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Playthroughs / Re: xcom1 vanilla single mission
« on: December 22, 2017, 08:34:03 pm »
i will try to repeat without any losses, possibly with stunning a navigator that was mentioned earlier. i also made several mistakes that led to at least 6 months of delay. i'm sure it can be done without psi, albeit very difficult to. one saves a maximum of 10 elerium on psi-amps, but the 200 elerium must still be divided between plasma beams (to help keep score near zero), power armors, and blaster bombs - sheer force must be used, i think. i will also try to keep score high by using 30+ dual avalanche interceptors, but its low number of shots makes it difficult. also, power armors can possibly be replaced by personal armors. one can have as many as 75+ shots for 6+ blaster launchers, and it may provide enough firepower.

Playthroughs / Re: xcom1 vanilla single mission
« on: December 22, 2017, 08:20:59 pm »
i managed to do it with the following setup:
10x soldier
1x tank/laser cannon
10x laser rifle
10x stun rod
i got a battleship first with mutons. after a somewhat long battle, i ended up with several live mutons, all soldiers/navigators/engineers, but no leader or commander. the next one was an ethereal one, i managed to neutralize 2 leaders and a commander, lost 3 rookies. it was at the beginning of october, 1999.
i tried cydonia first at the middle of february, 2000, and i was successful, but got most of my crew killed.
next time i had 10 rookies screened with 85+ psi strength and some skill, too, all in power armor, with a single blaster launcher and 12 bombs for it, and 10 psi-amps. this time it was a great experience, without losses.
i made 8 plasma beams, one for each interceptor on every base. other interceptors were present with dual avalanches.
all of these were funded by manufacturing of motion scanners, then laser cannons globally.
the save/load function was extremely heavily used throughout the game.

end result:
victory, 1st aug 2000
difficulty: beginner
average monthly rating: 466
total income: $9 434 725 675
total expenditure: $9 083 686 452
missions accomplished: 2
missions failed: 0
night missions: 0
best mission rating: 1795
worst mission rating: 851
soldiers recruited: 18
soldiers lost: 3
aliens killed: 8
aliens captured: 2
friendly fire incidents: 0
average accuracy: 3%
most effective weapon: psi-amp
deadliest alien: ethereal
longest months in service: 10
sick days: 0
ufos detected: 610
alien bases discovered: 14
countries infiltrated: 5
terror attacks: 6
bases built: 8
craft owned: 22
scientists hired: 0
engineers hired: 1710
research completed: 46

"missions accomplished" should possibly show 3, for cydonia is made up of two.
"night missions" should read 1, because the first part of the cydonia mission goes always at night (but why?).
soldiers, engineers and scientists shown here are counted at the beginning of the final mission. of course i had 200 scientists once, but sacked them after finishing the research. at least 1000 more engineers got sacked/lost.
"aliens killed": it seems that the cydonian kills are not included here.
"aliens captured": the first part of mars was finished by mind-controlling the last sectoid. somehow the 2 leaders and 1 commander i stunned on my only ufo recovery mission ended up as a "2" here.
"bases built" is also inaccurate, because i lost 6 bases to retaliation attacks. of course at the launch of the cydonia mission, there were 8. i would appreciate a "bases lost" entry here.
"craft owned": not accurate either. although i did not lose any, i sacked my skyranger two times.

Playthroughs / xcom1 vanilla single mission
« on: December 22, 2017, 04:28:07 pm »
anyone heard about anyone ever trying to finish the game with a single ufo recovery? i thought it was possible, theoretically, but could not find any info here in the forums.

Help / Re: reorder sections in ufopedia
« on: December 22, 2017, 08:42:53 am »
great, thank you.
could you lead me to the place where i can request other bugs fixed? i think i've found a small one.

Help / Re: reorder sections in ufopedia
« on: December 21, 2017, 10:07:32 pm »
sorry, i don't quite understand. you say i define listOrder for all the up articles. will then their sections get reordered, too?
i tried the following:
Code: [Select]
    type_id: 8
    section: STR_TEST_SECTION1
    text: STR_TEST_TEXT1
    listOrder: 1
    type_id: 8
    section: STR_TEST_SECTION2
    text: STR_TEST_TEXT2
    listOrder: 999999
    listOrder: 20020
    listOrder: 20001
    listOrder: 20002
    listOrder: 20003
    listOrder: 20004
    listOrder: 20025
    listOrder: 20006
    listOrder: 20007
    listOrder: 20008
    listOrder: 20009
    listOrder: 20010
  - type: en-GB
      STR_TEST_ARTICLE1: "first article"
      STR_TEST_SECTION1: "top section"
      STR_TEST_TEXT1: "first article up"
      STR_TEST_ARTICLE2: "last article"
      STR_TEST_SECTION2: "bottom section"
      STR_TEST_TEXT2: "last article up"
just randomly reordered the original articles for testing purposes.
both test sections showed up at the bottom of the list. the original STR_XCOM_CRAFT_ARMAMENT section remained at the top.
maybe i'm not doing something properly.

Help / Re: reorder sections in ufopedia
« on: December 17, 2017, 10:24:44 pm »
thank you too. will have a look at.

Help / Re: reorder sections in ufopedia
« on: December 15, 2017, 01:40:30 am »
thank you for the quick reply.
i've done exactly that, and was just curious if it is possible to do it properly. i see that it is not the case. hopefully later there will be an option for this. until then, my STR_UFOS will contain "X-COM CRAFT" and so forth...

Help / reorder sections in ufopedia
« on: December 15, 2017, 12:19:19 am »
is it possible [by using .rul files] to change the order of sections themselves?
i would put "base facilities" to the top, put "alien research" right below earth technology sections, and possibly insert something somewhere for new topics that don't fit in any vanilla ones.

Work In Progress / Re: Adding countries to Open-XCOM
« on: November 24, 2016, 12:12:09 am »
being a perfectionist/completionist, i'm somewhat dedicated to replicate the 1jan1999 earth situation on polylines and countries, and to include much more cities.

i've already gathered some of others' work on the subject. i've checked, fixed and severely expanded Hobbes' Terrain Pack v4.1 mod [country names, coords, and the like. not terrains themselves].

i've found some polylines for country borders, i can't remember where it is from and there was no copyright information in the file. i plan to correct it a little and expand it heavily.

the biggest problem is that the funding and graphs screens don't have enough space for long country names. even multi line split would work, as far as i can tell. just think a bit about "commonwealth of independent nations" (shown as "russia" in vanilla). or "democratic republic of the congo". display routines of country/city names on the globe should also support the {NEWLINE} thingy. i think it is already working, just gets cropped both horizontally and vertically for some reason.

those countries that likely had too low contribution could be omitted from the funding and graphs sections, but not from the globe itself. the fundingCap property could be used as a semaphore if the given country should be included in the funding screen or not. certainly a country with a fundingCap of zero does not have a reason to be included there.

another great idea is the zoom parameter for cities. it is already mentioned in the ruleset reference, but i checked the code and it seems to be still hard-coded as:
polylines show at zoom levels 1+
country names at zoom levels 2+
city names at zoom levels 3+
beginning at line 1242

i also need suggestions on a number of topics.

for example, "usa" is shown as a single country, but the european union is not. i understand that the connection is a bit different between the states of usa from the connection between eu members, so eu members can decide about their level of funding separately while usa states are too 'united' for that. but what about african countries? their contribution may be a bit low when measuring them one by one, but could easily add up to something useful if treated as a whole, or as several communities (possibly the communities could be used for regions, too). the "organisation of african unity" still existed in 1999 (replaced by the african union in 2001, but it is still the future when the game begins). i've already made a list of african countries for the globe, and some for funding, but it will not be possible to fully develop until the zoom function gets activated.

what about north korea? i would say that north korea is not contributing to the xcom project, but south korea does. but i need the opinions of others, too, so please.

Released Mods / Re: [GLOBE] Improved Nations Mod
« on: November 17, 2016, 01:07:58 am »
thanks, will check on the Terrain Pack and modify/strip it to my needs. i already saw that the nightly has the cities inside missionZones and i will not be able to include all cities.
thank you for the info.

Released Mods / Re: [GLOBE] Improved Nations Mod
« on: November 16, 2016, 11:55:01 pm »
thank you for the quick reply.
what do you think, is it possible to make it compatible? could missionZones be altered to include the cities without seriously changing missions themselves? i'm a bit into this ruleset thingy but does not quite understand the structure of regions (and i don't want to dive inside).
or do you happen to know of other mods that include cities?

Released Mods / Re: [GLOBE] Improved Nations Mod
« on: November 16, 2016, 05:06:07 pm »
please confirm that this mod is working with the latest nightly build. nations and regions seem to change, but no cities show up beyond vanilla ones.

Open Feedback / Re: Ruleset Editing Questions (& Some mOrz Qestions)
« on: January 02, 2016, 06:07:41 pm »
thank you, Meridian, i'm right on track.

Open Feedback / Re: Ruleset Editing Questions (& Some mOrz Qestions)
« on: December 31, 2015, 05:05:30 pm »
i'm new here and i also consider myself a newbie in openxcom modding.

what i don't quite know is how to properly add a new top-level technology to research rules. laser weapons show up automatically, but new entries i put into my rul file would not. what am i missing here?

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