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Suggestions / Scripting access to the engine for modding
« on: June 11, 2010, 07:05:23 am »
(created a different thread for each suggestion, hope it's OK)

It would be cool to allow the maximum access to the game engine through a scripting language to allow modders to change stuff, such as adding new weapons, graphics, game rules, AI, etc. This could be done using a popular scripting language (Lua, Python, AngelScript).

Just saying because I would very much like to see/implement riot shields, grappling hooks and other stuff into the game, and feel that the project would benefit by using a design of this kind.

Before anything, I'd like to say hi, and that I'm following the development of OpenXCom closely and with great interest!

I would like to see the engine support gameplay from all 3 games, maybe to allow playing any of the 3 games using the same engine. I'd like each of a particular game's feature to be toggleable to allow it's usage and incorporation into another.

I'll explain further what I mean by "game specific gameplay features":

- X-Com 1 gameplay features: the game as we know it
- X-Com TFTD gameplay features: melee weapons; right-click for opening doors; terror missions in different areas; specific graphics, sounds, enemy units and weapons from game
- X-Com Apocalypse: gravity influences terrain destruction; team/squad selection and orders; real time mode (+specific graphics, sounds, enemy units and weapons from game)

As an example, I would like to be able to enable features from TFTD or Apocalypse in X-Com 1, such as melee weapons or gravity influencing the destruction of terrain, and play X-Com 1 as if it had those features from the start. Or play TFTD using weapons from the first game. Or mix and match from every game.
Using "levels" from both the 1st and 2nd game would also be nice, such as terror missions from the first and second game.
(As a bonus, it would be nice to have a menu with a full list of available features, and toggle which to use on the game).

I realise that X-Com Apocalypse takes quite the dramatic turn away from the previous two, specially the "Geoscape/Cityscape", which would be quite complex to implement, but I think the specific features I mention above would be interesting to be in the game (and not the Geoscape city engine itself).

A few of these are a lot of work, but some aren't that hard I think, and would be quite nice to have.

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