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XPiratez / Diferent Lost Rules
« on: August 29, 2019, 10:26:23 pm »
Hi there, I would like to suggest a Little change about the "lose rules" for this mod. I want to introduce some features may make this game a Little more sandbox style expading the ways to paly the game.

What I would like to do about the lose conditions:

-The only way to lose a game is losing all your bases.
-If u lose all allys, reputation and money incoming, game dosnt end, it just takes harder.
-U can get into negative money numbers, so all incomings go to pay your debts.
-U cant buy anything while having negative money, or start any manofacturation.
-Workers Will not work. The speed of any manofacturacion decreates 100%
-The speed of any research decreases a 90%.
-All soldiers that cost money monthly, Will lose all or half TUs at the begining of each combat turn.
-Slave, pets and robots are not affected by being ruined.
-If there is no money for fuel or fuel, u got to using free fuel options for travell.
-Your reputation can be also negative. that means how much are u hated by your supposed to be allies.
-Having negative or positive high reputations , determines the chances of being attacked, the lvl of the attack, and how much money Will give u your allys if ur reputation is positive.

This "lose conditions" open the ways or paths this game can be played, and fit very well with the rest of features like slaves and workers. Also it makes you easier to accept some important loses if u know anything Will end until ur last soldiers and bases are gones. this is a feature that is very nice for thoose who like to play "iron man" mode.

Other stuff:

-Funeral feature:
             Make a funeral for thoose soldiers fallen on combat. As better Rank and achievements the soldier had, better rank and achievements u Will get with his funeral.
             Funerals also creates a token that boost bravery and moral od the soldier who wear it even in the pack.

XPiratez / Fuso and voodo rework
« on: August 29, 2019, 09:52:48 pm »
Hi there,

I want to do a rework of fuso and voodo arts, can anyone tell me how to do it? Can I just edit another with Paint to créate mine? Do I have to code if forms dosnt match? Anyone can guide my a Little bit?
I also like to get the source of the mod, is posible?

What I want to do?
I want to replace fuso ninjas by ciberpunkys. Similar as the punks from "syndicate wars". This ninjas take me off from the experience. It happens the same to me with the voodo, it is a Good feature, very funny and expand the experience but dosnt fit with the context, not like it is at least. So i Want to make a rework of both. Fuso and Voodo.

Rework fuso:
I want to replace fuso for a Ciberpunk Gang, some kind of punkys that loves to play with katanas and guns. Some kind of yakusa style gang based on ninjitsu, technology and guns.
They are well known for combining cuantic hiding devices, katanas, shurikens and a punk dress style. They dont need to dress dark clothes to be stealthy as a ninja because their technology. I dont have a name yet, maybe "new fuso".

Rework Voodo
I want to adapt voodo to some kind of technology managment skill, just like "cuantic computing". This weapons or devices allows you to hacks robots, hacks minds, create cuantic fire or ice, become invisible...
Ill just change the concept preserving all old features we can. Is more like a visual and text rework that Will be compatible with any future patch, I hope.
-No more voodo skill, just "Cuantic computing skill" instead.
-No more voodo training room, just a Cuantic computing training room.
-No more wand, just fire or ice generators some kind of Cuantic weapons.
-No more magic or superpower just ancient science.

IF anyone wants to join is wellcome. Ill work slowly time at time and time but I Will share it while doing it.

Suggestions / Dinamic Base
« on: January 25, 2018, 11:18:23 pm »
MY suggestion is to add the chance to dinamice the bases on different triggers.

What it is?
-Dynamic base: It is a "mod" or "modder tool" that allow you to create, remove and overwritte  the facilities of a specific base by scripts.

Why I want this?
I can´t do it by myself.

What kind of things could I do with this tool?
-Visitable places over geoscape.

-Ships lands on an ally base or a shop
-When it lands, we create a base on last base´s slot
-This base will simulate to be the place where the ship landed
-You can use it as normal base, sell/buy, refuell, research, and use any facilities of the place.
-You can´t build or remove facilities.
-When ship leave the place, all items on the dinamic base will be transfer to the ship and the dinamic base dissapear.

So, this is my suggestion. I wanted to contribute doing it by myself but it is beyond my possibilities. I would love to see this mechanic on ufo.

XPiratez / Re: -stuck
« on: November 28, 2017, 01:42:14 pm »
Ty all for the info.

I think Im not going to restart game. I think it dosnt change enought the game to make me want to replay it.
Its a long game and i dont have enought time. I did the big mistake of starting playing it in ironman mode and im getting sick xD Hopefully in this stage of the game, its easy to beat any mission. But early game was madness.
First time I meet mercenarys I lost my best ship and crew. :/ Also first time I notice Church have thoose horrible monsters that transform my crew into zombies... Didnt expect that shit and lost many crew mates.

XPiratez / Re: -stuck
« on: November 27, 2017, 05:58:57 pm »

yes i did research that gangsta public enemy. xD But not the coordinator. Didnt found one yet, only novices and guardians.
Im waiting to find a provost. Its so expensive, i dont want to get poor. xD

Thx for the info. Ill try to gwt that coordinator and the provost.

XPiratez / -stuck
« on: November 27, 2017, 04:56:07 pm »
Hi there

I jjust completed the "siberian Base". Bless nukes that allows me to erase all superface lvl xD

The fact is, I dont have anything to do now. The only thing I havent done is the "broke Probost Research"

What I should do know? Will provost research allow me to continue?
Do i have to wait for anther special event?

XPiratez / Re: Suggestion#1 (Free mission Picker)
« on: November 27, 2017, 04:47:14 pm »
thx for the reply. Maybe in future then xD

XPiratez / Re: Suggestion#1 (Free mission Picker)
« on: November 05, 2017, 11:25:37 pm »
I wanst thiking about doing it by myself but maybe I would. I´ll begin to investigate the source. Is there any other interesting git shared by community?  Would be great to do it over Xpiratez source but I guest it is not avaible xD. well... who knows maybe in 10 years I got a decent version xD. Wish me luck

Work In Progress / FREEDOM MOD Project. (no base mod)
« on: November 05, 2017, 10:55:25 pm »
Hi there. I want to start a disscussion about if the features of this mod are possible to create?
If it is, I would like ask for help to learn about how to do it and how many time would it takes me. (just code)
My english is so poor. sorry about that,

This mod should got 3 mainFeatures: "Dinamic Base Feature" "Mission Picker Feature",""Exploration Feature". The one I dont know if it is possible is the first. This mod is complete inspirated by the mod PirateZ by dioxine_

Description of the FREEDOM MOD

This wanderer mod is about to explore freedom and adventure. Not about duty. Not about doing repetitive missions. This should be about you, a stolen car and a world to explore full of opportunitis.
Players start as a random guy who stole a car and have complete freedom to choose whatever to do. Do a solo play, or find more crew mates, try to be good karma for example as bounty hunter or being a bounty to hunt. An allien hunter or mercenarry who works for alliens or just declare yourself enemy of all. Upgrade your aircraft or just steal one.

Main Features:

Wanderer Base Feature v0.50

The idea is to create a feature that allow you to play without base.. I dont want to remove base I think its so hard to do, I just want to trick it, just creating a "dinamic base" that simulate to be a your aircraft and takes values from where aircraft is landed. Depending on where u land, facilities would change, also market lists,research and manofacture.

-Player can´t create a normal base.
-Aircraft works as movible base.
-Player can have only one aircraft at same time.

Virtual base Feature step by step:

-When aircraft take off
                       -Base becomes invisible
                       -Base loses values as buildings and trademarkt. just all dynamic values)
-While flying:
                       -No facilities
                       -There is not much you can do here but any very basic researchs
-Aircraft land(anchor):
                      -Base gets moved to where aircraft is.
                      -Base gets values and facilities depending on where aircraft is. (near a city)
                      -Base become visible again.
                      -Can only land on water if aircraft is able to do it.
-Mission ends:
                      -Move base to mission spot and auto-land ship.
                      (players can stay or move, but may be attacked if stay)

-While on mission spot:
                     -All items mission´s ground items would be placed on storage base.
                     -To loot you have to move items from storage to your ship before take off.
                     -Stay allow you to research anything on the map ground (storage) and special researchs
                     -When player leave mission´s spot all stuff that remain on storage/ground will be lost as u abandon it in the battle zone.
                     -If there is a functional ship on the mission you will be able to steal it.
                     -Before a mission is complete, police or allys from your enemys can appear to investigate what happened. Beter not to stay.

-Stealing ship:
                    -If there is a functional enemy´s ship on the map, it will be avaible in base.
                    -To steal a ship just change all stuff from one ship to the other one and take off to anywhere.
                    -You need to have enought pilots to pilot any specific ship
                    -You are not able to takeoff with any aircraft you havent researched before.
                    -You can spend time researching an aircraft before stealing it but its dangerous.
                    -Once you take off the ship that remains will be lost forever.

Static Bases:
                     -Dislabled, player can´t create base by itself

Refilling fuel:
                    -Everytime aircraft lands, it refill fuel from the aircraft storage.
                    -You can buy fuel depending on where u landed or steal it.

Camping mode:
                   -Every time you land on a place where there is nothing you can build special temporal facilities that allow you to do some extra basic actions.
                   -Constructing Temporal building consumes resources from ship storage
                   -Once you leave base, all temporal building will be recycled so you will have material to rebuild them again on another spot.
                   -Temporal building dosnt allow you to do as many things as proper facilities, so u still needing to visit ally´s bases, citys or another spots

Static Bases:
                   -Player can keep almost any place or "dynamic base" manufacturating the project "keep this base"
                   -If player take any important and usefull place as base, everybody will know it and attacked many times.
                   -Creating a static base will mean that the dynamic base will be put into next free slot and dynamic base will be reset.


Description: This feature try to give freedom to player about what to do. Player only will lose if all crew dies and is able to pick their own missions instead to being forced to do missions all the time.

Ways player can look for mission.
-Research: Once on land, player can research many kinds of missions,for example "Raid city".Once done a "raid city mission" will apear not so far, simulating to be a nearby city. Only one research mission at same time. And will be not avaible again to research until you end the last research mission.
-Exploring: Flying around world will reveal nearby ships and places where u can start missions. (normal ufo and base system)
-Being attacked: You can get attacked while you are camped or anchored to any place,


Description: This feature is about creating a new kind of "ship" or "mission spawn" Same as red cross (ufos) but in other color and that dosnt move. This feature is about giving many statics missions or events that make exploration worth it.

Rules about static missions:
-Only visible if you are close enought or you did spend some time exploring the area depending on your radar type.
-Not dettetctable by base Radar.

What kind of statics missions there would be?
-Farms, citys, industrial factorys, mansions, motels, road bars, fuel stations,accidents,special encounters, villages and many more.

Then lets talk about this...
¿It is possible to make a dinamic base that change facilities and others stuff depending on where you landed?
¿Is there any easy way to make invisible a base and visible again when anchor?
If it is possible, i´m seeking for advice. I dont know the source. ty.

XPiratez / Re: Suggestion#2 Wanderer Mode
« on: November 05, 2017, 06:49:34 pm »
I agree with you in parts. ITs a hard task. Im just giving ideas, you are free to do whatever you want, obviusly. This is just for talk .U are doing a great job with piratez.

There will be ever a base to go back, a base to heal, but its a virtual base that takes values from where your aircar is anchored. its hard to do, but this is how it should work:

-Virtual base rules:

-When it airbus start fly, base becomes invisible
-When airbus anchor, base moves yo airbus location, becomes visible again and airbus autoland on base.
-Depending on where you anchor, your base adquire diferrents building and market trades, simulating the place where u landed.
-After a mission, just move base to mission loc and land ship. (if you dont go away you prob will get attack)

I think this feature is to do a mod itself, a Wanderer Mod... I agree it dosn´t fit too much with piratez, but it does in the background.
I think im going to create a trhead in openscom forum but we can share any opinion here if anyone want.

One question, if u would create the feature, would it be possible to have a hand to add content? Or to solve dudes?

XPiratez / Suggestion#2 Wanderer Mode
« on: November 01, 2017, 06:51:36 am »
This suggestion is about a couple young gals scaped from a secret lab, a stolen airbus and a world to explore...

Its nice to start with an optimal base but I think it would be even better to start with noone. Then u got two choices, become stronger until you can conquer any military base or complex, or until you got lucky or find an old x-com empty base.

In this early stage u have to fly around world, visiting places, stealing stuff, and getting stronger.
This got no sense is there is no "statics missions", and somewhere to refill fuel.(I did another post about this)
Take in mind there need to be many missions but you only see them when u are so close. So this is a great exploration feature.

There could be many ways to take first base. And depending on what base u took it could have diffenrent storage and facilities.

1-Free Base:Old x-com base Hard to find but no need to fight for it and no body knows where it is. poor storage.
2-Military BAse: Same as free base but u got to fight and govs will want base back.
3-Faction Base: Good base with good initial facilities and storage. But it is a hard fight and that faction will try repeatly to take it back.
4-DoctorX base: Could be a nice role base but we got a nice quests about it that requiere research. so maybe we could allow a brainer on the bus maybe? xD

How to make thisa no hodeout game?

So I think making xcomrunning without hideoutis a pain itself, but we dont want to do that. Instead we want to create a "special base" that emulates the Airbus as "Mobile base".
Such as a dinamic base that will allow us some actions or not depending on where is the airbus anchored. I mean, this dinamic base would take values from the place where airbus is anchor.

For example:
As we got no base, buy list is ever empty, but if airbus is anchored close to certain places, for example a city, our fake base could take the values attached to the city, this way player can buy and sell stuff there, or other more secrets places.
Research can be the same. MAybe u want to investigate very basic stuff from the airbus storage or maybe u want to anchor near a Famous road tavern to research about a bounty hunter mission.
If you anchor near a factory instead raiding it, you could buy some stuff and also manufacturate industrial stuff simulating a deal with the industry owners.
Or maybe you want to anchor near a place where hands can heal faster...

The potential of this "Dinamic hideout" or "virtual base" is huge. IT would allow devs to introduce lot of new content which player can interact.

Then when you get your first real base, the "dinamic hideout" could get override by the new one so no longer exist or you can let it as feature using the first base slot.

XPiratez / Suggestion#1 (Free mission Picker)
« on: November 01, 2017, 02:32:01 am »
Hi there, first of all thx for this mod. Awsome. HAve spent many on it and i want more.
I mod others games and really appreciate your work. This is the first of 3 posts. 2 post for suggestion and the third to offer help.
Sorry about my eng, not my best lang.

Lets start the first.
I love the Ambientation and mechanics, but I think I have some suggestions to make this game little bit more "openworld" in terms of exploration.
This suggestion is about freedom and exploration, I think in the same line this mod looks at. I dont mind to participate to help.


Mission picker:
It is disgusting wait for a mission to get the items you need and got no sense. And is also disgusting to get more and more mission you should not skip.
If I need something i want to being able to look for it. For example, I would be nice if I can look for farms to raid to get apples instead of waiting for a ratman mission.
I like eventual mission as opportunitys you have to do fast, for example Gropom and help any friend under attack. But if u add more and more mission that u cant skip, its becomes so bored and repetitive.
I suggest 3 ways to make player being able to pick missions.

1-Easier Way: By research
If i want to raid a city I just research "Mission: City raid" And the mission appear will appear on map. The same system for Sea missions, organ traffic, or whatever.
So I just tell my brainers that we need to raid a farm to get appels or find an undersea place to explore, and brainers will investigate it until they got something. Got sense for me. Better than waiting to have some magical info that allow me to get some appels or raid a city of a goverment that dosnt respect my organization.
With this method you can have many more missions avaible without exausting the player. And player will not be scared to research something that give him mission that he wants not to do if not neccesary.

Rules of research mission:
-Each time you investigate a mission it appear for u on map.
-Research any other mission is not possible until you complete or fail the current mission. (brainers will not investigate another mission until his work is respected.

2-Hard Way:

Adding static events/mission. Same as ships (red cross) but this targets dosnt move and radars base dosnt see them. The only way to see this "statics missions" is to being enought close with a low-grade crafts as airbus or aircar,truck, Other craft are not made to being looking by the windows looking for a good place to raid. Instead normal red cross, it could have orange color or different.

Rules of static missions:
-Statics missions respawn with time if the mission is completed.
-Only visible if u are close enought.
-Only visible by lowgrade ships (airbus,aircar and others cars made to fly at low altitude)
-Only visible if you are not traveling to any mission.
-If u get far it become invisible until u get close again.

Example of statics events and pourpose
-Farm raid (Getting stuff for the still)
-City Raid (robb a bank, slave people, slave brainers and more)
-Millitary Base (steal tech, weapons, armors, vehicles...)
-Enemy faction Base (same as now)
-Industrial Complex (resources, tech and induatrial stuff)
-Gas station (no mission, just refill gas if u got enought money)*this got another use in another post.
-Mansions. (get money)
-Road Bar (Place to recruit or slave people)
-Unidentified encounter (Places where u notice something is happening but cant determinate what)

The third way is mixing both ways:
-Some mission by research it each time you want or need to make one. (sea missions, organ, mansions,banks,orbital raid and any other mission that needs planification and investigation)
-Other missions as statics mission only visible if u are flying close enought and will randomly respawn with time. (Farms raid, city raid, industry,Road Bars, many of them)
-Enemy bases and ship system same as it is.
This would be the best option for me.

Random Encounters
-Statics event can also be used to randomize encounters so it become less repetitive with time. If u find a farm to raid you will never know what will u find there once landed. Maybe is a normal farm, maybe is a secret entrance to a secret base, Maybe there are people already raiding the farm, or maybe the farm has been taken by hell. Only thing you know is there will be apples or anything to make alcohol.
If you choose to raid a road bar intead, there can be just normal people to slave, or maybe police is raiding it, or the army, maybe there is an strong alien who loves drinking there...

So randomize static mission allows us to add special encounter.

Rules of special encounters:
-It never happen again once you complete it.

What could be special encounters?Examples.

-Area51: if you raid a farm, there is a possibility to have an entrance to the remains of the old AREA51 (or an old xcom base), a place where u get special research and a couple alien corpses.

-Open until dawn:If you raid a "Road Tavern" there is little a chance it is full of vampires and werewolves.

-Reticulian Farm: A farm filled of unnarmed and peacefully reticulian farmers who just want settle a colony with some hoes. (if u dont kill any, you receive special stuff from them)

-Fight Club: Raiding a tavern or a city, there is a chance to find an underground place with some members of the clubs fight. (neutral guys) You can recruit or slave them as crew if you take them alive.

-Alien Vip Mansion: Who would tell you that mansion was the vacational home of a high member of the star gods. Hopefully service was mostly human.

-Bob Le Fou:(nemesis) This is an enemy that can appear on any static mission, It got no faction but madness and caos and will attack all he see with unnecessarily destructive weapons. Unfairly strong and caotic. If you run, take in mind Bob dosnt like to let anyone alive, so he will appear more frecuently until you kill him or he kill all your crew.

-7 Samurais: Special encounter in a tavern with 7 ninja gals overpowered armed with fuso swords.

-Reaper Farm: A farm where are reapers instead of cows, good encounter to get many reapers as u can.

-Raacon City: A city filles with all zombie units the game can handle with. Lot of zombies. So many that nobody will want to count them. Maybe Special zombies with no IA most of them. This is just a mission get some fun making explode lot of zombies and a entire city with them.

-Tank the Day: What a bad luck that you raid a millitary complex in the middle of a special tank´s maneuvers. good luck.

-The women´s day: There is a day on earth where in some nations women on citys are allowed to become mad and kill each thing that is not a normal women.

Well this is my suggestion about missions.


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