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OpenXcom Extended / Re: [Suggestion] Build Facilities Quick Lookup
« on: July 15, 2019, 03:39:22 pm »
Hahahaha what can I say, every decision, however small counts. I thought it could be another useful QOL feature but then again I know nothing about coding so probably not worth the hassle ;D

OpenXcom Extended / [DONE][Suggestion] Build Facilities Quick Lookup
« on: July 15, 2019, 10:53:40 am »
Hi Meridian, I'm not sure if this has been suggested or is even possible but on Build Facilities, can we get the middle mouse button to quickly consult the building's ufopaedia?

It would save the time taken to get out of base and scour the long list of building facilities in the ufopaedia (especially when there's a lot of custom buildings). I find myself having to consult the ufopaedia a lot lately before building, just to compare the minor life and death differences between buildings and decide which is the best one to build with my remaining $$.

OpenXcom Extended / Re: Requesting old OXCE+ version
« on: July 05, 2019, 12:17:02 pm »
TBH i din't try to help - i only stumbled upon this thread after meridian posted the fixed files. I just wanted to see what's wrong and if my way of going about fixing things was similar. But yeah, that's why i asked those questions.

Haha it's all good. It all worked out in the end since I learnt something too! :D

OpenXcom Extended / Re: Requesting old OXCE+ version
« on: July 05, 2019, 01:00:57 am »
But mods without metadata.yml don't even appear in the list of mods... so it's quite easy to realize something is missing :)

And to think I didn't even notice haha. Cheers Meridian...I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the next update! You've already given me so much joy over the years for bringing back one of my favourite childhood nostalgias! Keep doing what you're doing!

And on a side note, to whoever now downloads my mod compilation...feel free to try it out (it's my take on an enhanced vanilla experience with MIB, zombies and riots) but be very warned it's still very much a work in progress!

OpenXcom Extended / Re: Requesting old OXCE+ version
« on: July 05, 2019, 12:36:44 am »
Wow I had no idea there were others also trying to help...thanks krautbernd! And thank you for asking the questions I didn't dare ask!

Reading this now makes me appreciate Meridian's work even I know I'm a beginner modder but I had no idea I was this bad hahaha.

As you said, it's a mess, the mods are not standalone... I didn't fix that.
I assume the original authors made them standalone, but Thirsk probably messed with them and made them the way they are (sorry if not true).

Yep, that was definitely me. Uh sorry for the headache guys...I can't really tell at this point if it was all entirely me, because back then all I knew how to do was download a bunch of mods on this site and attempted to balance them, before eventually building the courage to occasionally add in my own personal (and clearly destructive) touch :P The mods were definitely standalone to begin with.

They were defined in other mods, I fixed the other mods (many just by adding metadata.yml) and that fixed it.

Oh I had no idea metadata.yml was even a requirement! I guess because the older OXCE+ didn't show any errors, I just never thought to add them in.

I fixed sprite numbers on some smaller mods, especially Unconventional Weapons, which was using indices over 100000 (SadFace).
It is inherently bad and it wastes a lot of memory.
If you have a mod with one sprite and you give it index 100000, OpenXcom will actually allocate all the 100000 slots even if they are not used.
Every small, medium and large mod should only use indices below 1000.
Huge mods (e.g. piratez) have the option to allocate more than 1000... but even piratez for example doesn't use more than 4000 today I think.

I didn't fix Equal Terms indices, because there were lot of them.
I just increased the reserved space for this mod to 55000, which is a terrible waste of space, but I was not in a mood to play with numbers.
And the author should fix it anyway, not me, so that everybody can benefit from it.

I wish I knew if this was me or not.. but it was probably me. Because only now have I discovered that there was actually a ruleset definition webpage to consult so it was probably me just playing with the high numbers in hope of avoiding two mods conflicting with one another. I think perhaps I could have downloaded a ruleset that had initially high numbers to begin with and assumed it was ok to copy them? ;D

First off, how did you go about fixing this mess?

And finally yes, I fully admit this was a complete mess hahaha. I'm pretty sure most of the errors were my fault. To both of you, I'm so sorry to have wasted so much of your time! But I am so ridiculously grateful that you did, because I would never been able to fix this on my own nor ever learnt what I did wrong. A very big THANK YOU again to Meridian!! Hopefully someday I can turn this hot mess into something worth uploading!

OpenXcom Extended / Re: Requesting old OXCE+ version
« on: July 04, 2019, 04:26:56 pm »
NO WAY. I can't believe it!! THANK YOU SO MUCH Meridian!!! I'm in complete and utter shock right now. How in the world did you fix it so quickly!?? I tried to look through at what I did wrong, but I seriously still have no idea...except for realising now that two years ago, I was a complete idiot - I left an original ruleset file behind in a resource folder!  :o No wonder the clipsize was still showing up as an error!

And it's just all magically working now..I cannot thank you enough! You are a bloody legend!! Now I can finally get up to speed and start adding all sorts of stuff again! ;D

OpenXcom Extended / Re: Requesting old OXCE+ version
« on: July 04, 2019, 03:12:31 am »
Really? I mean there's probably just too many errors to fix and I initially didn't upload because I wanted to learn how to fix things by myself and I didn't want to waste your time! Plus I also discovered that the mod, Equal Terms, has non-8-bit palette images crashing the game upon opening the base.

But I have to admit, I still would really love to be up-to-date with OXC, so on the slightest, tiniest chance that you could somehow make it work, I've just attached all the mods I have installed. But if you think it's too much trouble to fix, then honestly don't worry about it!

Actually it's bigger than I thought so I uploaded it to mediafire.

OpenXcom Extended / Re: Requesting old OXCE+ version
« on: July 02, 2019, 04:26:45 am »
Well I think sadly it just wasn't meant to be. After spending so many hours deleting so many folders and going through so many rulesets, I think I have to admit defeat :(

It turns outs that those errors weren't the last of my errors. Many of the mods I have installed were rather outdated and abandoned so they haven't been updated for the recent advances in OXCE, but having loved playing them so much, I just can't bring myself to disable them! On the bright side though, all this chopping and eliminating possible culprits, I did detect a number of bugs like typo errors or undefined research errors that were left behind, so I did manage to fix some of those I think ;D

But thank you again for the help, Meridian! I guess my last hope now is probably to try updating OXCE to an older but not too old version, just so I can try out some of the new cool features I can only dream close combat quarters, civilians reacting, and sniper AI! The particular version I'd love to try would be OXCE+3.10b win64 from 23 Aug 18 since that might be the last version that might still works on the main mod I have installed, Equal Terms. But being so old, I don't think it's still available for download...does compiling from github allow us to choose versions? Is there any chance you might have an old copy lying around? I'd be happy to try any really, since my current version is OXCE+3.6 from Feb 17  :'(

Released Mods / Re: [WIP][Beta][MegaMod]Equal Terms 2.0++
« on: July 01, 2019, 08:37:52 am »
Hi KingMob4313, I'm a big fan of your mod! I love the many changes you made to the vanilla game. Sadly I'm getting crashes with the latest OXCE 5.5. Whenever I open my base, it shows this error code. OpenXcom has crashed: Resources/FourthState/CraftWeapon/PlasmaArrayBB.png: OpenXcom is supporting only 8bit graphic.

I'm horrible at paint programs so I couldn't fix it :'(

EDIT: Nevermind, Meridian fixed it! Attaching them for anyone who needs it

OpenXcom Extended / Re: Requesting old OXCE+ version
« on: July 01, 2019, 06:22:09 am »
Thanks for the quick reply, Meridian. So I continued trying to fix the problem but the same linking errors pop up, even long after I deleted all instances of what was 'unknown research'. It still says 'unknown research: STR_ALIENS_ONLY' when I no longer have 'STR_ALIENS_ONLY' anywhere in the code.

Having given up on the mod causing the issue, I disabled it to encounter a different error - clipSize: -1 was missing in another mod. After adding in the required code, the game still refuses to start because of the missing 'clipsize', which again is strange as I already added it in.

Which makes me believe that for some reason, the game somehow has the old ruleset lodged in its memory and isn't recognising my updated rulesets. I've tried ways to trick it to think it's a new mod (by deleting the mod in options.cfg/renaming mod/updating meta.yml file) but to no avail. Would you happen to know why this is happening? The STR_ALIENS_ONLY persisting error struck me as odd, but having the missing clipsize error makes it hard to believe I've made a mistake in defining clipsize, since it's basically a single line of code.

OpenXcom Extended / Requesting old OXCE+ version
« on: June 29, 2019, 03:57:48 am »
Hey guys, I've been out of the loop for the last 2 years (ridiculously still on OXCE+3.6!) and was so excited to update seeing I missed out on so much!!

Unfortunately, it turns out the mods I have rejected the latest versions, and I can't start up the game due to linking errors, for example:
[ERROR]   Error linking 'STR_MIB' in research: Unknown research 'STR_ALIEN_ONLY'

I managed to fix that particular error by defining 'STR_ALIEN_ONLY' in Equal Terms mod as someone pointed out online at, but am now getting other similar errors, where a particular research is linked to another research but can't be found - probably since my rulesets are modular but I've edited some so that they depend on each other? At this point I'm completely stumped, and having spent so much time in the past customising each ruleset so they work perfectly with each other, I don't want to disable any mods.

Is there an older version of OXCE that isn't as fussy about linking research between mods? The issues others had with these errors were raised in Nov 18, so I'm thinking any OXCE+ version before that time would help. Trouble is they're so old they're no longer available for is it possible some kind soul can help upload any 64-bit windows compatible version before Nov 18? Or am I doomed to play on OXCE+3.6 as of 20-02-2017 forever :'(

Code: [Select]
    unlockedResearch: STR_MEDICINE # research given for free after winning the mission

Can't seem to get this to work, can anyone confirm it is working?

 - New test screen (Ctrl+T, debug:true in options.cfg required);,5295.0.html

Does that mean no more map error warnings in battlescape?  :)

Work In Progress / Re: AI Aggression and Intelligence ranges?
« on: February 10, 2017, 12:10:04 am »
Takes one less TU, but one more energy per tile... no other changes in vanilla.

In OXCE+ it also doesn't stop when spotting an enemy.

That's brilliant! I'm going to try abusing..i mean using this whenever I can haha.

EDIT: So aggression can go up to 9 now?

Work In Progress / Re: AI Aggression and Intelligence ranges?
« on: February 09, 2017, 11:59:11 pm »
Turn on "Alternate movement methods" in options.

Ctrl+click to run (or strafe when only 1 tile; or move turret when HWP).

What the.. I didn't know that! I figured you could strafe but didn't know you could Ctrl+click more than one tile. This game...what have you guys done...not that I'm complaining or anything lol.

So running I guess would use more energy but not trigger reaction fire? Is vision impaired whilst running?

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