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Anybody manage to fire a heavy plasma pistol successfully? I crash to desktop whenever the projectile makes contact with its target. So far I've fired it the ground and a door in a alien base and crashed both times. I've been sliding my saves between versions so it may be just my game getting unstable.

That sounds neat, maybe make it like a Idol or rock star girl that keeps everyone's spirits up during combat?.

I don't have a strong opinion on the combat stress mechanic I just wanted to chip in on feedback. It would be neat if xcom had something like a "captured" state that could occur in combat and counted for morale boosting but I'm betting that is a engine limitation. I'm in late game (I think) so my assaults are all deliberately picked for high profit low risk (star gods are left alone for now) which means mostly hitting the academy and traders. I hit the church faction only sometimes, getting surprised by their terror unit is still scary. In my later battles after the one I reported I didn't notice any morale problems other than me giggling at plasma destroyer explosions. Oh I think the rat men are genuinely creepy, good job there.

I hadn't realized the plasma destroyers changed too. It was very surprising to see the UFO corridor suddenly bathed in fire like that but also very cool. I do wonder what it would be like if the heavy plasma guns or the star god plasma attack had a similar but smaller effect like a energy blast of 1 or 2?

My own experience with combat stress in game so far today is its bad for mind puppet heavy strategies that focus on live capture. I'm using a save from the last version that I've been continually sliding over since before .94. Its on the easiest difficultly because I wanted to learn the mod first before really cranking it up. I've been running very aggressive capture operations using voodoo. My squad is composed of 5 witches and the rest are in blitz armor. It lasted around 7-8 turns I think and 3 of the blitz armor girls stared freaking out on turn 6 but the witches were still in the low seventies on morale. I was running this as a capture operation, meaning I only shot and killed one enemy who was to far to bother catching with voodoo. I do wonder if this was the lower difficulty making things tougher. Higher difficulties mean increases in the numbers of hostiles, yes? I did notice the +2 stress on the blitz armor description does that mean its more stressful to wear? I was assaulting a trader cruiser that I had shot down if that's important.

Hi, I made an account for here to tell you how much I enjoy this mod. Its been one those rides where every time I think its time to fire the brainers because I'm outta stuff to research, I end up running into a new faction to knock down and loot, getting more information that shows what is going on in the world. Its really cool how the world you created for this mod fits so well with the X-com mechanics.
Thanks for the awesome new way to play X-com.

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