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Released Mods / Re: [COMPILATION] Final Mod Pack (FMP)
« on: February 07, 2022, 07:30:14 pm »
Small translation error. Segmental armor - additional armor on a specific side - top, bottom, left, right, front and back. Stacks with existing armor. The way it works - a shield made at the factory from the corpse of a certain alien is placed in a certain slot. Occupies 2*1 cells. You can put several pieces in the slots and they are summed up among themselves.
- Feet - bottom. (fits 1 segment in each leg).
- Shoulders - top. (placed in each shoulder for 1 segment).
- Left hand - left (1 segment).
- Right hand - on the right (1 segment).
- Backpack on the back - behind. (fits 3 such segments).
- Belt - in front. (2 segments fit).
If you hold this segment of armor in your hand, then you can throw it, or you can hit the enemy close to it like a shield with a stun effect.

At the expense of butchering living aliens - I am also against such use and I am for the introduction of control modules into them so that they can fight on our side in missions on an ongoing basis, but then how are we different from the men in black? You can then even come up with an ending, if we take the Martian brain under control or prisoner, then we conclude a non-aggression pact with aliens and our ideas coincide with the ideas of the men in black. The result - they become our division along with hybrids and sectoids and flyers. But it smacks of a betrayal of humanity and therefore is a bit of a losing ending. Enemy aliens can neutralize control over our aliens - just use the psi-amplifier.
There is another way out - to expand the list of armored vehicles produced directly from living or dead enemy armored vehicles, that is, to include in this list, in addition to the cyberdisk and sectopod and hybrid disk, other types of armored vehicles. For example, spitter and salamandron, holodron.

There is also an idea about the use of missing operatives - they are automatically captured and they are implanted with a control module and given weapons. In this case, when you go on a mission to capture the alien base or supply the alien base - the lost operatives appear on the map and fight against you in the armor in which they were lost and you can stun them or take them under your control and if they are at the end of the mission are on your side or neutralized - they return to base and again become your operatives after going through the treatment in the infirmary - they return with 1 additional fatal wound and 1 additional lost health - so that they have something to heal. This will make it possible to tell a story about them, how they were captured, what they did with them there, and how they were released from captivity and returned to duty.

Released Mods / Re: [COMPILATION] Final Mod Pack (FMP)
« on: February 05, 2022, 10:10:52 pm »
Difficlty is impossible. 20% retaliation.

The second idea is that from a living alien it was possible to obtain two products in the workshop or a more complex product than from a dead one. And not so that from a dead one you can get a product, but nothing can be obtained from a living alien.

At the expense of flying armor and segment armor. I understand that it needs changes in the gameplay or additional pictures with characteristics, but they just don’t exist. I just submitted an idea, but if it remains at the level of an idea, then this is normal.

Released Mods / Re: [COMPILATION] Final Mod Pack (FMP)
« on: January 28, 2022, 09:36:42 pm »
You are probably waiting for new tests and notes from me, but I am now at a dead end. As I said, the aliens found one of my bases and now every 4 days a warship flies there. I shoot him down because I have 7000 base defense, that is, 14 missile defense, moreover, I often save and load the save if the defense fails. But even this only helps to delay time and nothing more. I've managed to survive 4 attacks so far and in that time research and build a laser cannon storm on all my bases. I know that two such thunderstorms are strong enough to hold out until they shoot down a battleship. But this does not solve the problem either, because the battleship simply leaves the battle with a speed of 5000 with a maximum thunderstorm speed of 4000. I looked at the speeds of the other ships and realized that if the battleship does not go into battle on its own, then I will only be able to intercept it with a tormentor (6200 ) and avenger (5400). It seems that the tactic has developed - to play for time by actively overwriting until the moment when I grow up to these aircraft in terms of technology and then still intercept the warship. Let me remind you that I just decided to test all alternative methods of repelling a retaliation attack - except for the ground defense of the base. And I ran into the following difficulty - the number of missions per month per region is limited and in the Australian region everything was blocked by the retaliation mission, but as it turned out, not only in Australia - the battleship begins its direct flight to the base in neighboring regions, and therefore in them the retaliation mission clogged list of possible missions. Bottom line - I have half of the regions hanging with this mission, which means that there are simply no other missions there. I have been intercepting single small ships in regions far from Australia for a month now and, of course, I do not get a single engineer. I simply have nothing to explore, and due to the presence of only small missions, my rating has dropped to about 3000 per month. Even terrors do not occur - apparently I intercept them at the stage of small missions and they have been transferred more than once. In general, I even got a little bored and started working on new proposals for expanding the technology tree and production projects. That's what I came up with in the very first moments ...

- The problem of obtaining anti-gravity modules from living flyers has two solutions.
 a) rejected living samples of aliens are simply killed and become corpses, and you can already safely sell them as corpses or disassemble them into organs.
 b) A new recipe for the production of an anti-gravity module appears in the workshop - from a living flyer, but since the flyer is alive, in addition to the anti-gravity module, we can also extract controls from its body - for example, alien electronics or their cloak - an object occupying 2 * 1 cells and allowing you to additionally protect the fighter from a certain side simply if he stands in certain slots - a backpack - from behind, legs - from below, shoulders - from above, left hand - to the left, right hand - to the right, belt - in front. the cloak-shield gives additional protection +10 in a certain segment to the already existing armor set dressed on a fighter and weighs only 2 kg. Yes - we can put them 2 in the shoulders (+20 on top), 3 in the backpack (+30 in the back), 2 in the waist (+20 in the front), 1 in each arm (+10 on the left and +10 on the right) and 2 in the legs (+20 from below), but it will take us a lot of slots and add weight and protection will increase slightly, but if we don’t have more high-tech armor or we wear a synthetic suit, then this is an excellent gain, moreover, strictly selective - designed to resist hits from a certain side . I think that after the advent of such technology, flyers will become even more valuable and everyone will strive to capture them alive - segment armor is worth it even if only one +10 segment comes out of one live flyer.

However, that's not all I've come up with. I had a question - why are there so few flying armor kits - after all, you can think of attaching this anti-gravity module to the rest of the non-flying armor kits, provided that the kits themselves were not bought on the market but previously produced by you in the workshop. That is, I received new types of armor:
a). Flying bulletproof vest (sp) - protection is approximately 34 15 15 21 13.
b). Flying chemical protection suit - protection approximately 25 30 30 30 20.
v). Flying synthetic suit - defense approximately 35 30 30 25 20.
G). Flying juggernaut armor - protection is approximately 120 95 95 85 80.
e). Flying assault armor - defense approximately 70 65 65 55 40.
I have not yet calculated the rest of the characteristics of these types of armor, but what they are approximately - it is also not difficult to calculate.

That's all for now, but I don't stop thinking - so there might be more suggestions to expand the tech tree.

Released Mods / Re: [COMPILATION] Final Mod Pack (FMP)
« on: January 12, 2022, 07:33:41 pm »
another oddity - for the production of an anti-gravity module, I need the corpses of flyers.  I have these flyers, but alive - 5 soldiers.  They are not researchable because I already have a opened flier.  When selling, I will receive only the money and not the module.  I go into the prison and try to kill these 4 soldier flyers by selecting them as unusable samples, but - they do not die, they simply disappear without the appearance of the corpses of the flyers.  That is, they are killed very skillfully - without leaving corpses as building material for workshops.

Released Mods / Re: [COMPILATION] Final Mod Pack (FMP)
« on: January 11, 2022, 12:09:01 pm »
 - The flying laboratory is not difficult for boarding, there is just a special tactic when conducting it, and I told it, that is, this is an experience and not a complaint.
 - In addition, I was asked to translate my notes above into English, which I did.  I hope that now they will become clear to you.
 - Well, I noticed that the hybrids use a single-cell drone with a laser cannon on board and I can even stun it and capture it, but then ... I can't make anything like a cyberdisk out of it in the workshop, but an employee on the X-forces side  com.  that is, there is no analogue of a reconnaissance drone with a laser rifle on board.
 - A discrepancy was noticed between the models of the ships of the hybrids and the real buildings from which they attack on the map.  I see spaceships when attacking and it seems that I am attacking flying islands with castles located on them.  There is a proposal to depict them in the pictures when attacking by fighters.  It will look like an Easter egg - a reference to one of the versions of the game, where the bases were located on such flying islands - Laputa.

Released Mods / Re: [COMPILATION] Final Mod Pack (FMP)
« on: January 09, 2022, 11:24:38 pm »
- An old mistake that has not yet been fixed - if you have built a sufficient amount of anti-missile defense to fight off a battleship, then after its destruction above the base, knowledge of the base's location is not reset and the battleship continues to arrive at it regularly every week until either the base is destroyed or  the base will not be defended during ground assault with the help of infantry and armored vehicles.  Unfortunately, to verify this fact, more than 10 air defense buildings had to be built, which took up a decent chunk of the base.  This means that this method of defense is still ineffective.
- Celatids and Cerebreal fly, but the anti-gravity module cannot be removed from them, since they are of natural origin and these aliens are small in size.  Whether it is possible to blind an anti-gravity module from two anti-gravitational glands of these aliens is still unknown, but I would like to try.
- A large harvester is difficult to board because it only has one ground entrance.  In this case, a good solution would be to use a dog or rocket tank to open doors and repeatedly detonate the elevator shaft.  Undermine until there is no one to approach and then you can begin to capture.  if the commander came out, then it is worth putting him to sleep and taking him out of the UFO, otherwise he will simply be blown apart by the next explosion.  It is also better to actively use the brain probe to determine the rank of aliens, so that you can capture medics and navigators.  Whether there are engineers on this ship is unknown.  I also did not find out if it is possible to capture the ship from above through the roof using flying armor or hovertanks, but it is worth trying to check this.

Released Mods / Re: [COMPILATION] Final Mod Pack (FMP)
« on: January 08, 2022, 09:37:39 pm »
What the ship in the picture?
And yes, sectoid commander in my right hand...

Released Mods / Re: [COMPILATION] Final Mod Pack (FMP)
« on: January 07, 2022, 11:07:17 pm »
Google translate help for you.

Released Mods / Re: [COMPILATION] Final Mod Pack (FMP)
« on: January 07, 2022, 03:22:52 pm »
Misunderstandings continue:
 - if a player throws something under him, he necessarily turns to the south before that and one is spent per turn, although I did not ask him to turn.  therefore, if you are facing north, you can throw it on the cell to the north for the same number of odes and then stand on it.
 - If you shoot at the target without first highlighting, then the projectile simply flies through the invisible target and flies further.  This means that on unlit targets you must use bombs or guided missiles in order to shoot exactly at the place, regardless of what is on it.
 - shooting from a pump-action shotgun, you can hit an ally and inflict damage to him in 1hp - friendly - get a black order for this (you had to duck, Karl, so as not to get a slap on the head) and ... My soldier does not go to the hospital for one  day - a cuff 1 from a friend does not need treatment.  What can I say - I was lucky, the system forgave me.
 - strangeness with a dog.  It turns out that it can be additionally equipped before the battle and in the battle itself.  That is, you can give her a grenade and she can cock it (a full turn is spent) and on the next turn throw it by 2 cells and move away by 5. Moreover, the dog can be given a pistol (regular, pocket, short free, laser, nuclear laser, plasma  ) and she will be able to shoot from it, though almost without moving, but maybe you can throw this weapon at her, force her to pick it up, shoot and throw it.  Accuracy is 0%, but the main thing is that she can do it.  With its 80 odes at the start, this is a very useful unit, especially when defending a base, when someone needs to open the gate and move away.
 - many write that the best layout of the base is all 3 hangars on top and the airlock connects to one of them and then the rest of the buildings go through it.  There is a more successful configuration - three gates.  Hangars are placed from below, the gateway clings to the average at coordinates 4.4.  And the radar is 4.2.  This gives passages covered by the gates of the hangars themselves, and thus in the airlock you have three gates and in the passage with the radar - 1. You have a decent delay to regroup after the first wave and before it and an alternative passage to eliminate difficult opponents.  But for quiet maneuvers, you need 2 cells, and therefore I place the workshop, laboratory and living areas in a 2 * 3 rectangle next to these two buildings.  I get a very compact and well-defended base.
 - I built a corridor and it turned out to be an absolutely useless building - really, it would be better to place a storage there - and it will add space and build it faster.  Maybe it is worth changing the construction time (ideally 2 days) and adding something there for defense, such as gates at all 4 ends or turrets or additional passageways on the second floor with stairs to the first.  That is a tactical advantage.
 - Oddities with a reconnaissance drone - he knows how to shoot with smoke, but with 0% accuracy (!) That is, he cannot be asked to smoke someone, only himself.  This would be very helpful when attacking 2 * 2 with enfilade fire, when you need to shoot someone under the cover of smoke.  In other words, the drone should be given the accuracy of the shot, otherwise it makes no sense to buy it even as a scout - a dog with a smoke grenade can handle it cheaper and better.
 - pharmacy oddities - it does not heal for non-fatal wounds.  That is, if there is a fatal wound, it heals it and cures 3xp, and if there is no wound, then it does not heal anything, even if it spends one.  The bottom line is that I do not yet know how to treat scratches.  And by the way, I was able to heal the alien with a pharmacy and get a field doctor for it.  Yes, the alien was under control and without a weapon, but I suddenly wondered what would happen if I came up to him from behind and stuck a stimulator ... Fallout Foreva.
 - a multi-rocket launcher is an imbalance from the start and its power would be reduced for balance.  Damage from 70 to 58-60 and the number of shots in the queue from 4 to 3 and cut the size of the magazine from 8 to 6. Otherwise, the whole campaign is passed without any difficulty with this installation - after all, it weighs only 17 kg with a box and we add a bulletproof vest.  Many soldiers have 25 strength at the start.  The bottom line is that we get a single-celled pumpable rocket tank, which can be regarded as cheating.  Well, there is a desire to equip it with a box with incendiary or smoke rockets and thus receive an additional type of damage (68-70 if balanced) and a replacement for a reconnaissance drone.
 - the final ending is one, no matter how I wet this brain (!).  They write to me that I treated him to plasma, but I did not.  It is worth in the text of this ending to indicate exactly how you hit the brain, otherwise it’s not clear.
 Well, the brain is a building, an inanimate object that I cannot probe or take control, although I would like to.  This would allow you to get an alternative ending in which you enter into a contract with the brain and become similar to MHF or their subdivision (half-loss).
 - Your base cannot be determined if there are no buildings in it for living soldiers - living quarters, workshops, laboratories.  I checked on the base with a hangar, an airlock and a radar - even having caught aliens three times near it, I did not get revenge - the patrol ship simply did not smell it.  On the other hand, if there are living quarters, workshops, laboratories, but no soldiers, then even if there is air defense, the base can be captured without ground combat.
 - Air defense - suitable only for the defense of the base and then it is worth remembering what it is attacked with - only with a battleship with 3200 hp.  And the defense deals 500-800 damage with a hit probability of 50-80%.  The bottom line is that you need to build from 5 to 13 (!) Such air defense systems - to glue the base with them in the literal sense.  This made them useless in the old hsom.  Maybe it is worth changing this in a new one by making attacks on the base even with a patrol ship and also doubling the damage done.  Otherwise, even an anti-gravity shield does not greatly reduce the bulkiness of such a defense - you need 4 cells for it at least so that you can shoot down a battleship.  Well, or give the air defense the ability to shoot down the same UFO at a certain distance from the base, which will allow you not to fly after them in fighters or a fighter plane to lure the UFO under the base so that the air defense will deal with it.
 - an interesting question arose - why should I fly to Kydonia on the avenger?  Why can't I get there by any ship using Elerium-115 with a cargo hold?  That is, lightning (8,1,30), firestorm (10,1,20), fist (18,4,60) avenger (26,4,60).  This will add more alternate playthroughs for the final battle.  You will say that 26 people are difficult to get through there, but it was difficult for me to transfer them all to the elevator while part of the team was covering and my move lasted a long time because it was necessary to move everyone.  Therefore, many times I flew with an incomplete composition or actively used tanks.
 - well, and one more thing - I just can't see the full map of any base except when defending.  I would like it.  But for now ... What is not there is not and this is sad.
 - a feature was noticed when defending the base.  If you have wounded at the start of her defense at the base, then they are healed instantly and go into battle with full characteristics.

Released Mods / Re: [COMPILATION] Final Mod Pack (FMP)
« on: January 04, 2022, 10:55:29 am »
A bug was noticed when counting odds - when you stand in front of the gate, which is 2 cells and make your way through the closed gate diagonally, it counts 8 odds, but in reality 4 odds for opening the gate and 6 odds per step diagonally.

 Well, the feature is a little unpleasant when you shoot from a turn at a highlighted enemy, but you yourself still do not see him, then you turn and one may not be enough for the shot itself, because turning is still a movement.  Similarly, when, while moving, you notice the enemy on the turn - he managed to turn as if with a strafe, but the strafe itself did not occur, but a turn occurred and the enemy was noticed, and therefore the turn was counted and the strafe was not.

 Well, the situation was very similar to restarting the game:
 I play superman.  On January 1, I caught a very small one and twice wounded an alien in it and then pumped well the throw simply by throwing objects several times per turn for several moves until the alien died from fatal wounds on the 5th turn.  And the result - on January 5, a battleship flew to my base with revenge (!).  Obviously, the murdered one was the son of some mafia boss and she came with the whole gang to take revenge on me.  The first move - the most hardcore - I look out from behind the bend, and at the exit from the gateway, a cyberdisk stands and shoots a warning, it's good that I missed.  I had to drive him all over the base before he croaked.  As a result, there were 5 such quaks, and even 18 aliens, two of which were with plasma blasters and - where they dug them up - one Martian brain knows for sure, but I will ask him about it at the end of the game - has not yet made it to the avenger yet.  32 moves scattered the guts of the aliens at his own base in the end - well, he had such protection to the tentaculates ... The oil of what was looking for ammunition all over the base because there was not enough, Duck also caught a joke - I open the doors, two cyberdiscs lit me, I shoot at my neighbor  , but it is not he who shoots in response, but the distant one and misses hitting the neighbor - he explodes and explodes the distant one and takes me, the one who fired, with two pieces of the wall and the gate behind the company.  It crashed, of course notably.

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