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Tools / Re: XCOM-Intelligence
« on: October 03, 2014, 01:25:29 am »
And people ask me, oh Chippo, why do you want to turn the world into a nuclear hell? Why people do not understand, I mean it only meant well?
I just wanted to ask you, why do not you try it with another browser...
I have Windows set up new yesterday, as it was in the meantime littered. So, that Opera have Problems with the openXcom-site, ok. But is under Firefox (32.03) the upload file button now missing. Only a grey field, that no react on my mouse-click. Can it be, that the openXcom-Modsite is a little nervous?

Intresting, ff 31 make no trouble.

Back to Topic:
The 0.8e4-Version is now available. I have fixed a rare display-error on the geoscape-screen. Should my tool actually used for debug - where by I would be honored - it would be ugly to get incorrect information.

I been thinking about removing the Mindprobe and follow the idea of HelmetHair :) So that the personal armour become the Motiondetector build in, the powerarmor (Psi-Amp requied) become the mindwave-detector and motion-detector (switchable). The flying suit, only the MM because interferences by Antigrav. I think, i can the Ironman-Mod integrated. The modernest Version of this Rust-Monster has no problems no more with the antigrav-problem.

Unfortunately, I can only begin in 2-3 months with the work, because other things require my full attention. I think about it, do not install VS again, because I know myself too well. If I program first, I can not stop.

Tools / Re: XCOM-Intelligence
« on: October 01, 2014, 03:58:59 pm »
OK, this IS creepy.

I tested it under 3 PCs (2x Win7, 1x WinXP), the xp run under VirtualBox. I try it with the onBoard-Packer and 7-zip... all fine.
The Browsers are Firefox (this v32-Thing), Opera 12.17 (this modern opera-thing is not opera, but firefox with a great O :P).
Both download the files correct.

What is your software?

PS.: The upload managed by firefox, opera 12 runs Amok if i tryed.

@ the rest
Can you copy the problems, that hobbes has? Maybe hobbes had not Angel must rip out the heart. This is not good for your karma.

Tools / Re: XCOM-Intelligence
« on: October 01, 2014, 11:46:28 am »
Let my guess, ironman + skill superhuman = skill normal for you 8)

Problem with the download? I get checked...


I make a hotfix for the piratez-mod. Adding hwp will not frag the minimap no more...

But the ammunition-counter make trouble, if you have a tank with two weapons. This can smash the ammo-counter from the hwp, after this unit.

Problem, i can not test the piratez-mod effectiv, no time for that.


In short, my tool has great problems with mods, that modified hwps.

Ok, i have upload the new file. Can test it again, hobbes? I self have no trouble, but... its annoying the system accepted no 7-zip. I decided to "store" the data, no compression. Maybe help that.

Tools / Re: XCOM-Intelligence
« on: September 30, 2014, 09:35:31 pm »
Hello HelmetHair:)

1. This is not a problem. Or i adding a routine to check you have at least one large radar array in the specific area. This thinks are so expensive, they have an big telescope on board. After the research of hyperwavedecoder, you become a whole satellite in orbit;)

2. As long as the Captain thinks about it, how long it will take to earth. But i think it is necessary to research a Alien Leader and medic to understand they mindimpulses.

3. Good idea, but for the eta you need only point two.

1. Im not sure, i understand this question. But the single color (white) signals on your minimap is from your motion detector. The device reconize only movements, no matter is it a civilian, a alien or a cow. The colored signal comes from unit on sight or the result of mindprobe scan.

2. A filter for the motion detector/ raped mindprobe ... is possible.

3. You mean elerium? I can add a routine that check you have research elerium. No problem. PS.: You need no scanner for that. Your soldier can smell elerium;)

4. Mmmh, to time is the detectors tie on his owner or better his hands^^ Im not sure, what you... ahh understand!!! It is possible to give a hwp the ablity to scan after motions or mindwaves, yes. And is possible to tie it on armour. Example: Personal Armour has a motion/mind-Scanner if the devices research, the powerarmour too. But the flying suit has this not, because of interferences by antigrav.

In my case was it dune 2, later dune 2000. It was a cool feeling, the rader get online.

Tools / Re: XCOM-Intelligence
« on: September 30, 2014, 07:42:50 pm »
I think over it, to reduce the power of this tool, optional. But i do this not to present, because aesthetics reason and to the beginning more for me alone.
You thinking a checkbox ist enough to reduce the info (only Region and eta will be shown) until you have hyperwavedecoder? The eta and the goal of the UFO is ok, i think. This information can be extrapolation by nasa-coonheads^^ So you see, that a object is near earth, but no more info. A routine to detect at least one hyperwavedecoder is build, is not a problem for me:).

I understand, that your concerns have still eligibility, but at least is that a matter of personal responsibility and individual awareness.

^^ borderline cheating... i see i have still great problems with english idioms.

In a dark, dark hour i think over it, to create a tool to set all enemys on battlescape on fire... but i think THAT is defintiv not debug no more. He He.

@ RandomCommander
Good idea. But the problem is, the pointsystem is not part of the savegame, so no information in it. My tool analyze only the savegame. Unfortunately i must set manuell the treadlevel or extand the tool to analyze xcom1ruleset and find the correct information. The problem is, maybe is it not enough... it is never enough^^

Tools / Re: XCOM-Intelligence
« on: September 30, 2014, 06:37:22 pm »
Tests still in progress. But it not a problem, look the picture.

The only problem that what i see is by the Mission-Info. Example: A mod brings the extra mission "Rob the cow". In this case works the menace-advice not correct. So, the information is correct displayed, but the entry becomes not a colored background. Not more:)

Tools / Re: XCOM-Intelligence
« on: September 30, 2014, 03:07:57 pm »
My fault. Forget set a link. No mentalwork after 11 pm.

@ pkrcel You must not use this tool...

@ Arthanor
It looks interesting, especially to debug/observe mods that involve new alien races and missions!
openXcom has  as a example a problem to save the retaliationTarget in savegame, if you decommission a base.
Base 3 is detectet, decommission base 2 and base try become a retaliationTarget = false.

And again, you must not use my tool if you dont like it.

ps. sorry for my bad english, iam german.

Tools / XCOM-Intelligence
« on: September 30, 2014, 06:59:19 am »
This thread is for questions and Bug-Reports for my tool XCOM-Intelligence ( ).
To time is this tool beta. So not wonder that has just as much errors like my english ;D

And i post additional the mods that I have tested with xcom-intel.

That mods make sure no problems:
- Lukes Extra UFOs
- Moriarty's Power Armor Redux
- Ironman_Suit
- cover waspite alien
- Anthropod Alien
- Mechtoids

That mods make problems:
- Piratez (the reason are the modification by the hwps, that cause a chainreaction of problems, unfortunately:()
  (A fix to prevent a fragged Minimap is out.)

I know, short list. But in the beginning, i wrote this tool for me alone and i use rarely mods for openXcom. I set my focus from now on the compatiblity of your mods, if i have the time.

Before i forget, i have in the next 2 month not so many time. But i try to branch a little time to fix mayor bugs. But no mod-specific adjustments and new features.

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