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Offtopic / Re: Recommendations starting out with OpenXcom?
« on: March 07, 2016, 08:12:41 pm »
There is no perfect ways to play openxcom. Try stuff for yourself. Remember that the changes alsp works in battlemode in case you want to try your settings before starting a new game.
The battlemode is sweet. Used it to play around with some weapon mods. This was a great reccomdation.

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Offtopic / Re: Recommendations starting out with OpenXcom?
« on: March 06, 2016, 10:53:23 pm »
It's my understanding that UFO Extender is meant to counter kneeling Snapshots on powerful soldiers, since they tend to have uncanny accuracy for a shot from the hip.

Force aircraft launch forces the craft to launch in its current state. If it happens to be in the middle of re-arming, it'll have whatever numbers of rounds they've managed to load in, which also means the possibility of launching a craft that's still out of ammo. THAT was an awkward interception for sure...

When grenades are primed, they won't actually go off 'til they leave your hand. So a cooked grenade won't go off. However, a dropped (as opposed to thrown) grenade (either dropped through the inventory screen or dropped upon death) will go off at the end of your turn and before the aliens' turn.

Also OXC allows you to preset your soldiers' inventories and starting positions within the craft. In your Skyranger (colloquially known as the Flying Coffin) screen, the order of the soldiers is the order they'll be relative to the ramp. One other neat thing to know is you can pre-prime grenades in your inventory screen ahead of time, so you don't have to waste precious TU's on turn 1. Right-clicking will un-pre-prime the grenade.

I forgot to mention 2 other in-game mods that you might like: 1. Aliens pick up weapons after panicking. Aliens typically drop weapons if they panic and wander around. They will never pick them back up. Often, this can result in you going all Julius Caesar on them will gun melee since they're defenseless. If you like, you can enable this option for a challenge.

2. Aliens suffer fatal wounds. When damaged, you might suffer a fatal wound. A fatal wound is pretty much a DoT (Damage-over-time) effect, slowly siphoning off your health unless a Medkit treats it. Aliens are exempt from this unless you toggle the option on. Some say this is more realistic and fair, while others dislike it since it can make capturing live targets harder. Again, choice is yours on these.
I noticed the reorder option. This is a great addition. Lets me move my rookie meat shields to the front. Plus gives them the chance of getting those first kills of the mission. I imagine each mission is the noob pack streaming off first while the vets hang back. When the situation demands an expert then they are called into action. Stepping over the dead younglings. The first few that mange to survive watch in awe as the vets pull off amazing feats of valor. Hoping that one day they will be as cool. Always cooler to sit in the back of the bus. Thanks for all the answers. This really helps. Looking forward to starting my first campaign.

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Offtopic / Re: Recommendations starting out with OpenXcom?
« on: March 06, 2016, 10:42:45 pm »
You could slap on This UFO Mod.
Adds more internal Floor plans for vanilla ufos.
I have looked at this mod and has made my list thus far. I really like the darkened aspect. Always found it strange that you could peer into the ufo on certain sides. Thanks.

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Offtopic / Re: Recommendations starting out with OpenXcom?
« on: March 06, 2016, 06:17:20 pm »
Awesome!! Thanks for the input Phoenix.

I like the UFO Extender accuracy idea. Auto shot was OP at times and aimed shot was too expensive for the random results. I see this with the TFTD damage model sets up a more predictable tactics in the battlescape.

1. Force aircraft launch sounds cool. What happens when a craft is rearming?

2. Instant grenades sounds handy for turn 1. Although prepriming grenades sounds riskier. If a soldier dies and drops a primed grenade does it go off instantly with that option enabled? Also if a soldier cooks a grenade for X number of turns does it still go off at the end of the turn?

Offtopic / Recommendations starting out with OpenXcom?
« on: March 06, 2016, 07:04:01 am »
I have successfully installed OpenXcom and the game data files. I also understand how the mod system works. I am looking to setup my first run through and wanted to ask for any recommendations. I like the mods that add in new maps and terrain detail. Although it appears the terrain mod has merged with the redux mod. Redux and FMP change a lot. I don't know if all those changes will be overwhelming as I get back into the game. So I guess I am really looking to play around with the built in mods and advanced features plus add in map variety.

EDIT: OK based on recommendations and investigating myself here is my list.

+ = add
~ = maybe

+Changed out the music with Cydonia Falls tracks.
+Using the HQSounds. I love the original but the HQ mod sounds better with headphone.
+Matching Vanilla weapon colors. Totally love this.
+Moriarty Power armor reskin. I dig the fins on the flying suit. Plus it's easier to tell them apart now and the soldiers faces during inventory are a win.
+Darkened Vanilla UFO variants
+Terror and Alien Base reworks for something new
+Added shotgun and sniper rifle. Just for fun.
+Retaliator. Definitely need this.
+Set explosions = 2 Really changes the game but I like it. Especially how I use smoke. More realistic IMO.
+Since grenades are more effective in buildings now I felt instant grenades were worth a try over grenade chains. Plus I always felt playing hot potato was strange.
+LOS psi and improved psi stats through missions. Not having infinite range is cool by me.
+Alien bleeding. I imagine this will make capturing aliens harder. Can you stabilize aliens with medkit?
+Increase high explosive  dmg 200. I love breaking things. Plus with all the new UFO maps would be nice if I want to make a hole.
+Force craft launch. Anything that gives me more options is great.
+Some other random stuff to make the game faster by skipping screens and such. Needless clicking bothers me.
+Enabled stat strings. Customized .rul to my liking.
+Commendations. Really cool!!
+UFO extender accuracy. Love this after testing in Battle Mode.
+Initial base design. Yes for better base defense.
+Limited mission loadout to 80. Can't just take everything. Forces me to tactically choose what I think I need.
+Enforce storage rules for general stores and alien containment.
+Sell live aliens.
+Grenade armor mod. I want big explosions. I think I might have to set a limit on how many grenades I can take.
+Item Levels. I like varied armaments.
~Stealth suit mod. It sounded cool. The design has interesting ideas. Maybe add the interceptor troop carry mod with two stealth units for small ufos. Shoot down, plant explosive. Kaboom!!!

Offtopic / Re: Introduce yourself
« on: March 06, 2016, 04:42:27 am »
Hello everybody,

I played Xcom: UFO Defense back in the 3.5 in floppy days. Yes I am American and yes I am still jealous of the original box art for UFO: Enemy Unknown. Recalling that magical moment when I inserted that disk brings back many memories of pain and joy. I downloaded XCom off steam looking to reconnect with those childhood memories. Then I found you. Glorious OpenXcom. Wanted to post in here and chat while I explore all the wonders that the modding community has created.

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