch, I look forward to playing it again when I can finally arm the blimps properly to actually fight the aliens properly ;D

Excellent mod, really loving what little I've played so far.

Though I have come across an issue (or its just a case of my own stupidity hopefully haha) But I can't seem to equip any craft weaponry onto the C-Class ships, yet the starting one has those weapons I'm trying to equip on the newly bought ones... Is this a bug or am I simply missing something obvious? Not the first time its happened to me before!

XPZ Strategy/Tactics / Re: Extended Piratez general FAQ/Strategy Guide
« on: November 06, 2022, 05:52:30 pm »
Are their any essential techs at the start of the game I should be focusing on? I am aware there is a sort of "time pressure" in the mod in the form of the ninjas that will give you around an in game year till they become a real issue if I'm not mistaken.

I also tend to get stuck 6 or 7 ish months in where my score tanks even though I'm doing well (capturing as much people as a can, researching as much as I can and getting as much runts as possible to produce x-grog/money on the side), I suppose its down to bad luck though at the same time I have horrible feeling I'm likely missing something very obvious like I often do haha.

« on: November 03, 2022, 12:31:30 pm »
Cancer is probably the least of these Guardsmens concerns ;)

The CAS valkyrie gives you 1 turn to have a look around the map before deploying, so if the spawn is shit, you can simple leave and come back.

Armor: Yes, most weapons in this mod do some preArmor damage, slowly damaging it (or quickly, with melta, hotshot etc).
Generally the best armor damaging weapons are Melta (although beams weaken with range) -> LAS -> Acid/"Rust" -> Hotshot -> Normal pew pew.
KRAK/Kraken AP rounds will do more piercing damage (ignoring % of armor).
Fire DoT will ignore armor to an extent, ~5 HP damage per turn of the unit burning. Armor does protect against flamers direct damage though.

You can repair armor using servitors or techmarines, facing the armor that is damaged (facing is important on the armor-unit itself too, damaged side needs to face the repairing unit) - then "hit" with the repair item. A wrench should appear to show the armor has been repaired (doesn´t work well on 2x2 units).

Resistances are also important, althoguh all weapons can take down all enemies - might just need something like 30-40 shots of bullets vs a Neverborn (very weak to fire/melta/LAScannons though).

Haha true  ;D

Oh I didn't know it worked like the drop pod esc tier 2 vehicles the guard get, I'll be def using it now  :D

Ah I see thank you so much, you have no idea how hard it is to find any information to confirm it or find any mention of that anywhere, I always had a hunch but just having that confirmed is going to make life so much easier haha, or I could've missed some Codex Article this whole time then in which case I'm a giant idiot  ::)

The mentioning of repair was what made me start trying to find more information in depth about that too.

Either way thank you once again  ;D

« on: November 02, 2022, 08:10:41 pm »


- Economy: You probably have tons of captured loot and corpses you can sell. Only a few things from each craft is required to build your own craft/research things, and you´ll probably have adamantium and promethium in excess by the late game (or even early with a few good landed missions). Doing well in the early months will also rake in a few million extra from score. Space Hulks can be quite the cash cow too.
I´d also recommend having a fast deployment craft in addition to your slow Chimera. The CAS Valkyrie is very good, as is the Tauros (air transported). Other factions get drop pods (and later Thunderhawks) for this purpose.

- Stub Gun AP/Man-Stopper rounds you can get as Guard and Arbites by researching Adamantium (so pre mid-tier).
Kraken Penetrator Rounds for autoguns is locked behind Ceramite (a tier higher than midtier), Rotor cannons also get AP Kraken rounds after researching well, the Rotor cannon tech. Then you find them as a manufacturing project.
Heavy stubbers get master crafted ammo after researching Mid-tier Mastercrafting. This research topic is available after researching mid-tier.

- Psykers: Have you tried swapping armor in the unit/craft Ui screen? (Abhuman guard strat is limited to biomancers at first).

Hello Leflair, funnily enough I actually figured out how to get man-stoppers by having a good snoop around in the in game research viewer haha.
yes I tend to be swimming in the stuff, though I didn't really consider selling adamantium and promethium due to habits developed with not selling Alloys and Elerium in vanilla and other mods  ;D
Too bad space hulks are my least favorite missions due to the rush towards the elevator and then towards the computer terminal, thankfully I did eventually learn how to do em somewhat more efficiently but they are certainly still quite painful to do! Though I do find it amusing that guardsmen are seemingly just as capable of entering them without any risk of exposure to the radiation (hence why you only really see terminators enter the things).

I actually discovered the Psyker thing by accident shortly after making this post funnily enough lol.

I'll certainly take a look at the CAS Valkyrie, I mostly held off from it since you are unable to fallback or retreat from a mission.

anyways while I'm asking do you happen to know how armour in this mod works exactly? I'm aware how X-COM does it though I keep hearing people mentioning or at least implying that Armour has some sort of durability stat to it for each mission? Like how Meltaguns are used to tear that armor down or how some people said that shooting something enough with lasguns will eventually start to punch through something very tough, though I could be wrong...

 Either way thanks for the response, it seems I'm discovering alot of new and helpful things with each playthough, I was actually quite surprised to learn that sentinels can apparently see through smoke (could be wrong haven't tested it out yet  :))

« on: October 29, 2022, 01:21:21 pm »
Hello! Long time lurker here, really enjoying the mod and the addon, its really fantastic and discovering and learning how all the new added mechanics in it is a ton of fun, as well as how less strong troops can be assisted with Heavy weapons equipment, the imperial guard have certainly been done justice in this mod along with the sisters of battle, great stuff! ;D

Anyways I've wanted to ask a few question, dunno if this is the exact right place to ask em but I tend to play ALOT OF Imperial Guard, and most of the time I tend to get somewhat lost and confused with the tech tree and what needs to be unlocked for certain techs etc. Do bare with me for I'm likely going to sound like an outright caveman with how silly some of these questions might sound.

For starters, what tech unlocks manstopper bullets for the stubber weapons specifically? They are immensely useful for dealing with the surprise Chaos Marine or heavily armored enemy and I don't really recall what tech is needed to be able to purchase them, same with Longlas's and the more powerful stuff, I think you had to get the mid-tier regiments researched but I sometimes don't get em till I research something else?

Secondly how do you get the other types of Psykers such as biomancers and the mind control ones? The one that uses thunderclap is excellent for capturing dudes but I'd like to play around with the other types. Also what is the vox flak armour supposed to do? Do you need to research airstrikes to properly use it? Also can the Mind control Psykers mind probe enemies so I know what rank they are?

Third, what are some good ways to make more money other than performing well in missions? I'm aware of the outpost plasma generators and they certainly help, though I still often make the mistake of not making a 2nd base sooner to manage multiple missions at once (since its quite expensive along with getting all the needed manpower and supplies to properly kick-start it) and It really bites me in the arse whenever my slow Chimera's are returning from a mission only for a mission with a whooping -1000 score penalty to rear its ugly head in the picture. Is it better to have the Valkyrie just act as an interceptor along with one of your starting ones or am I simply missing something very obvious?  ???
I can often pull through a tough month though not getting the -1000 score would be better haha.

Cheers! And keep up the excellent work!

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