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XPiratez / Re: Bugs & Crash Reports
« on: March 21, 2021, 02:08:31 pm »
In \mods\Piratez Russian Names\Ruleset\
open the file: PiratezRusNames.rul
and at the bottom of the file, delete the following section:
Code: [Select]
      - delete
      - SoldierName/XNekomimi-rus.nam

XPiratez / Re: Bugs & Crash Reports
« on: March 20, 2021, 06:26:19 pm »
My game crashes when I turn on the mod for Cyrillic names and start a new game. Loading a previously saved game and hiring recruits does not cause a crash (names are in Cyrillic, as they should). I don’t know if this is related to certain types of recruits or only starting ones, but I’m pretty sure it is the latter. Here is the stack:

[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   A fatal error has occurred: Segmentation fault.
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x5b1ca0 OpenXcom::CrossPlatform::stackTrace(void*)
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x5b2b10 OpenXcom::CrossPlatform::crashDump(void*, std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&)
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x41c7f0 signalLogger(int)
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x9a9e60 OpenXcom::UfopaediaStartState::think()
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x7ff81857c6e0 _C_specific_handler
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x7ff818591e50 _chkstk
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x7ff818541020 RtlRaiseException
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x7ff818590a70 KiUserExceptionDispatcher
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x76d9c0 OpenXcom::Armor::getSize() const
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x7a3960 OpenXcom::Mod::newSave(OpenXcom::GameDifficulty) const
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x730530 OpenXcom::NewGameState::btnOkClick(OpenXcom::Action*)
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x5ce5b0 OpenXcom::InteractiveSurface::handle(OpenXcom::Action*, OpenXcom::State*)
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x6856c0 OpenXcom::State::handle(OpenXcom::Action*)
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x5c9c80 OpenXcom::Game::run()
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x41c950 SDL_main
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x9ab990 console_main
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x9abab0 WinMain
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   ??
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   ??
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x7ff8173f7020 BaseThreadInitThunk
[20-03-2021_21-13-51]   [FATAL]   0x7ff818542630 RtlUserThreadStart
[20-03-2021_21-13-57]   [FATAL]   OpenXcom has crashed: Segmentation fault.

40k / Re: 40k
« on: September 19, 2018, 03:49:48 pm »
The game crashed when I tried to go on the terror mission.

[19-09-2018_17-12-24]   [FATAL]   OpenXcom has crashed: Map failed to fully generate.

Save file:

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