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a must read, thanks!

interesting idea, I agree

XPiratez / Re: Stuff I'd love to see in XPiratez!
« on: May 25, 2021, 11:27:52 pm »
Mission idea:

"assault on a Megapol precinct"

a Megapol outpost in a city, with Megapol cops and dogs guarding some weapons and some unconscious prisoners , kept in the cells after a recent roundup

What do you think? I know it's not groundbreaking, but i wanted to give a minimal contribute

I like it too, might be a more advanved version of guild warehouse assault, with more advanced loot to obtain, and let megapol to "partecipate" to the plot too

XPiratez / Re: Bugs & Crash Reports
« on: May 12, 2021, 11:36:55 pm »
On 0.99L9 once i research "niner magnum clips" - unlocked by reserching "shiny niner" first, these are avaiable to the black market for buying. Should supposed to be manufactured instead?

Well not all radiation is equal, the gals do metabolize hellrium radiation to maintain there explosive metabolism, but i imagine its a relatively delicate process. To much or the wrong type can still be a bad thing.

Yes, i go the point. Also now to get workshop "steam power" and "durhatred working" topic need to be research, which in turn are given respectively by "wrench" and "guild stapler", topics to complicate matters...

Oh i saw there are some saved files attached in this thread so i wanted to add mine: on 0.99L9 i saw that there is a map where radiation damages gas, but in the extractor desription it says that radiation are needed by the gals to sustaing theri strenght, it is an inconsistency? I also intercepted an armored hummer i was hoping to ground assault but it did not stop

if you guys have some hints to share please tell us

What kind of armors do damsels wear? The bootypedia description say the samr as peasants exept the most "plebean" ones so the "trappings" they can use are named after noble titles or what? What kind of research do i need to manufacture these anyways?

XPiratez / Re: Bugs & Crash Reports
« on: May 10, 2021, 01:44:15 pm »
0.99L9, after unlocked the black market once the topic "Contact:Merchants" handcannon shots are avaiable to buy. Bug?

XPiratez / Re: Stuff I'd love to see in XPiratez!
« on: May 10, 2021, 01:21:25 pm »
That high quality sound mod for xpiratez is really cool, i wish it gonna be intergated into the game itself, please consider...

Edit: since in the game is possible randomly to recruit heroes, how about to have a gal armor naned "heroine"? Some inspiragion from google here

XPiratez / Re: Bugs & Crash Reports
« on: May 06, 2021, 02:32:54 pm »
The error message says "not enough memory".

Btw. L10 doesn't exist, there is only L9.

Oh sorry my bad, i want to refet at L9. I used win 10 on a x86_64 machine, hope this might help

The X-Com Files / Re: Real weapons overhaul discussion
« on: May 05, 2021, 11:15:07 am »
I like the colt commando, but i think it should be a bit more shortened, to match more the "real world"

XPiratez / Re: Bugs & Crash Reports
« on: May 05, 2021, 11:13:11 am »
Justlaunched the brand new 0.99L10 on windows, with extended mod sound and oka patch, and it sgfaults, here are the relevant strings of openxcom.log file:

Code: [Select]
[05-05-2021_10-09-57] [INFO] Options loaded successfully.
[05-05-2021_10-09-57] [INFO] SDL initialized successfully.
[05-05-2021_10-09-57] [INFO] SDL_mixer initialized successfully.
[05-05-2021_10-09-57] [INFO] Attempted locale:
[05-05-2021_10-09-57] [INFO] Detected locale: C
[05-05-2021_10-09-57] [INFO] Attempting to set display to 1920x1017x32...
[05-05-2021_10-09-58] [INFO] Display set to 1920x1017x32.
[05-05-2021_10-09-58] [INFO] Loading data...
[05-05-2021_10-09-58] [INFO] Scanning standard mods in ''...
[05-05-2021_10-10-00] [INFO] Scanning user mods in 'C:/Users/NICOLA/Dioxine_XPiratez/user/'...
[05-05-2021_10-10-07] [ERROR] FileMap::mapExtResources(xcom2, TFTD): external resources not found.
[05-05-2021_10-10-08] [INFO] Active mods:
[05-05-2021_10-10-08] [INFO] - piratez vv.L9 OXCE 7.0 13-Mar-2021
[05-05-2021_10-10-08] [INFO] - OAK-RU v7.5 30-APR-2021
[05-05-2021_10-10-08] [INFO] - piratezCitiesLore v0.1
[05-05-2021_10-10-08] [INFO] - Piratez High Quality Sounds v0.99
[05-05-2021_10-10-09] [INFO] Loading begins...
[05-05-2021_10-10-09] [INFO] Pre-loading rulesets...
[05-05-2021_10-10-09] [INFO] Loading vanilla resources...
[05-05-2021_10-10-11] [INFO] Loading rulesets...
[05-05-2021_10-10-25] [INFO] Loading rulesets done.
[05-05-2021_10-10-25] [INFO] Loading ended.
[05-05-2021_10-10-25] [INFO] Loading fonts... AmigaFont.dat
[05-05-2021_10-10-27] [INFO] Lazy loading: 1
[05-05-2021_10-10-43] [ERROR] Sound::load(Resources/Sounds/Ambient/Green_Village.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-43] [ERROR] Sound::load(Resources/Sounds/Ambient/IRRAD.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-46] [ERROR] Sound::load(set1/ASMGfire.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(basic/commandoRifleFire.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(set2/assaultRifle02.wav): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(set2/ak47ramshackle01.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(set2/ak47ramshackle02.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(set2/ak47ramshackle03.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(set2/holdoutPistol03.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(set2/uacCarbine01.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(set2/uacCarbine02.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(set2/uacCarbine03.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(set2/blackmarch01.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(set3/HaloBRfire01.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(set3/HaloBRfire02.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(basic/damage100B.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(basic/damage100C.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(set5/oldRevolver02.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(set5/oldRevolver03.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(set5/snubby02.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(set5/snubby03.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(set5/rotogun03.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(set1/armoredCarMachinegun02.ogg): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-47] [ERROR] Sound::load(set5/doomPSXssg.wav): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-48] [ERROR] Sound::load(piratezHMG.wav): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-48] [ERROR] Sound::load(set6/ClintEastwoodMagnum.wav): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-48] [ERROR] Sound::load(set6/80sShotgunBlast.wav): mix error=Out of memory
[05-05-2021_10-10-48] [INFO] Loading custom palettes from ruleset...
[05-05-2021_10-10-48] [INFO] Creating a new palette: PAL_BATTLESCAPE_1
[05-05-2021_10-10-48] [INFO] Creating a new palette: PAL_BATTLESCAPE_2
[05-05-2021_10-10-48] [INFO] Creating a new palette: PAL_BATTLESCAPE_3
[05-05-2021_10-10-48] [INFO] Creating a new palette: PAL_COLD
[05-05-2021_10-10-48] [INFO] Creating a new palette: PAL_DGOOD_ACID
[05-05-2021_10-10-48] [INFO] Creating a new palette: PAL_DGOOD_SEA
[05-05-2021_10-10-48] [INFO] Creating a new palette: PAL_DGOOD_SPACE
[05-05-2021_10-10-48] [INFO] Creating a new palette: PAL_HOT
[05-05-2021_10-10-48] [INFO] Creating a new palette: PAL_MAGMA
[05-05-2021_10-10-48] [INFO] Creating a new palette: PAL_MARS
[05-05-2021_10-10-48] [INFO] Creating a new palette: PAL_ORANGE
[05-05-2021_10-10-48] [INFO] Making palette backups...
[05-05-2021_10-10-53] [ERROR] std::bad_alloc
[05-05-2021_10-11-04] [FATAL] A fatal error has occurred: Segmentation fault.
[05-05-2021_10-11-05] [FATAL] 0x5b6d50 OpenXcom::CrossPlatform::stackTrace(void*)
[05-05-2021_10-11-05] [FATAL] 0x5b7bc0 OpenXcom::CrossPlatform::crashDump(void*, std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&)
[05-05-2021_10-11-05] [FATAL] 0x41c7f0 signalLogger(int)
[05-05-2021_10-11-05] [FATAL] 0x9ba390 OpenXcom::UfopaediaStartState::think()
[05-05-2021_10-11-05] [FATAL] 0x7ffce8b5c6e0 _C_specific_handler
[05-05-2021_10-11-05] [FATAL] 0x7ffce8b71f60 _chkstk
[05-05-2021_10-11-05] [FATAL] 0x7ffce8b21020 RtlRaiseException
[05-05-2021_10-11-05] [FATAL] 0x7ffce8b70b80 KiUserExceptionDispatcher
[05-05-2021_10-11-05] [FATAL] ??
[05-05-2021_10-11-05] [FATAL] Unfortunately, no stack trace information is available
[05-05-2021_10-11-11] [FATAL] OpenXcom has crashed: Segmentation fault.
Log file: C:/Users/NICOLA/Dioxine_XPiratez/user/openxcom.log
If this error was unexpected, please report it on OpenXcom forum or discord.
The following can help us solve the problem:
1. a saved game from just before the crash (helps 98%)
2. a detailed description how to reproduce the crash (helps 80%)
3. a log file (helps 10%)
4. a screenshot of this error message (helps 5%)

XPZ Strategy/Tactics / Re: Extended Piratez general FAQ/Strategy Guide
« on: April 12, 2021, 01:41:18 am »
In the latest versions, seems the ones with the 0.99Lxx branch, i cannot buy airbuses anymore once i researched the topic "contact: car thiefs", so if i sell it's gone forever?

is it an important craft? I might sell it without serious consequences in a game?

Work In Progress / Re: [TC][OXCE] Terminator: Tech-Comm - Terminated
« on: March 23, 2021, 04:05:32 pm »
Very latest version is o.34, if someone might want to try out of curiosity it is here.

XPiratez / Re: Stuff I'd love to see in XPiratez!
« on: March 23, 2021, 03:31:46 pm »
Do people really say that? They must know something I missed.  I find shadowbat far superior. Even snake is more useful as interceptor and safer to deeply in. Only thing Jellyfish has going for it is that special weapon one gal imprisoned on top of it can use. Otherwise it is slow, can deploy only 6 gals, cant use axsilia, and worst of it is fill is full of deadly holes that kill your gals.

I say Jellyfish is jellyshit! Anyone prove me wrong!  :P

Yes, actually i tried and it's very weird...also the gal trapped above but shots are possbile only to the line of sight and the gal cannot move....maybe some little modification would be welcome, providing balace won't be altered, of course.

Hay as for dogfight i think some terminal velocity soundtrack would suit fine...go try while playng  :P

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