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Hey guys!

I like how difficult the game is. However, the terror mission are.... punishing in a bad way?

I've been trying and trying to get an "Ok" score in terror mission but it seems impossible (at least the 1st two terror mission). I don't mind if the aliens are really strong but the penalty for dead civilian is too much. They are all dead in 2-3 turns and even if I finish the mission (with casualties..) my score is around -500 to -850. If there was a way to comeback it would be ok but getting around 800 pts to score a "positive" end of the month is nearly impossible. So I'm done after 2 months because of two negative score.

I made it once to april I think but I was lucky to get a couple of ground mission that went well and cleared a floater base.

Except the terror missions, I really enjoy the challenge. Aliens are very aggressive (like they should).

The X-Com Files / Re: Balance of the game
« on: August 11, 2019, 12:34:28 pm »
Oh I should be playing at veteran?

That could explain a lot of things! :)

The X-Com Files / Re: Balance of the game
« on: August 11, 2019, 12:46:41 am »
I'm playing at Genious.

"Normal" mission are fine. It get very hard when facing "terror" mission. I have to use every wall to hide behind, otherwise *squick* hehe

So far I have 2 bases and I could build a third, got like 20B...

EDIT: Thanks for the hint (q), I Know exactly what I did wrong hehe

The X-Com Files / Balance of the game
« on: August 10, 2019, 11:59:51 pm »
Hey there!

I really enjoy the mod so far. But after a while, your 4 men squad get outnumbered in every mission (except the basic one with only 2 enemies). And with your low damage weapons, it gets tedious to try to take on larger humanish mission.

I would really enjoy to be able to use more agents on the field. I mean, you know you are going to attack a cult base and you park your van just in front of the 20ish cultish... That's a big/deadly tactical mistake.

I'm also concerned about the research. I've been looting many alien and MIB weapon but I can't research them. Is it voluntary?

So far the only way I've found to unluck new research is to pass time and get special mission. But those mission are fil with outstanding opponent with very good gear. They get couple of shot to the face, react, and I lose an agent almost every time..

Maybe I've miss something?

The X-Com Files / Re: Just a thought for the beginning
« on: August 07, 2018, 08:52:46 pm »
It doesn't need to be on every weapon. Maybe only a couple to make them more appealing? Maybe some BlackOps ?

The X-Com Files / Re: Just a thought for the beginning
« on: August 07, 2018, 02:58:25 am »
Meridian, do you happen to have a video on your channel that show those directional lights in action ?

The X-Com Files / Re: Just a thought for the beginning
« on: August 07, 2018, 12:27:14 am »
Directional light would add a lot to the ambiance. I would totally love night mission !

The X-Com Files / Re: Just a thought for the beginning
« on: August 06, 2018, 06:27:21 pm »
Yeah I understand.

And do we have access to weapon attached with a flashlight? That would be very useful.

The X-Com Files / Just a thought for the beginning
« on: August 06, 2018, 08:22:07 am »
Hey guys!

I had an idea while I was playing the game and I'm not sure how much work it would require or even if it's possible.

There is a mission of concerned citizen where you need to recover some top secret files. Well how about this :

Once you research those files, they grant you access to some information about Strange life form. This could lead to another research unlocking a certain weapon type to allow you to kill or capture strange life form. (Simple example : Werewolf can be killed with silver...) And when you capture a strange life form, it could lead you to a special project. Live werewolf could grant you access to a better medikit since werewolf are suppose to regen wounds except from silver. Of course, the chance to get the Concerned citizen mission should be higher. And it could have rival agency agents appearing as the time goes on...

Strange life form mission should be very risky (more than they are already  8)) without the good info/tools. I'm not saying that it should be impossible but maybe very risky.

Also, if I take the werewolf example once again, maybe he could be very resilient to lots of damage type except silver ?

Just a thought !

The X-Com Files / Re: Early gun balance
« on: August 06, 2018, 05:44:04 am »
The more I play this mod the more I enjoy it. I always felt that in the OG, you were getting new stuff too fast. In this mod, the lack of really strong gun (at least as far as I know) force you to play differently than in the OG. Once you start to change your tactic of auto shot heavy plasma to a more careful approach, you start to enjoy the mod. I like the fact that you need to use your brain. You need to be patient, when you can of course. You can retreat without too much penalty most of the time.

I only got one surf mission so far and I had to punch to get weapons. It was great but it took a lot of turns.

I think the early gun balance is good.

The X-Com Files / Re: Nice mod !
« on: August 06, 2018, 05:31:51 am »
I'm taking a wild guess but I think you have to make a choice between research. Let me explain...

At my 1st attempt to this mod (superhuman) I was researching weapons to get better ones. But the game was getting harder and harder and I was not following the pace. Superhuman is too hard for me and it was my 1st game..

I restarted (Genius this time) and I used my scientists differently. In the original game, you throw all your scientists on one research most of the time. But in this mod, I found it better to split my scientist and have multiple research at the same time. When I get a research I feel very important, I throw most or all my scientist on it.

I may be imagining things but, there are so many research project that you can research that I feel like you have to try to sort them out. To me that's the investigating part of the X-files mod. Your resources are limited, you need to try and focus on what seem to be important.

I'm currently finishing the 1st year and for some time I was feeling strong until recently. What have I done recently ? I tried too hard to research unimportant stuff. This mod makes you pay for that.

Don't click if you don't want spoiler...
18th November 1997, I'm about to start Alien Biology. Most of the time I'm fighting a mix of armored cultist. The crop circle and cow mutilation missions now have MiB trying to kill me. I'm using the lower blackOps gear but the magnum is still my better option.

The X-Com Files / Re: Nice mod !
« on: August 04, 2018, 12:45:07 am »
Little update...

I'm using the Berreta instead of the Colt .45 and for some reason it seem to be more deadly. That's weird because the Berreta deal less dmg than the Colt.
Maybe it's because I reduced the difficulty to Genius.

I'm currently using the 0-200% dmg range and since I have more shot it seems to be more effective.

I'll play some more (because this mod is very refreshing) and I'll come back when the Aliens will have invaded the Earth :P

The X-Com Files / Re: Nice mod !
« on: August 03, 2018, 08:05:21 pm »
Maybe I haven't played long enough. I stopped after the 1st year because my agent were getting 1-shot most of the time and the lower cultist guys was taking 3-4 shot to take down.

I also notice that I did not active the TFTD weapon mod (50-150% instead of 0-200%).

I'll start another game and see if it help :)

The X-Com Files / Nice mod !
« on: August 03, 2018, 04:51:19 pm »
Hey guys!

I was watching the X-Files series and it inspired me to play openxcom. Then I discovered this mod! It's a great mod. At the beginning I was completely lost but now I think I'm starting to understand it.
Correct me if I am wrong but this is more of a "Hit and run" mod.

Here are some suggestion I would like to share (superhuman) :

Transport : It's alright at the beginning to have simple car/van, but you should be able to send more than 4 soldiers at once. Why ? Because Cult safe house and Gang war are impossible. Not to mention that some Strange life form mission have a lot of alien. I "often" lost my 4 agents after the 1st turn no matter if I hide or try to shoot.

Weapon : I think you should have access to Kevlar armor and more gun faster. After all, those are human/normal weapon. The limitation only make me skip some mission because they are simply impossible.

I understand that some limitation were made to change the normal Xcom tactics but since lots of missions require you to save the civilians, you should have access to more equipment. Assault weapon, like m16, should be available at the beginning.

XPiratez / Re: Bugs & Crash Reports
« on: December 18, 2015, 08:28:11 am »
I'm not saying you wrote a virus. But 0.96 was very smooth and 0.97 is lagging.

I will try to reinstall xcom - openxcom and pirate to see if it changes.

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