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A new update is ready now.

UNEXCOM v0.11.0 Echoes and Whispers is alive now!

What's new in this update?

Code: [Select]
1-May-2023: v0.11.0 Echoes and Whispers
Changes made:
*Updated to OXCE v7.9
*Improved and expanded Russian translation, by wolwerin
*Reworked Plasma tech tree, existing Human Plasma guns are deleted and new Plasma weapons are now available to Faction selection. Alien Plasma Weapons research project now includes Armored Engineers too
*Added new Plasma weapons, by Filip-H, The Reaver of Darkness, BlondeKnight and efrenespartano
# UN
- XP-3 Peacebringer Hybrid Plasma
- XM-590 Plasma Battle Rifle
- X-80 Plasma Stormgun
- FGM-77 Dragon Guided Munitions Launcher
- MAS-73 E1 Plasma Carbine
- Enfield APEX Plasma Pistol
- Walther L/Pl-SG 200 Sniper Plasma
- APVCh Plasma Assault Rifle
- PShAB Plasma PDW
- PPCh Plasma MG
*Added new Specialized Weapons to On Our Own path, sprites by wolwerin & Brain_322
- Burya EMR
- Hurrikan Egewehr
*Changed all definitions of STR_CYDONIA_DEP to STR_COMMANDER_PLUS, to avoid softlocking on the final mission
*Added more lore reports, written by Filip-H
*Bear Riot Armor now requires it's own wreck to fix, not XM-72 wreck, by Fegelein
*Delta EOD's MG3 now has LMG fire modes, suggested by eclecticbibliophile
*Hyperwave Encoder now appears in Alien Fort Underground stage
*Added Troop Lander and Large Scout to Allied Operations
*Alloy Autocannon now grants LMG and Artillery commendations, suggested by eclecticbibliophile

This Major update replaces all the former human Plasma tech tree (designed and drawn by the great KingMob4313  for Equal Terms) to stuff designed and implemented by our team. Hopefully, the micromanagment is reduced. Also, an important lore addition was added to bring UNEXCOM closer to the prequel, UNEXCOM: Bureau 11. Lore reports and updated weapons of those field in the Secret Crisis in 1961 provide a link to both elements of the UNEXCOM canon.

Hello. I would like to ask how can i crew an airship with pilots? I can easily crew landship with them. The airship selection screen is just blank.

Howdy! You require 5 pilots for the C-Class Airship, you need to add them to the crew like any other craft. The game automatically detects the pilots, you don't need to worry to manually select them.

Hello! Thanks for playing, I'm glad you're enjoying the experience.

Manning turrets it's easier than it seems: you just need to get a soldier in front of the Maxim turret. Then, knee down and click either a bare hand or the purple Punch action button.

Each turn, the TUs of the soldier will be transferred to the Maxim gun, so you can shoot it. You can reload it like any other weapon, btw.

Resources / Re: Brain's aresnal
« on: February 05, 2023, 11:13:07 pm »
Oh grate ! Well I has a lots of guns from other media, Like you you mentioned Fallout, some Vice City Guns (Like Ruger and Colt 45.) GiTS and other stuff.

I want to mix Fallout and Cyberpunk2020 \Shadowrun together :)

Whoa! Atompunk and cyberpunk together sounds like a great mix! How's the progress on the mod, btw?

Always happy to help a great mod!

I look forward to seeing it further developed!

Resources / Re: Brain's aresnal
« on: January 28, 2023, 08:47:19 pm »
Finally I have the chance to reply this thread haha

I just noticed several Fallout sprites! It happened right after finishing drawing an AER9 Laser Rifle, I saw you had one and began looking for more Fallout guns. Is your mod inspired by it?
I have used several of your weapons, I'll add a .zip with those soon!

EDIT: I just added the aforementioned zip. :D

I have some more, but those are on my laptop, i'll add them when i have the chance.

Resources / Re: Brain's aresnal
« on: January 13, 2023, 06:13:47 am »
I am totally in love with your sprites, Brain. Totally awesome.

I'm using several on the IDT mods, with credits ofc. I'll start uploading the handObs and floorObs when i have the chance.

Btw, it makes me happy to see my "Glock" post-apocalyptic pistol in use in your stuff. Bottom sprite, third row in the Pistols section. IIRC Finnik uses it in his mod FtA too. I have the handOb and floorOb, hope they are useful to you!

I wish you patience, inspiration and spare time to work on your megamod. Hope to see it finished soon! :D

This mod is a great example of dedication towards achieving a goal!

I enjoy seeing you doing the census of the Faroe Islands, I'm sure they'll appreciate it haha. The amount of research and time invested into this mod is commendable and a staple of your hardworking nature.

Thanks for sharing it!

Tools / Re: UnitSprite Studio
« on: December 28, 2022, 02:46:41 am »
With Falko's tools down, there is no way to properly create 2x2 units. Cutting them without the aforementioned tool is nearly impossible. God Bohemond, could be possible to add the option to create large units on your tool?

IDT Modding Hub / Re: [TC][OXCE][SMALL MOD] Reach: The Fall, a Halo mod
« on: December 28, 2022, 01:57:04 am »
I registered just to ask. Why are regions named after traditional Hungarian cities?

The reason behind the Hungarian names of Reach is because most of the original settlers where Eastern European. Jorge-052 speaks it, in the Winter Contingency mission, there is a part where Noble Team encounters some villagers and Jorge talks with them in Hungarian.


Keep up the great work.


Thanks for the kind comments! It makes me happy to see support for this old mod. It took us like forever to get the update done.

A tiny bug report. Starting zeppelin crashes on preview. The thing is just too big  :)

Oh! Gotta fix that. Thank you for the feedback.  :D

Oi, mates!

A new update is ready.

The Great War of the Worlds 1914 v0.8 Slavyanka is alive now!

What's new in this update?

Code: [Select]
10-December-2022: 0.8 Mk. IV 'Slavyanka'
Changes made:
*Updated to latest OXCE version v7.8
*Vastly improved and expanded tech tree
- Phlogiston plot by Ikhanad, Nathan and The Reaver of Darkness
*Lots of new lore entries, written by efrenespartano, RusArtistSergo, b1ackwolf, Abiko, Fegelein, Kael Schwabauer, MitraLightbringer
*Two new Endings, each obtainable by interrogating certain Martian ranks
*Major UI redesign, new HUD and GlobeMarkers by efrenespartano and interface colors, with support of Bootchicken48
*37 new human weapons, sprites by efrenespartano, wolwerin, Nathan & Cupon4uk
*Two new human weapon techs: Phlogiston and Tesla
*Ammo resprite script, all weapons dynamically change the sprite based on the ammo loaded, by Filip-H
*Weapons are now locked behind Faction research, pick one and stick with one for all the campaign
*Complete redesign of Martian infantry units; ruleset by Rclipse, sprites by Harold_Gray, wolwerin, The Martian & The Reaver of Darkness
*22 new crafts:
- 8 Hunters/Scouts
- 6 Attackers/Bombers
- 1 Airship
- 5 Mech Walkers, gun turrets by The Martian
- 2 Ground March
*27 new craft weapons:
- 3 Offensive MGs
- 3 Defensive MGs
- 3 Cannons
- 3 Autocannons
- 4 Rockets
- 3 Craft Heat-Ray
- 3 Vehicle Guns
- 5 Auxiliary Units
*Improved Heat-Ray War Codex entries.
*K-MM armor-piercing rounds available for all human weapons
*Major ruleset organization rework
*Martian Pyramids available in campaign
*Martian Machines now have Heat-Ray turrets in Battlescape
*Redesigned Heat-Ray weapons, two new Martian weapons by efrenespartano & Hans Woofington in Battlescape

Official Wiki made by noblebright can be found here!

This thematic update seeks to complete the current storyline, where the human armies must attack the heart of the Martian invasion: Siberia. A major visual and technical overhaul, including but not limited to new handmade sprites and corrected issues. We consider this a whole new game! More dieselpunk vibes are present in the game, with brand new vehicles (the Mech Walkers stand for their several skins available for the players) and an expanded tech tree. Compared to the previous versions, the Martian units now include their own sprites. Vanilla enemies are no longer in the mod!

The next update will include the widely known layered paperdoll system and brand new armors, made by me and Hans Woofington.

Ultimately, we hope you enjoy this update. It took us more than two years of work to get it done, but there is still work ahead. Keep tuned for more updates!

Resources / Re: The Martian's Cydonian Art Gallery
« on: December 06, 2022, 03:42:58 am »
These new units are excellent 👌🏼
Great work as always, my friend!

Tools / Re: OpenXCom Modding Tools
« on: November 13, 2022, 06:38:31 pm »
Howdy, Falko!

It seems your mighty tools are down. Could you please activate them again? Your tools are extremely important for the community. 🙏🏼

Resources / Re: Community Map Pack
« on: October 03, 2022, 03:42:36 am »
Howdy, fellas!

A new update of CMP is ready for downloading. Both versions have been update with the very same content, so both changelogs are the same.

The new features are several City terrains made by cevaralien, author of XCOM Multimod. Desert, mountain, snow and jungle are now in the Geoscape and the Terror Sites!

Also, a minor patchfixing to a tile of Corn Farm terrain, that led to CTD. That terrain should work now.

Changelog for CMP Vanilla
Code: [Select]
2-October-2022: CMP Vanilla v0.8
- Tested with OXCE v7.7.3
- Fixed issue with crashing tile on Corn Farm terrain, reported by Fegelein, throwaway666888154, solution provided by Meridian
- New terrains, all by cevaralien:
- Forest Mount
- Desert Mount
- Desert City
- Snow City
- Jungle City
- Mountain City
- Added new terrains to Geoscape and terror sites

Changelog for CMP Extended
Code: [Select]
2-October-2022: CMP Extended v0.8
- Updated to OXCE v7.7.3
- Fixed issue with crashing tile on Corn Farm terrain, reported by Fegelein, throwaway666888154, solution provided by Meridian
- New terrains, all by cevaralien:
- Forest Mount
- Desert Mount
- Desert City
- Snow City
- Jungle City
- Mountain City
- Added new terrains to Geoscape and terror sites

You can download them from or the GitHub Repositories for both versions.

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