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Released Mods / Re: [OPTION] Less Psi-weak soldiers
« on: August 24, 2014, 03:36:42 pm »
" Does it make sense that they would cower the minute someone got killed?"

Yes it makes perfect sense. Its not coincidentally called "Enemy unknown". Xcom is not just about military tactics.


I had the same idea. I was missing the showers & toilets too.

This version would fit the "human recources mod" I plan. Living quarters should contain ca. 14 beds here.

Released Mods / Re: [ENEMY] Men in Black
« on: July 14, 2014, 07:04:20 pm »
Hi guys,

i like the idea of MIB very much.
Is it also some kind of reference to Deus Ex?

But I somehow lack the logic.
Why should the council reward a government organisation for fighting against another government organisation? In the fashion MIB are made now, they are more like some weird Cult of Sirius.

To let MIB kill people to suppress witnesses of alien activity is not convincing. It's like plain fighting for the aliens and that makes MIB just another Cult of Sirius clone. It is however understandable that CXOM fights MIB because they want people to be aware of the alien thread.

In my opinion it should be much more about the plot, much more about conspiracy. And of course about finding out what MIB are actually doing and who gives them their assignments. The competition between XCOM and MIB should be taking place without the (official) knowledge of the un council. And the killing of innocent people from both sides should be considered a bad thing! Even killing the agents of the opposite fraction should be considered bad, because of the high risk of resulting political polemic.

MIB should be maybe equipped with some stun, mindcontrol and mindwash technology. So the fighting between XCOM and MIB would be some kind of fighting for political influence. Taking the competing fraction out should be the goal, but killing the agents of the other side on the other hand should result in negative consequences for one because of the respective protection from high places. The objective in the missions should be the non lethal abandoning of the other fraction. The final aim would be proving that the enemy fraction has the wrong ideas and is somehow or other not effective.

Thats only my opinion on that object.

Greetings!  :o

Work In Progress / XCOM - The future...
« on: July 13, 2014, 06:59:13 am »

Now hence you have beaten the aliens on Mars, Mars transfers into our ownership. You realize that the technology of XCOM is far in excess of everything that is known on Earth. You deside to move your new base to Mars. There you build a big colony and train your soldiers. Your goal is now to chase the aliens everywhere in the whole galaxy.
Now you dont want to be called "commander" anymore. You proclaim yourself Emperor. Because of the extremely advanced technology in your possession and the loyalty ot the best soldiers in the sun system you force all goverments of the Earth to pay you regular tribute. From there on your only ambition is to rule over the entire Universe.



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