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Released Mods / [UFO] One Tenth Research Times.
« on: April 29, 2018, 09:28:32 am »
Hello guys,

I played UFO to death back in the day, and only found out 2 weeks ago that open X-Com was ready.  And boy is it great.  Thanks to the devs !
There was something that always bugged me in the game, Research rate. 
It was, and still is, far too easy to get to the end-game in a few months, especially if you get a couple of lucky missions.

So I made this Mod: OneTenthResearh
It uses a custom RUL to multiply per 10 the amount of research needed to complete them... In other words, like giving you only 1/10th of your usual progression speed.
The mod does not change the progression tree, so one can still "Bee-Line" to plasma cannons and avenger super-craft (not to mention other techs to get to Mars).  But it's not going to take you 3-4 months anymore.

Why would you install this mod?  It is made so that you have to use everything at your disposal to survive the time needed to take the alien down on their own planet. 
You have to bid your time and plan wisely.  It also makes you take a lot more mission in starting gear, which provides the greatest form of challenge.
Want to run a longer, harsher game or youtube series, without going superhuman ? (and kudos to those than can play Superhuman)  then this is for you.
I've tested it on my own for a few hours and it took a while even to get laser weapons, well after my first terror mission popped (on easy).

I have not, nor do I plan to test this with other mods, I only modified the base game technology research rate.  Feel free to modify it if so you please.
Thank you, and have fun !  (PS: if you plan on using this mod in a YouTube series, send me a PM, I'd love to watch it !)

Here's the dropbox link for anyone interested :

Suggestions / Special request of mine...
« on: October 19, 2012, 09:25:34 pm »
If it can be done, If you have the time... possibly after the game is released.

If I'm a sucker for one plane in history, it has to be the SR71 BlackBird.
It wasn't a dogfighter, and wasn't even an interceptor... but...

I'd like to have an upgraded version of that plane available as a costly replacement for the usual XCom interceptor, providing you would want to purchase it.  Say the SR71-A, upgraded to state of the art military equipment.  It would have great speed, and better acceleration (perhaps or not, I'm no engineer, so this might not be true) than the regular interceptor.
It had max speed of ~3'500 km/h, and a range of 5'150 km.

I don't know by heart the X-COM stats for the interceptor, but this one (say priced at triple cost ?) could gap the bridge when you don't have much elerium, but still need to intercept UFOs, call it an X-COM fighter 2.0.

Note that I can't contribute in-game texture (really the hangar image, I think it's the only one ?) nor coding.
But here's a picture for those not familiar with the plane

Just a fantasy of mine =)

Suggestions / Balancing Psionics ?
« on: October 19, 2012, 03:50:33 am »

I've always found the the Psi-stuff was the only part of X-Com which was unbalanced...
Aliens mess with you and cripple your ability to do anything
Then when X-COM gets that, it's the other way around (I've heard that ppl where able to control 3 aliens per marine, which is insane)

So how do we balance that ?   Couple of Suggestions

#1- Simply make it harder to land a Psyonic attack.  Not impossible, but halving the chance for aliens would seem about right.
#2- Add ammo to the Psy-Amps; I'd say 3 shots and that's it.  Oh and the reload clip should be 3-by-2 (3 rows, 2 colums)  ;)
#3- Reduce the amount of PPL / Aliens that can do psy-attacks
#4- Each time you ask something/someone to do something against usual (ie: shooting allies), give a chance to break to mind-control.

Just a few toughs
 -- Francois424

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