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Work In Progress / Re: [WIP] Alien Navy Revisited
« on: March 02, 2022, 10:18:25 am »
Here is everything I were able to find on the many different data storages I used:

I fully recompiled it to merge the ~12 different Ufopedia.txt files and the different pictures. I also included some never-to-pass-WIP state stuffs like tile bmp bunches and hand-drawn sketches for planned new UFOs (I rescanned those in higher resolution, so much nostalgy of planning this forfeit mod).
It is up to you what you may use and what not but since ages passed I last used these stuffs, I recommend to check the palettes for everything included as I am not sure that all included stuffs converted to the right palette!

I myself abandoned OXC modding just play occasionally. But it would be fun once see and play this Alien Navy mod (preferably together with FMP for extreme experience). If you have any question, write me and I try to answer as fast as I can (if I am not in a hospital or something)!

Resources / Re: Altoid aliens - All sprites are free to use!
« on: January 05, 2022, 10:24:58 am »
Tons of beautyful materials growth from my GFX trash :)
Martian! Those sprites you done are unbelieveable! Congrats, man!

Work In Progress / Re: [WIP] Alien Navy Revisited
« on: January 05, 2022, 10:23:23 am »
Interesting to see where one's brainchild may develop left on it's own :)
If you need some material let me know, not sure I shared\hosted everything I once planned for Alien Navy...

Offtopic / Re: Redline - kind of advertisement
« on: August 03, 2020, 10:06:16 am »
Today Redline launched on Kickstarter!
If you interested about it, please have a look, if not I dare to ask you the favor to share this link!

+ Thanks Meridian for the resize!

Offtopic / Redline - kind of advertisement
« on: July 06, 2020, 09:06:55 pm »
Redline is a card-game like Magic the Gathering but also mend it with the sheer fun of Battletech. An interesting project what may interest some of you!
For real infos and stuffs I drop you some links!

Redline official site:
Coming to Kickstarter:
If you interested in Redline you could sign up for a kind of newsletter otherwise (according my best knowledge) the Kickstarter campaign launch around the middle of july, 2020... ( of July most probably)

And a poster I made for advertise Redline:

Sorry if such advertisement is against the CoC but please, share this on other forums! I think Redline deserves to be great as I like it very much and strongly think this is easily one of the best card games since almost a decade or so!


PS.: Sorry for the big picture but have no clue how to resize!

Edit by Meridian: resized the picture

Work In Progress / Re: [WIP][MOD][OXCE] From the Apocalypse 0.12.0
« on: June 12, 2020, 08:45:27 pm »
Awesome mod! Gave it a test run and enjoyed a whole lot! I can not wait when it would finished! SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!

Also some troubs with it:
Alien battleship can not be stormed as the OXCE crash and mention something about to big thing unable to load. It occured me 6\6 times so literally always (not sure if only landed battleship creates this crash or the crashed to as I could not shot a single one down so far).
Alien dissemination appear as string (STR_BLABLA_DISSEMINATION) not as a title like "Dimension gate" or "Crash site X".
Some pedia entries also obsolate (Alien origins, 50 person living quarters). Not a big deal apart from the wasted time of research.
I also not have a report entry for Skeletoid autopsy. With debug mode it shows up but without it not no matter how many times I researched it.
Skeletoid leaders also prone to panic themselves if use their psionics. Once I had a Skelly leader (the last living on the map as I checked with debug mode) used psi in every turn to panic or berserk my soldiers then always panicked (as the fancy pop-up window stated).
And I am not sure if it's the mod's fault or the OXCE's but sometimes the game freeze for 10-15 seconds. I doubt it hardware stuff as I suffered a lot to slow the game as a whole down.

That is all for now. Hope soon it would released as a finished mod with ending or with a final goal!

Released Mods / Re: [COMPILATION] Final Mod Pack (FMP)
« on: September 12, 2019, 07:09:04 pm »
Is there any special pre-requisites for the Alien data slate? I recovered one from an alien base but it not appears among the available research topics. I captured many living aliens from all ranks and I already have even Cydonia or Bust researched.
I had no living Ethereals, Cerebreals so far.

I use the FMP 2.1

Resources / Re: Altoid aliens - All sprites are free to use!
« on: August 23, 2019, 06:22:45 pm »
Some recent stuff I just trashing around: Wraith leader from SG:A (Call him Todd if you feel that authentic)
The sheet also contains the floorobj sprite and NOT palette converted (this applies only for the background as the sprites not contain such colours you may not find on other sprites.

Resources / Re: Altoid aliens - All sprites are free to use!
« on: May 27, 2019, 09:51:24 pm »

Here it is. Everything I created for OXC (and found)!
Please to a mod: merge this with the previous post! Thanks!

Resources / Re: Altoid aliens - All sprites are free to use!
« on: May 27, 2019, 09:01:23 pm »
It seems most of my links timed out and became obsolate.
Therefore I shall re-upload everything (what I could still find on my HDDs) as soon as possible!
Thanks for Luke to noticed me!

Wow, a very-very cool project!
If you need some extra stuff gfx have a look here:,2963.0.html
Whatever you find usefull there feel free to grab!

Work In Progress / Re: [WIP][MOD][OXCE+] From the Apocalypse 0.4b
« on: January 24, 2019, 08:45:42 pm »

Well, I have some minor troubles with this mod. I started it on OXCE 3.7x not on "conventional" OXC.
1.: Since the very beginning I have research options for "Floater medic", "Sectoid medic" and Snakeman. All got researched almost instantly (5-8 hours in game time) and either give me a free "live alien report" or crash to desktop (STR_WHATEVER not defined, last time it was the Megaworm\Multiworm)...
2.: When I try to launch one of my crafts the game crashes and say interface elements are missing. I could not got any ground combat or air combat as it just crash when I click on the "Interception" menu.

I downloaded the last valid 7z file from this mod and overwritten the old game folder with it. I not think it is a ruleset error as I always delete old rulesets before override a mod's folder just for sure...

Work In Progress / Re: Alien Habitat and Reproduction
« on: January 28, 2018, 08:19:24 pm »
   I read through this topic here. Interesting both aspects. But game-lore-wise there are certain black-areas what puzzled me since I played Xcom the first time. Well, OXC and the tons of mods, while nice, just did not helped to clarify things absolutely. So please let me share a few of my thoughts...
   Aliens MUST HAVE a superb medical- and health-care system. Yes, cloning and such, mentioned billion times and could be buy for the first few times... But! Aliens on Mars have very limited resources and thus they can not let themselves the luxury to waste - both items and personnels alike. Why I think this? If they have access such vast amount of resources where they may handle all low- and med-ranked aliens as utterly expendable and replacable there will be a proper invasion. You know: Thousands of ships deploy full armies. Not just send small raiding parties to harass locals and cobble resources. Their main forces clearly fight somewhere else, against another inter-stellar - or more than one simultanously - empire and since that (those?) are worthy and more serious foes they concentrate their resources there. Not here, as Earth is interesting them only because they may achieve another combat-thrall specie and that is all. So the best they have here is a small research-outpost with vastly limited resources. They need to recover as much of their soldiers as possible. Why vaste resources to train rookies - apart from clone, raise, alter and train them - when they may save veterans? Sectoids maybe not as precious. But I think they closely related genetically to the Ethereals so they send other troops to risk their lifes. So, Floaters are precious and not really expendable. Why? Clone a race, raise it then surgically alter it is far from cost-effective mass-production methods. Floaters and Mutons work that way, resource-costly troops designed to fullfill specific military roles. Snakemen could be expendable mass-assault troops but I doubt that a tid-bit...
   It is mentioned that snakeys carry eggs. And? A fresh-borned female baby carry thousands of gametes but how many children a female may give birth during her life? 2-15? Just because Snakemen carry 50-50 eggs per members it not means they give birth 50 offsprings. And consider that offsprings could be harshly cannibalistic and not all offsprings may reach adulthood. So a snake-infestation is not as immenent as the pedia entry may implies. And is it sure they are asexual? Or only female specimens ever encountered? They called Snakeman because of Snake-Human - where human also mean both male and female sexes! Mayhaps aliens just keep females while rare male snakemen may kept only to up-keep the breeding-program. That is a good kind of controll their population. Or Snakemen may behave like Polistes-wasps: All member of a Polistes-hive is fertile (no female drones like in case of more developed wasps) but only one lay eggs and propagate her genetic heritage.
   That much for now. Sorry for my hard and harsh english!

Builds & Ports / OXC on smartphone?
« on: October 02, 2017, 09:30:40 pm »
I got a Nokia Lumia with Win 10 iOS. Nice little stuff so far.
Question is: The same OXcom version I use on my laptop shall work on it? Since a lot of stuff works what directly moved from the laptop to the smartphone I thought I ask this question.

Resources / Re: Altoid aliens - All sprites are free to use!
« on: October 01, 2017, 09:14:36 pm »
The gems are just sh!tly converted to palette colours. Not even liked the idea to use them but I thought: Why not? More things may make the picture better... Or ruin it as we see in this case...

Anyway, finished the blasterdisc redesign. Not put it to templates so far so some parts may need resize but...
Here it is:

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