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Started working on the next UFO set, see image below.

Also here is a link to the I.D.T Mod site which combines several awesome OXC mods at various stages of developments

IDT: :)

Help / Re: Alternative Small Scout
« on: July 08, 2019, 11:16:09 pm »
If you have any issues let me know, i have some experience with ufos :P PM is always best incase i miss a post.

Also, I started updating my how to guides last week, see if this helps

I plab on doing a video tutorial this weekend also to add to it.

OpenXcom Extended / Re: [Suggestion] Pop-up events
« on: July 05, 2019, 12:56:00 am »
Could be useful for me also... Watching with interest.

Just Bumping my Posts :)  I have switched back over to working on the Geoscape ( to give me a break from building UFOS), have been adding new Alien Cities and making some Pallet changes.

WIP is shown below, Note the red background is from TFTD and since i am doing a Hybrid game i thought i would bring him across.

Update - Another Week and some more Geoscape changes

A sneak peak at a new UFO type to be used in The Great War of the Worlds ( and also in factions)


Now, talking about the airship map... Well, the mission could be easy, but I have to ask Luke83 if he could made some kind of zeppelin map. ???

Enviado desde mi LG-M400 mediante Tapatalk

Maybe, after i finish my current project i will attempt to draw something, i am no artist but with i am sure i can come up with something  :P Plus i had my own ideas for something similar to zeppelins for Factions so maybe 2 birds one stone.

Hey Hey, i look forward to your take an alternate timeline with different Factions game, in case you missed we have a small group of modders working on Our version of a alternate Reality Factions game here :,6784.0.html

Have now stolen the sprites i like from Komandos ships


A few more design options to share :)

Request   - can we use end of month payment to issue items/units to xcom. My goal is to provide x amount of units or weapons based upon score (note the calculations for x and thr types of units and or weapons i would  like editable and dependent upon some research items)

Most likely in the too hard basket but i thought i would lf ask :P

I actually downloaded these last night and plan on brininging in sny good art assets into my set( have not opened them yet) . By the weekend i should have about 10 hull designs done, from their i will pick my favourites 7 and start the interiors.

Starting to play around with hull designs for these Lightning ufo, i have expanded The Reaver of Darkness set a little with a few new doors and Halfwalls, at this stage i am unsure what else i will end up adding, will see what bright ideas i have whilst creating this set. Thanks to Reavers previous work, it has saved me heaps of time as i normally spend 2 weeks coming up with a basic MCDset but in this case most of it was already done for me :)

Wow, a very-very cool project!
If you need some extra stuff gfx have a look here:,2963.0.html
Whatever you find usefull there feel free to grab!

Sweet, a lot of cool sprites in you mod, these will come in extremely handy, Thanks mate!

Yes, that one looks like it would be fun to work with.

The robin's marvelous work, of course.

LOL yes, i am actively trying NOT to steal Robins work ( well i have stolen some sprites and recoloured them) as Once Factions is  stable&working,  i want to then move onto the Full Alien Civil war version (where you play as aliens) and i want Robins work in that version.

OXC_Factions is play as Humans (and eventually get some aliens on your team)
OXC Civil War is Expansion where you play as aliens ( and need full alien base)

Looking Good! But say, shouldn't the Xcom signs be removed?

Yes, eventually :), only just starting to play around with this tileset.

Also from XOps mods there is a family of spectacular UFOs

I had never seen these ones ( as that mod come ot when i went missing from OXC for 5 years), they will definetly be coming into OXC-Factions :)

If there is any other cool set that i have missed over the years please let me know :)

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