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Yes, I'm aware of this particular issue. Is related to Asian female Pilot, the file isn't on it's respective folder. I'll release a patch update this weekend with this and other bugs fixed. Meanwhile, you can quickfix it copying and renaming another female pilot inventory paperdoll "MAN_5F3.png".

I did that, but there are other files missing still. I will wait for the update!
Thank you for your work, I really liked the previous version and I'm sure this one will be even better when I will be able to run it! :)

If so, then check if the file from the log is really missing... and reinstall the mod if it is.

The file is indeed missing, and it is missing in the mod itself (which i re-downloaded).
I've created the file (copied another one from the same folder) and now I have a new error.

[27-09-2019_23-49-53]   [FATAL]   FileRecord::at(Resources/Coherency/CraftWeapon/LaserArrayUfopedia.gif): requested file not found.
[27-09-2019_23-49-53]   [ERROR]   FileRecord::at(Resources/Coherency/CraftWeapon/LaserArrayUfopedia.gif): requested file not found.

Probably not the last file missing. Actually the whole folder is missing.

MacOS is probably case-sensitive, so it doesn't recognize the INVENTORY directory, because it's actually called Inventory.

However worse news as this simple fix is that Mac doesn't read 8bit GIFs well and this mod has a lot of them, so even if you fix the case issue(s), a lot of images may end up black or random noise. At least that happened last time I tried.

Actually MacOS (if it has the default APFS file system, as is the case in my instance and I guess 99 percent of other users) is case-insensitive by default, has been for many years, as opposed to Linux.


What version of OXCE are you using, mate?

Enviado desde mi LG-M400 mediante Tapatalk

OXCE 5.6.2 on MacOS.

By the way, I just noticed that I had lazy loading enabled. With it disabled I get a million errors about incorrect transparent colors in image files and finally some fatal missing files:

[27-09-2019_23-10-11]   [INFO]   Lazy loading: 0
[27-09-2019_23-10-11]   [INFO]   Loading extra resources from ruleset...
[27-09-2019_23-10-11]   [WARN]   Image Resources/FourthState/CraftWeapon/PlasmaArrayBB.png (from lodepng) have set incorrect transparent color index 255 instead of 0
[27-09-2019_23-10-12]   [WARN]   Image Resources/Units/MALE_CIVILIAN6.PNG (from lodepng) have set incorrect transparent color index 1 instead of 0
[27-09-2019_23-10-12]   [WARN]   Image Resources/BallisticWeapons/CombatArmor/Inventory/man_4m0.gif (from SDL) have set incorrect transparent color index 255 instead of 0
[27-09-2019_23-10-12]   [WARN]   Image Resources/BallisticWeapons/CombatArmor/Inventory/man_4m1.gif (from SDL) have set incorrect transparent color index 255 instead of 0
[27-09-2019_23-10-12]   [FATAL]   FileRecord::at(Resources/Soldiers/PilotArmor/INVENTORY/MAN_5F3.png): requested file not found.
[27-09-2019_23-10-12]   [ERROR]   FileRecord::at(Resources/Soldiers/PilotArmor/INVENTORY/MAN_5F3.png): requested file not found.

The mod right now crashes on me at startup without any error message.

Last strings in log:
[27-09-2019_21-36-20]   [INFO]   Active mods:
[27-09-2019_21-36-20]   [INFO]   - xcom1 v1.0
[27-09-2019_21-36-20]   [INFO]   - UNEXCOM v0.7.2
[27-09-2019_21-36-21]   [INFO]   Loading rulesets...
[27-09-2019_21-36-22]   [INFO]   Loading fonts... Font.dat
[27-09-2019_21-36-22]   [INFO]   Lazy loading: 1

Released Mods / Re: Decreased TUs for aliens on your first turn [OXCE]
« on: September 26, 2019, 10:11:22 am »
This is so logical that the mod should be integrated as an option in OXCE, I think.

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