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Released Mods / Re: [COMPILATION][RESEARCH] FMP Core/Tech Tree part
« on: June 23, 2015, 03:34:37 pm »
Just to break my silence, I'd add that the SkyRanger and Interceptor were prototypes in dealing with a threat humanity had yet to understand and based solely on human technology.

In terms of immersion, I'd be shocked if XCOM made an upgrade craft that didn't take into account what they learned about fighting aliens, as well as the benefits of improved alien alloy. I mean, how many operatives need to get toasted going down the ramp before an XCOM engineer goes: "Hmmmm... maybe that ramp could be improved...." All XCOM improvements slowly go from earth-inspired tech to sci-fi, so in my mind the Alloy Skyranger is just a step away from what we know and towards what humanity can do with this new tech.

I'm just saying.

Work In Progress / Re: i created a new alien --- WIP - called ant man
« on: March 08, 2015, 12:48:00 am »
Looks awesome so far!

Work In Progress / Re: custom missions ideas
« on: March 06, 2015, 11:59:45 pm »
you could make it like a zombie but more or less civilian looking and when you kill them the real alien comes out from inside and is much much stronger than a civilian

That sounds pretty tight! It offers a real "Oh @#$%!!!" moment classic XCOM missions seared into my brain more than once. I can't wait for you to make these missions to try out.  :)

Work In Progress / Re: custom missions ideas
« on: March 06, 2015, 10:20:19 pm »
Regarding the Hybrids, I totally made them. See here. They're in the Final Mod Pack too.

I really like the "friend or foe" idea, but I think it would require having armed civilians first. After all, it's easy to see who is armed and who is not...

That whole armed/unarmed issue is why I suggested the melee stun thing, albeit with reaction fire and the tactical map with colored IFF (identify friend-or-foe) that can be tricky anyway.

Still, if you don't want to make it too obvious or do melee coding tollworkout then maybe, in the short term, make the ALIEN Psi blade have no hand object so its invisible, but allow it to be researched to make an XCOM Psiblade WITH a handob.

Your Hybrids are awesome Scorch, as is everything you make. And your commitment to share is what, without question, makes you one of the coolest modders here. I didn't mean to slight your awesome mod by not including it in my links there as I almost exclusively play your FMP with some additional enabled mods.

The reason I use the term Hubrid is because, in UFO lore, Hybrids range in their appearance whereas a select group of alien-human hybrids called Hubrids are allegedly infiltrating society as they are 100% human looking (or extremely close to it). It would also be easier to mod them in as they could use the civilian skins. Moreover, it fit with the "friend or foe" idea.

I'm certainly not here to do anything but make suggestions when asked. And tollworkout, if you want to make something great Scorch is the one whose brain you wanna pick.

EDIT: Just in case you want to scare yourself or bore yourself to sleep or laugh yourself silly, here are some links to the lecture by a leading "UFO Researcher" (he was having some skype issues so sound is wonky) about alien hybrids:

Whole Video : HERE
Hubrid Info   : HERE

The way the guy talks though you'd think *he* invented the Hubrid term, but w/e.

Work In Progress / Re: custom missions ideas
« on: March 06, 2015, 03:59:39 pm »
Dunno if anyone made hybrid sprites but  that would be cool. Here's an expanded idea.  What if hybrids are found ONLY in this type of mission and what if hybrids have something in them that is used as a resource to build something cool. Also a live hybrid will lead to that cool thing. So you need at least 1 live hybrid and either live or dead doesn't matter. Is some thing that they carry some type of new weapon or item.

Actually with a Hubrid they look EXACTLY like humans, so using one of the civilian recolors like the More civilians mod is a quick one-in-done if the modder gives permission.

As for new weapons I mentioned a stun grenade but how about a psionic stun blade (maybe this modder would give permission for a recolor?)? It gives a new item AND saves the coding of making a special type of Hubrid that only stuns. Quicker + new item that way. I'm sure a modder would give permission for a recolor of an existing object.

As far as a special Hubrid item... I dunno... some mods allow corpses to be used to make things [like the XCOM Sectopod mod ] so maybe the Psionic Blade needs the chemicals in the Hubrid's corpse?

Work In Progress / Re: custom missions ideas
« on: March 06, 2015, 04:02:19 am »
I like abduction in progress one. Any more ideas?

I thought of Jail Attacks where aliens are attacking a jail house and you have to deal with aliens and escaped convicts. Some convicts are a new race and will be hostile while others will be civilians. They will look the same. Is gonna be hard to tell which convict is peaceful and which one is aggressive. You will have to be careful . Also there are guards and guard dogs you must save. You may accidentally kill convicts that are peaceful but ignore the ones that aren't. This is kinda a test of morals.


CRAFT > xx

Aliens have attacked a Jail House and broken free all Convicts. Some Escaped Convicts have turned hostile. You must be careful to eliminate only hostile convicts. Eliminate all Alien forces. Save any peaceful Convicts and Guards.

I wanted to use that unused map but not snow but rather grass or mountain.

Along that same line, why not an Alien Hybrid take down mission?

THE COUNCIL discovers a small town where alien hybrids are being integrated into a local community. The humans are good, whereas the "Hubrids" are hostile but armed with stun weapons only (since their job is to capture and replace they never got serious hardware].

The main "ufo" is actually a (scout???) ufo inside of a warehouse--inside may be a Sectoid Commander with MC powers to help the Hubrids fight your operatives. May even want to make use of a stun grenade mod or give some Hubrids a melee stun attack.

EDIT: OK, OK, one more:

Using some of those "TOP SECRET: XCOM" boxes from TFTD, make a special "supply chain" mission--

SUPPLY CHAIN: While searching for XCOM bases the invaders inadvertently followed a transport craft and discovered one of XCOM's supply chain warehouses. The "less glamorous" materials XCOM needs (soap, clothes, lightbulbs, Skyranger parts) are shipped through supply chains like this.

The whole mission is a massive, Indian-Jones style warehouse of boxes with the XCOM craft landing just outside (maybe a skyranger on a runway).

To actually simulate the "NEED" of these materials, make a special class of civilian--a box that doesn't move anywhere (zero TU's so it can't even turn). You'll lose points from these "civilian" deaths like losing the materials would hurt. 

To avoid an essay, I'll give my ideas hard and fast:

1) Mod combo I liked: Terran Plasma Weapons + Elerium breakdown Mod:

Why: Once you research alien plasma weapons your workshop is really nothing more than an Avenger factory. Terran Plasma weapons forces me to build my own plasma weapons and ammo--this made some missions REALLY tense as my operatives ran out of ammo and couldn't just mug a Muton for his gun.  The elerium breakdown mod made this one bearable as I could deconstruct alien artifacts to get 25-75% (based on mod parameters) of the item's elerium construction cost.

2) Mod Combo I liked: Alloy Craft (Retaliator and Sky Marshall):

Why: These two "in-between" craft made so much sense to me, and were VERY practical: After alien alloy research XCOM makes its own improved Interceptor and Transport based on existing designs. Each is improved (better speed, range, and HP with Interceptor, Skymarshall actually had more carrying capacity). And, lore-wise, XCOM would logically have to master human craft and alien technology integration BEFORE moving on to reverse engineering UFOs. And Elerium-wise it was nice to have somewhat improved jet-fuel using craft (that didn't have a rental fee for the Retaliator--I edited the Skymarshall to also not require a rental fee).   

3) Mod I Like: Alien Alloy Ammo + Mod Suggestion: Alien Alloy Weaponry:

Why: I liked the alien alloy mod lore-wise as it was XCOM's baby-steps into alien technology--trying to force alien ideas into a human template. I like the idea of a pre-laser alien alloy ammo weapon as a stepping stone for the same reason. Plus, if done right I think alien alloy weapons could be a laser weapon alternative or complement: Lasers have unlimited ammo, whereas alloy weapons would take ammo but do more damage (or something).

4) Mass Accelerator Weapons + My own personal Armor mods:

Why: I liked this combo because I think it encapsulates the spirit of the XCOM story. The Mass Accelerator weapons are BETTER than alien plasma, and my personal armor mods gave soldiers the protection and stat boosts to stand toe-to-toe with Mutons.

How does this combo capture the XCOM spirit? The aliens have been using the same technology for millions of years in a unified, slavish existence under a single hive-mind. Humans are different. We're divided into a council of funding nations. We adapt. We change and grow. And we improve the living @#$% out of the alien technology until WE SEND E.T. HOME--IN A BODY BAG!  8)

5) Mod I like: PSIONIC ARMOR:

Why: A mod of a mod, someone took the purple power armor recolor, reduced the stat protection (to around personal armor!) but added psionic resistance to make the wearer impervious to mind control. This made my cannon fodder troops useful as they wouldn't be MC'd, but more vulnerable than 70+ psionic strength operatives in regular armor. Was it worth the elerium to have that 60 accuracy new recruit? Very very tense scenarios.

6) Suggestion: Research Guidance

Why: When I got XCOM nearly 20 years ago it was odd to me that I needed to buy a strategy guide or a PC Gamer mag to figure out the research order. I would suggest that research items have XCOM scientist suggestions as to your next course of action.


"We will need to capture and interrogate an ALIEN LEADER if we want to discover more about ALIEN PSIONICS.*

"We should take possession of a UFO POWER SOURCE and research it to derive more advanced XCOM craft."

Good luck with your mod!

The X-Com Files / Re: New megaproject, working name: FMP+
« on: December 11, 2014, 04:16:55 am »
I love this mod Scorch! I really like all the extra research topics to keep my scientists busy. I loaded the Assault rifle mod (since it has alien alloys ammo as well) and it's downright epic.

Only downside is that with the latest build the combat maps are wonky. My skyrangers spawn inside buildings, as do the UFOs. XD

Only thing I can suggest, in the 'MOAR RESEARCH!' category is adding alien ranks as a research topic (to flesh out the alien society some more). I tried to make a mod like that but I never got it to work. XD

Regardless, I'm in love with the mod. Keep it up. :)

The X-Com Files / Re: New megaproject, working name: FMP+
« on: September 21, 2014, 05:24:39 pm »
I love this idea Scorch.

To avoid making a huge TL;DR post, I'll keep my comments brief:

Phases: I'd love a "hybrid" game in that you have to take out

(1) Cydonia (EU), then
(2) T'Leth (TFTD), then
(3) a new HQ (based on the custom races you and others have been making) that uses UFOs and USOs... so you need new craft that can do Air and Water and Space?,
(3.5) Eliminate all the renegade factions on earth (Cult of Sirius, Exalt, MiB, etc.) and then
(4) Invade the alien home world! Give them a taste of their own medicine! End the extraterrestrial threat once and for all!

Coding: I'm no coder either, so I don't know if these are possible:

a) If certain missions are ENABLED by in game criteria, how about DISABLING them?

Example: Alien Infiltration works through alien hybrids. What if you could do a CYDONIA OR BUST! style mission to take out the hybrid facility? Fail, and you lose the craft and your operatives. Succeed, and Alien Infiltration missions end.

b) Either/Or endings: Is it possible to code outcomes based on mission actions?

Example: I always hated my operatives dying in TFTD taking out T'Leth. What if you had a choice?
i. Take out the pylons, and the alien destroys T'Leth and your team ala vanilla.
ii. SET CHARGES: You have X turns to get your operatives to the elevator and escape. T'Leth blows, and your escaping operatives survive.

Whatever you do Scorch, I know it will rock.

Work In Progress / Re: [Idea]Depleted Elerium/Elerium Craft Weapons
« on: August 23, 2014, 12:21:13 am »
Personally, I think depleted elerium would be a good by-product from UFO components that are destroyed (i.e. a UFO power source blown up would yield some elerium and depleted elerium).

Conversely, there was a mod that allowed the player to deconstruct alien weapons, ufo components, etc. for elerium--so another way may be to allow a player to deconstruct alien artifacts for an elerium refund with different ratio splits on how much elerium to depleted elerium you get.

EXAMPLE: Allow an alien UFO Power source could be deconstructed with a 50% return of its elerium build cost, and 50% of the elerium cost in depleted elerium.

This (sorta) keeps elerium rare... another (not liked by me) idea to help keep elerium rare with this deconstruction method would be to even reduce captured base/ufo elerium with a split of elerium and depleted elerium.

Whatever the method, I LOVE mods that give me more toys and research topics. I don't know what a depleted elerium weapon would do but that depleted-elerium battery for enhanced laser weapons is one... another idea is a very strong depleted elerium launcher with maybe 5 rounds a clip but strong enough to puncture a ufo. I'd TOTALLY go for that. Another weapon would be a long-range cannon for crafts--you'd have to make ammo for it but you could jazz up its damage to clock ufo battleships. It would be a tough gun the player would want to have but the depleted elerium requirement for the ammo would make it unviable as a mainstay craft weapon.


Released Mods / Re: [Musik] GMTACTIC.mp3
« on: June 25, 2014, 11:40:31 pm »
I dunno if it's a mod per se, but I like it!

Open Feedback / Re: Yaay 1.0 %cough% TFTD %cough yaaay woooo 1.0
« on: June 17, 2014, 02:54:56 pm »
So glad for 1.0! OpenXCOM makes this old fan soooo happy!

Good things come to those who wait, but yeah, excited for an OpenTFTD... it was my first XCOM, funny as it sounds, as I only went back to play the original after I beat TFTD.

I'm especially excited for OpenTFTD if the modders are still committed to a combined EU/TFTD hybrid mod.... throw in some MiB...

Work In Progress / Re: Chtonite race: terror unit ideas needed
« on: May 29, 2014, 02:53:37 am »
OK, that numbering thing makes sense. As for a combined alien modpack, I don't see that as a bad thing AT ALL. Megamod material anyone? *wink wink*

Yeeeeah... Stupidity on my part not scoring the Gauss Cannon upgrade--I only mentioned it in case that might've done some cross-mod something or other. EDIT I'll update it to be sure I updated it and the Ufopedia shows up just fine(!), but I think that numbering thing you pointed out is probably what's going on with the aliens. My bad again there going mod crazy but, I wants meh some nuu alienz! XD

Work In Progress / Re: Chtonite race: terror unit ideas needed
« on: May 29, 2014, 01:56:12 am »
I have the Reptoid, MiB, Gazer, and Waspite mods as well as your Gauss Mod (Gauss Cannon Ufopedia causes a crash, but it always did that) and some other non-alien related mods. I've never seen this high strangeness with the corpses before.

Work In Progress / Re: Chtonite race: terror unit ideas needed
« on: May 29, 2014, 01:17:47 am »
The Tunluns look fine to me-- light sandy-brown but that goes with the subterranean thing.

Odd thing though: when they die now, they don't leave a corpse, and the Cthnite Corpse looks like a Reptoid...

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