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Suggestions / A couple of glitches in TWoTS
« on: June 09, 2020, 07:25:45 pm »
Hi all,

Not sure if these have been raised already, but here goes:

1.When the aliens invade your bases and you have to fight them off, certain underwater drones (shrimp and cuttlefish) are suddnly available to use around the base flying around in the air.

2. During the alien laboratory missions the second under water phase of the mission allows you to use surface weapons like the AK47 and heavy machine gun under water.

3. Is the Exosuit supposed to be an underwater only item? Because not being able to wear it on land is a bit odd when you cant wear the very similar Hard suit. I would say neither should be worn on land.

4. Is the Alien ADS supposed to be less powerful than the standard ADS as the damage is 25 for the alien one and 30 for the standard one?

Enjoying the game massively.



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