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XPiratez / Re: Cydonia or Bust! Kiri's question thread. Game complete!
« on: August 25, 2017, 10:27:13 pm »
Well I'm off now, thanks a lot for all the help with my campaign

I'd like to suggest to Dioxine:
1) Nerf 37mm rifle, IMO it need an increase to 60% TU for snapshot, 90% TU for aimed shot, lower accuracy %s and about 20-40 less damage
2) Nerf the higher end ballistic tier weapons like LAC and Light Cannon, or else buff the laser tier because by the time I unlocked lower end laser guns like las gun, or higher tier like nuclear lasers from russian files they were overshadowed initially by LACC/light cannon and then by 37mm which is available mid game and a solid solution to anything but mercs (which it can still handle currently)
3) Nerf the shadowbat. It's currently a very early game flying fortress. I suggest you change the stairs with slidey doors into an open ramp like the skyranger, and you add ladders under the wings that enemies can climb up to get on top of the wings. This should make it far less effective for camping. You should also increase the resilience of the supports under the wings because I was deliberately shooting them with 37mm/heavy plasma to allow me to see better while I camp
4) Probably should nerf the barracuda as well, I suggest dropping the dodge to 10% and the toughness to 175. I would've used it as my exclusive interceptor if only it could effectively catch sentries, and I kept only one sabre on hand for that (I had a fleet of sabres to take down a silver towers which they failed to do, for all the difference it made I might as well have stuck with the barracudas who performed spectacularly until the end)
5) Put key tech in underwater, space, organ grinder, monster hunting and mansion raids. I did some underwater missions trying to find gems which I never found so it was a waste of time, I did some organ grinders looking for gems which I didnt find either and quit it after I lost one of my elites to a mere ghoul, I did one mansion raid where I basically just sprinted to the roof and evacced immediately, I did monster hunting only in the late game for some training, and I never did a single space mission. I could have skipped every one of these missions, and considering the high risk involved I may as well have. I also only did 1 of the church bounty hunts and never did the gang bounty hunt due to the risk involved and because I really didn't have an incentive to take that kind of a risk. Placing key tech on these missions would have pushed me to do them, as otherwise it's a stronger strategy (especially as an inexperienced player) to skip them
6) Remove early guns from the market (I'd gate the market for them behind back to school) to force players to use primitive tech like bows, javelins and gunpowder weapons. Gunpowder should be available after bows, and chainmail should be available way before tac vests. Otherwise you start off with low grade firearms and research primitive tech that's a big step backwards in terms of tech level, it's like starting with plasma weapons and unlocking the option for ballistic weapons. You could still loot stuff like niners and old carbines from enemies but would be limited to ammo that was looted from them so they would end up few in number. Perhaps gun wielding enemies should not appear for a few months and early missions are raiding tribals equipped with spears, swords, bows and muskets

And that's all really. Great mod, I had tremendous fun playing, good job Dioxine!

XPiratez / Re: Cydonia or Bust! Kiri's question thread. Game complete!
« on: August 25, 2017, 09:47:09 am »
The annoying thing about ethereals is that like in vanilla Xcom, you can't tell apart their high ranking members; that white-robed jerk could be a novice, operator, or coordinator.

Also, no brain?  That's odd.  When I completed my campaign back in version 0.99G1, there was a brain to kill.

Actually you can tell them apart!

If you click the middle mouse button on them it shows you their portrait, their name, what gun/magic they are using, and if they are bleeding or not! Also if you hold down alt it tells you where they are looking, very good for spotting and shooting enemies who you can somehow see in the black area of the map where you can't work out where they are, what they are, what weapon they are using and where they are looking, just click the middle mouse button or the mouse wheel!

Yeah the brain was removed. It's a shame really, I prefer progressing towards an objective over hunting down every last enemy, we fought so long to get to this base and we didn't even get to kill the enemy leader in-game :/

Well anyway after I realised we had to kill everything we finished up smearing the enemy across their base. After many hundreds of years, earth is finally free!

For those reading this thread who were using it for information here's how the final missions went on level 5 (jack sparrow) difficulty:

1) The landing - We landed right next to the elevator pyramid. The map had only mercenaries and it seems they don't see so well in the dark so we just walked into the elevator building with no effort to stop us, had to kill a couple of enemies around the building but it was pretty bloodless

2) The base - So we kept getting a message saying the solar governor is making us lose morale, but we were bravery maxed and killed a lot so we didnt notice it even tho so many of us died. The solar governors chambers are empty. The alien base is pretty tiny, 1 main floor consisting of about 20 square rooms in a 4x5 grid. There are elevators up into mostly empty rooms. There were about 10 sectopods and 20 star gods of varying ranks. We killed 5-6 coordinators in total and it seems they can successfully mind control a 100 bravery, 50 voodoo power, 40 voodoo skill, annihilator armour soldier tho only rarely, and just standing your soldiers close to each other makes them miss their shots at each other. There was only 1 star god guardian with a blaster bomb launcher. There were about 5 novices, 5 operatives, 5 coordinators and 5 guardians down there. In the end the only thing that could do real damage was the sectopods so we just formed a line and swept the map, ignoring the star god ghost beams and shooting any visible sectopods or guardians before advancing. We didn't sweep the rooms for invisible star gods, we just advanced to the next doorways and if we got shot with a ghost beam from behind I sent some of the people in the back to deal with the nuisance. With so much magical cake we could easily heal the small damage we took from beams. I suggest when you play this you form up your group and then just sweep the map. Heavy plasmas seemed to perform better at killing sectopods than 37mm rifles, perhaps due to their anti armor properties, and although the 37mm rifle was an effective weapon against star gods the heavy plasmas killed them just as easily so I might as well have gone all heavy plasmas

Anyway good luck if you plan to do this. It's really quite easy and I could've done it with a lot less preparation really. Even harbinger armor would be fine altho it will result in you losing some people to sectopod reaction fire, there just isn't enough sectopods to stop a group of 36 harbinger and heavy plasma soldier if you focus fire on each sectopod one by one as you advance so that you only take reaction fire from it once before it gets killed. The sectopods had only a 33% or so chance of killing us in 1 hit anyway, and went down in around 20-30 heavy plasma shots which with auto-fire means you only need to focus fire with 4-5 soldiers to kill one, and you have 36 so it's really easy to nuke them on your turn!

Still kinda bummed out I didn't get to kill the solar governor, I brought a black power bomb specifically for him which I have had since the beginning of the game, perhaps I'll finish my UFO defense superhuman game someday (I made it to the psi grind phase)

Thank everyone so much for the help, couldn't have made it without all your support!

There's no governor in this base! We've explored the whole place including a room that looks like his chambers and it's empty. We'll kill the enemies (even tho I lost a lot of people running past them) but I don't know what will happen, maybe I was supposed to kill every enemy?

Haha, ok I'll update watashi no nikki when the massacre is over!

XPiratez / Re: Getting trashed lol. New question thread
« on: August 24, 2017, 11:55:46 pm »
If I ever try to take one down again I will

So now I'm ready for the final mission. My setup is 36 people maxed in everything except melee and throwing. 2 have blaster bomb launchers, half of the rest have 37mm rifles, the other half have heavy plasmas. The 37mm rifle users also carry an advanced medpack and a cake, the plasma users also carry cake, advanced medpacks and a lot of flares. Does anyone have anything else to suggest that I bring before I start?

I have no idea what I'm going to see on Cydonia. I'm assuming the setup will be just like UFO defense except with piratez enemies instead of ufo defense enemies. The plan was to fire a lot of blaster bombs out of the craft at the very beginning and level the landscape a bit, killing a lot of the enemies and removing cover. After I'm done carpet bombing I will throw a lot of flares out to try and light the place up. I'll use 37mm for star god, cyberdisk, academy, traders and church enemies, and use the heavy plasmas to kill other HWP, mercenaries, traders and academy. This way the pierce resistant HWP and mercenaries go down to plasma fire, and the plasma resistant church, star gods and cyberdisks drop to the 37mm fire. I considered swapping the 37mm for the gauss sniper but the extra TU cost is just too prohibitive

I guess my main concern here is star gods since if the conqueror is anything like the avenger I won't have slidey doors to work with and we could end up in a situation where we're being hit with ghost beams from enemies who we can't see, or if the exit ramp is open to the enemy we could end up taking a lot of blaster bomb fire

For the base assault section I have 2 main concerns. One is blaster bombs which could potentially come from anywhere in the maze-like building with so many corners, and the other is that if I camp too much I might actually kill everyone and end the mission without killing the solar governor which would feel like a massive let down to me, I need to end this section by personally destroying the solar governor to feel satisfied!

Any advice for me in this final hour? I'll launch in about 30 minutes!

XPiratez / Re: Getting trashed lol. New question thread
« on: August 24, 2017, 10:42:38 pm »
I can confirm that 12 sabres equipped with 1 lascannon, 1 l shield gen and 2 meteor missile launchers cannot bring down a silver towers. They can't even get through the shields.

XPiratez / Re: Getting trashed lol. New question thread
« on: August 24, 2017, 08:17:40 pm »
Do you think it's a good idea to bring a cyberdisc with me to cydonia to spot star gods and mercenaries?

XPiratez / Re: Getting trashed lol. New question thread
« on: August 24, 2017, 07:31:47 pm »
I did it! The Star Gods sent out a peacekeeping battleship and there was a star god coordinator on board! Now all I need to do is finish the bravery training (using the dragon), finish farming synthmuscle for my annihilator suits, and construct my starship. None of that should be dangerous so I think I'm in the home stretch now

XPiratez / Re: Getting trashed lol. New question thread
« on: August 24, 2017, 05:25:07 pm »
Ok so now I've got 12 sabres with maxed out pilots. Each one has 2 meteor launchers, a lascannon and a light shield generator. This time I'll definetly catch that silver towers!

XPiratez / Re: Getting trashed lol. New question thread
« on: August 24, 2017, 04:03:48 pm »
Totally can't do the silver towers with barracudas it keeps speeding up and it leaves pretty fast. Fortunately doesn't hit too terribly hard, I'm gonna try making a Sabre fleet since I've not really been using my barracudas lately now the dragons can handle the big ships and the sabre catches the smaller ones for me

XPiratez / Re: Getting trashed lol. New question thread
« on: August 24, 2017, 03:44:57 pm »
Third cruiser, no coordinator.

XPiratez / Re: Getting trashed lol. New question thread
« on: August 24, 2017, 01:32:33 pm »
Ok I just took down another cruiser and there wasn't a star god coordinator inside

Are you sure that they appear in cruisers?

XPiratez / Re: Getting trashed lol. New question thread
« on: August 24, 2017, 11:05:17 am »
I'll see if I can. I'm not good with techy things but if it turns out to be simple like changing a word file then I'll do it :)

XPiratez / Re: Getting trashed lol. New question thread
« on: August 24, 2017, 03:23:15 am »
Well I took a star god cruiser down. When we got there we saw a dead star god in the engine. We cleared the map and there wasnt a star god coordinator, but the dead star god might have been a coordinator so maybe just unlucky this time

This is starting to remind me of that cartoon with the villains trying to catch a pigeon XD

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