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Aloha all, I have a problem similar to @bulletdesigner's issue while using my Hawaiian cities mod (should I post this in the mod help section instead?)

The exact crash log is as follows:

Code: [Select]
[14-02-2018_15-13-39] [FATAL] A fatal error has occurred: Error occurred while trying to determine waypoint for mission type: STR_ALIEN_RETALIATION in region: STR_PACIFIC, mission tried to find a waypoint in zone 5 but this region only has zones valid up to 0.
[14-02-2018_15-13-39] [FATAL] Unfortunately, no stack trace information is available
[14-02-2018_15-13-42] [FATAL] OpenXcom has crashed: Error occurred while trying to determine waypoint for mission type: STR_ALIEN_RETALIATION in region: STR_PACIFIC, mission tried to find a waypoint in zone 5 but this region only has zones valid up to 0.
Extra information has been saved to openxcom.log.
If this error was unexpected, please report it to the developers.

I do have a base located in the Hawaiian islands chain. Looking at the url=]Alien Missions[/url] entry in the ufopaedia didn't help me clear anything up, other than maybe the alien ship is starting out in Antarctica (regional zone 5) unless I'm taking that info wrong.

Looking though my .sav file for "missionSiteZone:" all I see are -1's (and a single 7 in north america), though here's the entry for the Pacific (right before it errors out)

Code: [Select]
    region: STR_PACIFIC
    nextWave: 0
    nextUfoCounter: 0
    spawnCountdown: 120
    liveUfos: 0
    missionSiteZone: -1
    uniqueID: 61

The only other thing I can think of is maybe adding an "area" section to my Hawaiian cities mod?

Help / Re: Adding custom cities?
« on: February 07, 2018, 09:17:17 pm »
I figured it out.

I forgot to make an extraStrings entry, and the reason the other names were showing up properly is because I had my old 2014 rul in there that had the 3 cities entered already, but not the 4th one.

Figured that out after I deleted my 2014 rul and then fired up OXC and now all 4 cities are STR_CITYNAME :D

I'll get this eventually :/

Help / Re: Adding custom cities?
« on: February 07, 2018, 09:11:36 pm »
got it, thanks. Also, I edited the post you were responding too, can you possibly take another look? Sorry, didn't think you would respond so fast :D

Help / Re: Adding custom cities?
« on: February 07, 2018, 08:30:22 pm »
ohhh. duh. I saw that but it didn't register with me what I was actually looking at.

Finally, last question I hope - how do I get the dual set of co-ordinates? I enabled debug, and hit ctrl-d and see:

rad: 3.64313, -0.360721
deg: 208.736, -20.6678

is rad "lon1, lat1" and deg "lon2, lat2" ? And what's the "-1" supposed to be for? In your terrain pack I see there's some listings that show -22 and other negative numbers.

EDIT: I figured it all out, lon1/lat1 & lon2/lat2 just repeat themselves, and the -22 is the region zone (pulled the -22 from HERE).

Now I just need to figure out why the island of Maui refuses to show "Kihei" and instead shows STR_KIHEI, even though Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island all show the proper name styles (Lihue, Hilo, Honolulu).

Here's my final code:
Code: [Select]
# Ruleset to add cities to the Hawaiian islands
# this will allow for terror missions in Hawaii

  - type: STR_PACIFIC
    cost: 1200000
        - [205.482, 205.482, -22.153, -22.153, -22, STR_LIHUE]
        - [207.081, 207.081, -21.343, -21.343, -22, STR_HONOLULU]
        - [208.726, 208.726, -20.741, -20.741, -22, STR_KIHEI]
        - [209.813, 209.813, -19.625, -19.625, -22, STR_HILO]

I wonder if it's a bug for that particular land mass out in the Pacific? :(

Help / Re: Adding custom cities?
« on: February 05, 2018, 08:52:18 pm »
Awesome, thank you :D

Do I need to have all that in my mod, or do I just need regions, type, & missionZones?

Is there a breakdown somewhere of what each section does?

Help / Adding custom cities?
« on: February 05, 2018, 11:15:47 am »
Aloha, a few years ago a made a tiny mod that add's 3 cities in the Hawaiian islands chain, and it worked.

After a few years, I'm back and am looking to play with my 3 cities in Hawaii, but while the mod appears, it doesn't seem to actually DO anything :(

Here's what I did (and worked circa 2014). I'm using the 1.0 "nightly" release downloaded 2-3 days ago.

Code: [Select]
# Ruleset to add new cities to the geoscape map

  - type: STR_PACIFIC
      - name: STR_HONOLULU
        lon: 207.074
        lat: -21.3902
      - name: STR_LIHUE
        lon: 205.479
        lat: -22.0707
      - name: STR_HILO
        lon: 209.757
        lat: -19.6007
  - type: en-US
      STR_HONOLULU: Honolulu
      STR_LIHUE: Lihue
      STR_HILO: Hilo
  - type: en-GB
      STR_HONOLULU: Honolulu
      STR_LIHUE: Lihue
      STR_HILO: Hilo

Can anyone take a peek and let me know what's not working now? I've tried poking around all the default rulesets and can't seem to see anything wrong with this one :(

I created a folder in OpenXcom\standard\Hawaiian_Islands, and in there I placed "Hawaiiain_Islands.rul" and I copied over a metadata.yml from one of the stock mods and edited it to fit, like so:

Code: [Select]
# metadata.yaml for Hawaiian Islands

name: "Hawaiian Islands"
version: 1.0
description: "Adds Honolulu, Lihue, and Hilo to the Geoscape"
author: mauirixxx

master: xcom1

Is adding cities just not possible any more, or is my code 3 years outdated? :P

Offtopic / Re: Falling Skies new season started yesterday
« on: June 29, 2014, 12:07:39 pm »
I think I watched season 1 when it first aired and I'm pretty sure my neurons committed suicide to erase the memory. I think I might have also seen a bit of season 2 but im drawing a blank completely for that.

I'm with this guy. I love me some sci-fi, but this ... this was just bad, in my opinion.

Well you can't have an option for where the option file with the option is. :P

I can have the installer adjust the shortcuts or whatever but that's about it, and I dunno if new people will grog what a "Data Folder" and "User Folder" are.

How about this:

If a custom save location is desired, then yes, adjust the shortcut on the installer. If no save location is specified, then by default it should look in the users home folder (for each respective system supported)

I would leave the data location command line switch as an advanced feature that under normal use ... wouldn't be used.

Tools / Re: Synchronize your saved games across multiple computers
« on: June 18, 2014, 11:22:56 pm »
Just found out from SupSuper that this is all unnecessary work. I ended up modifying my Windows shortcut target:

J:\OpenXcom\OpenXcom.exe -user C:\Users\rick\Dropbox\OpenXcom

Nice and easy, just the way I like it. :D

Suggestions / [SUGGESTION] Save game location and file association
« on: June 18, 2014, 10:50:36 pm »

After posting a small how-to for synchronizing OXC save games, I thought, wouldn't it be better if the OXC installer ALSO asks you where you'd like save your OXC save game files?

Also, have the saved game file associate with the OXC executable?

  • Installer should ask you where you'd like you save games located, with the default location already in place
  • Allow the non-installer version to be passed a config file command line argument: "openxcom --config=/home/mauirixxx/weird-location/options.cfg" OR maybe "openxcom --savelocation=/anotherweirdplace/myoxcsaves" and have it auto open the config file located in that directory?
  • If no command line argument is passed, then default to the default save game location
  • Have the installer ask if you'd like it to automatically associate .sav files with OXC, with the default to NO - so as to not conflict with other programs that may already have that file extension associated
  • If .sav file association gets implemented, when opening the file have OXC bypass the intro movie
  • Implement a command line switch to bypass the intro movie - I know it's easily clicked through to cancel it, but after a few times it gets annoying to do :P

Mahalo for reading :)

Tools / Synchronize your saved games across multiple computers
« on: June 17, 2014, 10:19:48 pm »
I play regularly from 3 different computers (dependent on where I'm at), and instead of trying to play 3 separate games of OXC, I'd rather play 1 ;) This morning, I suddenly remembered a post on the Guild Wars subreddit about synchronizing skill templates, and thought with the OXC save game system, why not sync the save game file as well?

The original reddit thread can be found HERE.

Tools needed:
Dropbox (I tried with owncloud, but owncloud doesn't support junctions (yet?))
Link Shell Extension - download it HERE

Basically, it goes like this:
  • Install Dropbox if you haven't already
  • Install the "Link Shell Extension" tool
  • Find your OpenXcom save files (usually located at C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\OpenXcom)
  • Cut (CTRL-X) the OpenXcom folder
  • Paste (CTRL-V) the OpenXcom folder into your Dropbox folder
  • Right click on the newly pasted OpenXcom folder, and select Pick Link Source
  • Go back to your Documents folder, right click a blank area and select Drop As -> Junction
  • If everything worked, you should get an OpenXcom folder with an arrow over the folder, like so:
  • Also, right clicking on that folder and selecting Properties -> Link Properties shows the target location, LIKE THIS
On subsequent computers, just repeat the above, though if it's a new computer you've yet to play on, your default OpenXcom savegame folder should be empty.

Also, I can't stress this enough: BACKUP YOUR SAVE GAME FIRST

All credit goes to the original author of the how-to on reddit.

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