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« on: August 19, 2015, 03:37:01 am »
Really want to tinker with this mod, but I am too busy... :'(

« on: August 18, 2015, 05:36:45 pm »
Didn't say it very clearly. Other infantry would be the HEAVY WEAPONS PLATFORM (Tanks?). Wouldn't be able to get them to gain experience, true, but IG (What I will use) are fairly stratified already.

Space Marine -(Real Infantry- Starts as a 'scout)- $500,000
IG Conscript -(Las rifles don't have ammo?)- $10,000
IG Guardsman - $40,000
IG Heavy Weapons Team? (No idea how to model them)
IG Karskin - $100,000

As you are not training the IG, but borrowing them from the local garrison. You can Role Play up a pretty good reason as to why they don't level up. IE  the local Garrison was willing to loan you 50 conscripts to aid you, not 48 conscripts and 2 veterans. As they become experienced (And therefore more valuable to the garrison) they are rotated out with replacements. The very nature of the split organizational structure would also justify why they don't have names and personality. The IG troops are not YOUR men, but are assigned to help temporarily.

Hopefully that is clearer. EDIT: Post got ninja'd by Draco

« on: August 18, 2015, 03:46:28 pm »
Just drifting through to check up on your mod. Read through the post, and was wondering something. Can you leave the SM as the true infantry but alter their price? So instead of 40k to recruit them, you need...500k? For a SM recruit that might be cheap.

Then you can follow Arthanor's idea of using 'cheap' 40k HWP PDF/IG to supplement them. IG seems a better idea to me, but work is foreign to me.

This way you can start the game with a squad of 'scouts', but call on the support of the local PDF/IG to help support you in your mission.

« on: January 24, 2015, 02:37:45 am »
Awesome mod! Haven't play played with it, but obviously it isn't balanced as of right now. When I discovered open x-com and modding I immediately turned to making a SM mod.

I only altered the stats of the soldiers (Game tolerates some pretty huge stats for them), but I had a nice RP rule set in my mind.
Soldier stats looked something like this.
Minimum's where mostly unchanged (I tweaked bravery and psy to reflect the conditioning SM's go under, but that 'broke' the early games difficulty a bit too much.
Maximums where doubled or tripled. That was it. I am super new to open x-com, but I found I didn't instantly get "invincible" soldiers of death. However, when they became veterans...

Balance for armor and such worked like this. (This was purely RP and no coding)
0 kills = Initiate => No armor (Perhaps Guardsmen level?)
5 kills = Scout => Light armor
10 kills = Brother => Heavy Armors

Balance for weapons could go two directions
1- Introduce Xeno's from the w40k universe (I would keep the old aliens, for target practice :)
2- Rescale weapon damage

=2= Here is some quick numbers you could look into.
Points of reference.
-Both sides use Heavy Plasma.
-Muton's feel like an Orc equivalent to me.
-Bolter's feel like they should compare to the auto cannon

Alright, so we start with the bolter. It is going to be the general purpose gun. Always effective, but not TOO effective. If you make it too good, no one will want to use 'heavier' weapons.

I would replace the rifle with the bolter so pick 24 damage (Just saw that it is actually 30, could'a sworn it was 24) instead of 38. You can use the damage type as pretty much whatever, to adjust for difficulty. 24 explosive damage might still mulch up the sectoids pretty bad

So scale autocannon down to 24 as well. A rough number is just divide by two. That is your scale conversion for the whole process
Humie Weapons (Therefore lighter, and easier to hold)
Pistol - 13 dam
Rifle - 15 dam
Autocannon - 24 dam
Rocket - 30 dam

SM weapons - Bolt Pistol, reflecting it's comparable damage to autocannon, is offset by reduced rate of fire and being one-handed. Should have a similar weight to the autocannon. SM weapons shouldn't be carryable by anyone. This is not w40k canon but gameplay balance.
Bolt P - 24
Bolt R - 30
H Bolt - 45
H Rocket - 75

As I finish writing this, I really like the idea of connecting strength to rank. This means a captain would be equivalent to a full brother. Able to don the armor, wield the weapon, etc. However, due to the difficulty of programming it. I would recommend doing what I did.
Just boost the maximum strength, and make it all really heavy. I didn't test it, but I think...

Initial str of 30. Max of 300. results in gaining 20-30 points per 'level'. Strength can be then thought of as training and experience. Can equipment have a bravery requirement? Cause that would fit better... Also be harder to boost than strength.

Sorry for the rambling post. Put a lot of thought into this already. I am totally interested in helping, but I will be limited to light coding work and conceptual stuff (balance, etc).

The X-Com Files / Re: New megaproject, working name: FMP+
« on: December 21, 2014, 01:19:48 pm »
Super excited by this concept. Made an account just to post about an observation.

Everyone is quoting CIA, UN, MIB (I am thinking the movie, too new to be familiar with in game MIB), or some other semi-legitimate secret organization. However, let us consider how X-Com really operates?

Sell and trade of living/dead alien life forms?
EDIT: Bio-hazard anyone?
Sell and trade of advanced weapons technology?
 - I mean, seriously, you sell mind probes to the highest bidder?
No regard to international law?
Little to no regard for human life?

This sounds more like a black market organization than anything else. I see x-com birthing from the dredges of society, mercenaries with no moral compass.

Perhaps, over the last fifty years your 'organization' has acquired rare and unique artifacts to the discriminating consumer. Fifty years of experience in tracking, acquiring, handling, and sell of commodities that don't technically exist. When the alien threat becomes more prominent (Phase 2) the worlds leaders turn to your specialized experience to 'handle' the situation discretely.

Mechanics wise:
PH 1-
No initial funding (Yikes! But not that significant at second glance, you just have to watch your budget more carefully)
-You can gain small amounts of 'unofficial' funding from discreet third parties for services rendered as you progress. Perhaps a preset first mission gets you a small initial income...
Advanced network of discreet 'associates'
-You actually have 30-60% global detection, compensated by the fact that you have no interceptors and limited mobility

PH 2-
You acquire international support and aid.
-Funding begins! This means you can't just ignore activity anymore. Before you could ignore 'unwanted' targets and choose for maximum profit, but now you will loose support.
Your network dissolves
-Most discreet criminals know when to not be on the Christmas card list. You loose some, or most of your network.
-It is recoverable, by mission, in ways that show the less legal crowd that you wont turn them in.
You gain access to advanced military resources.
-Combat aircraft is the only real advantage
-Better labs?
-Now you have engineers?

Hope you like some of this.

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