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Suggestions / Re: Quality of UI life
« on: January 08, 2015, 02:02:08 am »
Of course you are free of not playing it. You can make your own "game of dream". Or simply ignore OpenXcom with all these "no grenades pre turn 3", and stick to vanilla.

This. There may be a few design choices that I would have made differently with OpenXCom, but I wasn't the one who designed it, coded it, debugged it, published it, or any of that. Design choices are the choices of the designers, which I am not. Even if a designer is deliberately ignoring comments and suggestions (which volutar is not), then it's the designer's right to do so.

In short: You don't like the game? Go make it better. Make a Github account, fork the repo, and get coding. (Also, XCOM2012 sucks.)[/offtopic]

Back to the suggested QoL improvements:

4.  This one makes me think of Minecraft, changing the I/O rates on my Resonant Energy Cells. If you're going to modify the Shift/Ctrl keys to work as modifiers, you may as well do a similar thing here: Click to add/subtract 1, Shift+Click for 10, Ctrl+click for 100. I'm completely in favor of letting the mouse wheel do scrolling and nothing else.

7.  I have no idea why this has been so much of a big deal. Make the RMB a universal "cancel/abort" key, make the space bar a "fast forward" key. The impact on gameplay and balance would be minimal. If it's not "vanilla", so what? Just because it doesn't work like the original is no reason to dismiss it offhand.

10.  It may be possible to implement something similar without adding anything to the loadout UI: since the Equip Craft => Soldiers screen is sortable, just add a dropdown to that screen with options to sort the list of soldiers assigned to the craft manually, lowest ranks first, highest ranks first, etc. If tanks are assigned to the craft, just add them to the list like normal soldiers and have them sorted in the same way. If a tank falls in an inconvenient place (odd number of soldiers in front of it) then just shift it up or down one space in the order before the battlescape loads to make sure it's aligned nicely.

17.  I'm all for this one. Possibly you could change the functionality of the battlescape "?" button (which, thanks to tooltips, is pretty much obsolete) to instead bring up the UFOPaedia when clicked.

19.  Yes, yes, a million times yes. Change armor from the loadout screen without adding a button? What's not to like? Among all the improvements suggested so far, this is at the top of my "wants" list.

« on: August 16, 2014, 12:51:52 am »
Thanks to everyone for their advice, have decided to start a new game as the only thing left was the Cydonia mission which might have been too easy. With using the Final Mod Pack and being selective about which other mods to put on I've managed to reduce the massive 131 mods down by half. Also I'm going to run my new game of the latest nightly which atm is 2014-08-12 15:12. Just two points I would like to be clear on. Firstly with regards to  the CULT mod, is it possible to only activate it after you have done almost everything else as I found on the previous game that Sectopods never appeared with Ethereals which meant I couldn't build the Xcom versions of Sectopods. Secondly can you leave activating the ALIEN REMIX mod until later in the game as I found that having it on from the start limited the number of Cyberdiscs that appeared thus slowing my ability to build Xcom Cyberdiscs.
Alien Remix may have just been bad luck on your part. My FIRST terror mission using that mod was Cyberdiscs and Silicoids, and discs showed up fairly often after that as well.

You should feel blessed. Try doing a Terror mission with 14 unarmored rookies trying to tickle a Silicoid to death with laser pistols, while Floaters and Cyberdiscs take potshots from 2 levels above you.

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