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Feel free to,

I have another suggestion,

One problem with Unexcom as it currently stands In my opinion is light/medium missiles become useless once you get laser cannons. As Laser cannons have more accuracy, do more damage, and have a longer range then all of hte light/medium missles.

I have 2 suggestions on how to improve air combat
1) non-ufo type craft should only be able to use short range cannon equivalent versions of laser/plasma beam weapons. (the pulse plasma/laser weapons). Giving UFOs an advanatge over non-UFOs
laser cannons (as they rae a cannon type weapon) should do about ~ 45 damage and have a range of 15-20 with a fire rate of 4-7  second reload time (making it a better version of cannon weapons, but still comparable to cannon weapons with both a longer range and more damage).
plasma pulse weapons should do around 60-70 damage and have a similar range, maybe a little longer, with a slower fire rate of 7-16 seconds a shot.

This makes your ships much worse against enemy air craft, as they now have to get closer to deal damage, and deal a lot less damage per shot, which leads to why sugestion 2 makes sense

2) suggestion add mkII and mkIII variants of missles.

mkII should have be more accurate and have a longer range and damage then mkI missles.
(Enough damage to get past the shields of larger alien space craft, say 50-70 damage for sidewinders).
mkII missles should be built using alien alloys, which due to its significantly higher strength per weight ratio allows your mkIIs to be both lighter and more deadly to enemy vessels.

I have some minor quality of life improvement suggestions fore you to think over.

A minor problem I had with this mod is that it is difficult to tell what weapons each ship can carry. Because each slot is called "Weapon slot 1," "Weapon slot 2," etc...
However this does not need to be the case, it is possible to change what you call each weapon
'I added these to the YAMML

I then modified each crafts weapon_strings, assigning the relevent string to each craft.

For the phantom I used:

      - STR_CRAFT_CANNON_ONE  #covers cannons/gattling guns weapons 0,1
      - STR_CRAFT_LIGHT_MISSLE_ONE #light missles, weapon 2
      - STR_CRAFT_LIGHT_MISSLE_TWO #light missles, weapon 2
      - STR_CRAFT_MULTI_PURPOSE #weapons 2,3,5.

I think this improves gameplay as it makes it easy to see in a glance what each and every craft uses.

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