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OXCE Support / [Solved] Rosigma issue (armor naming)
« on: August 04, 2022, 03:57:20 pm »
Hey Meridian, trying to get 40k+Rosigma to work with OXCE 7.6.0 but running into a few errors consistently that weren´t there with version pre 7.6.0:

Both relate to 2 armors held by the main mod (40k) and referenced by the submod (ROSIGMA). First error that popped up right away after updating (validation level 0):
Error processing 'STR_FLOATER_ARMOR1' in armors: Geo corpse item cannot be empty.
Error processing 'STR_FLOATER_ARMOR2' in armors: Geo corpse item cannot be empty.

Odd error, as Open X-Com (not extended) should default to corpseBattle if geo is not mentioned(?). ROSIGMA simply refers back to 40k main mod on this one, no corpses mentioned in the code. 40k does have corpseBattle assigned, like so:
  - type: FLOATER_ARMOR2

Now, copying that corpseBattle and putting it into the submod armor code instead gives this error (or changing to validation level 2):
[ERROR]   During linking rulesets of armors:
Error for 'STR_FLOATER_ARMOR1': Number of battle corpse items for 'corpseBattle' does not match the armor size.
Error for 'STR_FLOATER_ARMOR2': Number of battle corpse items for 'corpseBattle' does not match the armor size.
Doesn´t seem to solve anything.

Extended log with validation level 0:
 [ERROR]    Supressed Error for 'STR_FLOATER_ARMOR1': Number of battle corpse items for 'corpseBattle' does not match the armor size.
 [ERROR]    Supressed Error for 'STR_FLOATER_ARMOR2': Number of battle corpse items for 'corpseBattle' does not match the armor size.
 [ERROR]    During linking rulesets of armors:
Error processing 'STR_FLOATER_ARMOR1' in armors: Geo corpse item cannot be empty.
Error processing 'STR_FLOATER_ARMOR2' in armors: Geo corpse item cannot be empty.

Any ideas? This is all the openxcom error log gives me on these errors.

e: I´ve tried on 2 computers, checked that there´s no double-read issue with some file leftover in the mod folder, wiped the previous mod folder etc.

This is a "During linking rulesets of armors", as it only happens with the submod (but didn´t previous to 7.6.0).

« on: May 02, 2021, 02:47:50 pm »
Welcome to ROSIGMA, a collab content mod that unites the two content submods ROSE and IGMA, expanding upon them further. page and download links:

Discord (quickest way to get answers to questions and bugs, but we also got extensive suggestion sections):
(Found the setting to not have the link expire after 7 days)

Latest update notes and hotfixes:,9687.msg138591.html#msg138591

Me, Buscher and Xom126 have been busy integrating these mods and the first release is now ready.
Special thanks to Cabal/CAPSHEP and Lord Flashheart for pitching in with their additions as well (see more below).

So what is ROSIGMA, ROSE and IGMA? The short version:
-Expanded enemy roster, Orks fully fleshed out, Chaos added to and new early, mid and late game enemies added.
-Expanded Adeptas, and Imperial Guard content. Units, armor, weapons, upgrade paths and abilities. Arbites isn´t the focus, but get access to some of the Guard arsenal.
-Gameplay Rebalance. Quality of life features like the new token system to replace the honour badges (and corpse storage pile), reduced grenade spam, changes in sight ranges and engagement ranges to make more weapons appealing.
-New code additions, new abilities and effects. Buscher is always cooking up new cool code additions and Xom126 has done some great work adding more idle animations to weapons and units.
-An expanded Strategy system for Marines, with each strategy having access to specific weapon types. This includes heavy weapons, bolter variants and melee weapons belonging to specific Strategy-themed weapon kit.

If you´ve played the 40k main mod previously and want more variety and new challenges, this is the mod for you. That said, don´t be scared away if you´re entirely new to the 40k mod either, this mod does not aim to be a hardcore difficulty mode and we´ve introduced plenty of quality-of-life improvements to make it appealing for new players as well.

ROSIGMA content notes:
-Integrates the ROSE and IGMA submods for a combined and expanded experience with the 40k mod.

Highlights, new Content:
-Adds over 70 new enemy types. This includes doubling the variety of Orks, introducing several factions of Chaos Sisters, new Traitor and Deserter Guardsmen and introducing entirely new unit types like the Chaos Squats, Daemon Undivided, Khornate Valkia, Tzaangor, Horrors, Slaangors and Slaanesh Anointed.
We aim to flesh out several factions and introduces new ones.

Orks Expanded:
-The Ork WAAAAUGH! Has been greatly expanded, new Orks foes include: Tankbustas, Kommandoz, Stormboyz, Burnaboyz, Mekboys, Flashgitz, Mega-Armored Nobz, Warbikers, Deffkopters, Weirdboyz and the Warboss!

New Ork Weapons:
- The new Ork units have an expanded arsenal, including the Tank hammer, a very sneaky slugga, snazzguns and more dakka than you can shake a stick at. This includes some more ranged options, so learn to spot them at afar to take them out early (the Flashgitz tend to stand out in a crowd).
 - The new Weirdboyz have an array of quite dangerous, if unpredictable, psyker abilities.

New Chaos and Heretic Sisters of Battle Foes:
- Chaos and Heretic Sister factions provides ample new threats for the early, mid and late game. While most are easier to dispatch than Chaos Space Marines, some have the blessings of the Chaos Gods and can prove quite tough, with hidden special abilities.

The Forces of Slaanesh Expanded:

 - Slaanesh fleshed out with early and midgame Slaangor warbands. They got more health than your cultists but not much better armor.
 - The Fiendgor is the new Slaanesh Terror Unit to round out the Daemonettes, quite quick, tough and have rending pincers that will damage armor and stun units.

- Late game Slaanesh Anointed elites wield new missile launchers based on some of those lovely old 40k designs. They are quite tough snakey lads.

A new Slaanesh Arsenal:
- Adds new enemy weapons, fleshed out Slaanesh weapons from auto- and lasguns to kombibolters and missile launchers.
 - Slaanesh weapons are precise, good at reaction fire and have armor rending, penetration and energy drain, at the cost of direct damage.

Tzentch  Expanded:
New in 1.05 is the Cults of Tzeentch:
- A techy, magic using force with a focus on energy weapons and good accuracy. They're more fragile than other forces, but do have quite a lot of summons.
Tzeentch (Blue for now) Horrors and Tzaangor are included.
Tzeentch Traitor Guard forces and an expanded Tzeentch themed Arsenal is in the works.

Nurgle Expanded:
- Nurgle has a smaller boost to his arsenal for now, but it includes a new Heavy bolter and a hand held version of the Nurgle launcher.
 - All Nurgle bolter rounds have recieved a new VFX effect to indicate you´re being hit by blight rounds.

New Imperial Deserters:
- The new Deserter faction adds new traitor guard for the early game and eventual bounty missions, not aligned directly with the forces of Chaos but perhaps manipulated by them.
 - All this (and more!) added with new enemy army lists, split between early, mid and late game variety and thematic lists that will keep you on your toes.
 - With the addition of more weak early game foe variety, it might be a little easier for new players.

Adeptas Expanded:
- Adds 9 new armors and units to the early-mid Adeptas game, including new voice packs to add variety.

 - With new promotion chains for medicae, assassins and the Sister Superior there are now more options and depth to the Sister playthrough.
 - The early Sisters game now sports Novices and Cantus rather than full on Battle Sisters.
 - Battle Sisters are recruited through a new Convent Barracks upgrade to the living quarters, which is unlocked by researching the early Adeptas specific techs (mobilization being the important one).
 - Assassins and Repentia having their movement speed and survivability increased.
 - The new Death Cult Assassin is a upgrade option that provides an "advanced" assassin armor to make them more viable late game.
 - The Ecclessiarchy have replaced the Guardsmen with their own Militia, hand picked fanatics kitted out (in this case) to pass as respectable troops. They got worse starting training than Guardsmen, but make up for it with guts! And high morale, but mostly guts.

- A new Sister pilot has been introduced, with bonuses to piloting. Expensive, she´s not a replacement for the Battle Sisters in the field.

- Changed Adeptas start, the Adeptas start now with Novices, Militia, Pilots and just a few Sisters to oversee them, with the higher end weapons and armors to be unlocked with research. You will get the option to recruit Sisters of Battle, or to train up and promote Novices (for a cheaper cost).

A new arsenal of Sisterhood weapons:
- Adds a new arsenal of fleshed out weapons for Adeptas.
  - Includes dedicated bolters, boltpistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenade launcher, grenades, rocket launcher, disposable rocket launchers, lascannon, meltagun, stormbolter, assaultcannon, several types of plasma weapons, a new AoE Gravgun and a mighty animated Zweihander power sword.
  - Generally  lighter weight at the cost of ranged accuracy and power of their Astartes counterparts.
  - These weapons are unlocked either through general research topics, or through capturing their new Chaos counterparts.
  - Some of these weapons can be unlocked for all factions play, Harmonic Beamer Meltagun and light "Malthus" lascannon.

-Imperial Guard expanded:
  -Mounted Heavy Bolter additional to Autocannon and Lascannon (also rebalanced to make them more worthwhile)
  -Multilaser and Heavy Plasma variant for Sentinels
  -More armor variants (Elysian-Like Jump Armor)
  -More soldier types (Veteran/Scion Officers and Penitents as fodder).
  -Krieg Guardsmen for more flavor (thanks Cabal/CAPSHEP for all the work and Lord Flashheart providing the base for the inventory sprite).
  -Krieg Lucius Pattern Heavy Lasgun and Heavy Stubber added.
  -Solo Pattern Light Bolters, well liked by PDF and rebels alike!
  -New Assassins, Vindicare and Callidus.


-For the Imperial Guard a slightly more expendable playstyle with a focus on heavy weaponry and hero skills:
  - Penitents are fodder which do not cost morale on death. Utterly expendable, nobody cares if they die.
  - Krieg Guardsmen trying to redeem themselves should always have exceptional morale. Kriegsmen will now appear randomly mixed in with other NPC guardsmen on Terror Missions.
  - Mounted Weapons (including the new wheeled heavy bolter) and Sentinels are the mainstay for heavy weapons.
  - Commissars, Priests and Officers are intended to allow normal Human soldiers to go beyond their normal abilities (buffing).
  - Vindicare Assassins are intended to destroy high priority targets from afar with specialized and expensive ammo.
  - Autoguns/Lasguns should be viable options in early/mid-game with more advanced ammo types (hotshot and such) to help them stay relevant.

Imperial Guard Arsenal expanded:
  -Different variants of weapons for Heavy Stubber, Officer Sword, Hellpistol, Smoke/Photon ammo for Grenade Launcher.
  -Buffing Roles (Officers and Priests).
  -Laser Designator for Airstrike (was Officer's special weapon before, which is now buffing).
  -Modified Drop-Transport and Tauros Valkyries (Drop-Transport got HWP slot, Tauros gets bigger arsenal of grenades and more troops).
  -Added Vulture to fill the gap between Thunderbolt and Marauder.
  -Upgrade with Transmission Decoder for the outpost (currently only works for IG).

Traitor Guard expanded:
  -New Valkyrie transport deployments.
  -Traitor and Chaos Ogryn, wielding Ripper Guns and Heavy Stubbers.
  -Battle Servitors with heavy bolter or missile pod limbs.
  -Penetante cannon fodder/suicide troops.
  -Floating Heretek engineers with beamer meltaguns and light lascannons.
  -New sniper long las, lascannons, ripper guns, hotshot and volleyguns.

General quality of life improvements:
 -Xom126s animated and very fancy, Mastercrafted melee weapon sprites have been worked in. This includes an Adeptas Zweihander, the Mastercrafted Powersword and the Weirdboy Stikk (for now). It will now be easier to identify the units with the best weapons!
 -QoL: Flying armor types can now be unlocked by researching other enemy flying units than just the basic Raptors.
 -QoL: Plasma pistols can now be unlocked by researching different plasma pistol types, this will be added to more weapons with variants in future updates.
 -Specialised ammo available for high prices at trade outposts.
 -Changes to availability of things like the Plasma Sentinel or Assault (flying) Armors, they are now easier to get the research for.

ROSIGMA Rebalance changes:
Weapon ranges and values have been tweaked, normal bolters have been buffed while grenade spam has been reduced.  Overall have long ranged weapons and vision ranges been reduced while midranged bolters have been buffed. The ideal engagement range should now be around 8-20 tiles.
 -Buff/Easier: Space Marine recruits starting bravery range buffed from 10-60, to 40-80. Still allows for slightly cowardly marines, without them accidentally recruiting Sir Robin.
 -Changed: Space Marine Heavy Bolters are now the cream of the crop that rises to the top, higher damage and rate of fire compared to non-Space Marine variants (if you can handle the recoil).
 -Harder: The Heavy Bolter effective range has been reduced to promote different weapons and give all weapon types their own niche.
 -Harder: Missiles and Lascannons accuracy have been slightly reduced, as has their effective range.
 -Buffed/Changed: Flamethrowers now do more damage against unprotected foes, have slightly better range (less self-immolation risk) and generally have been changed to use arcing shots (with a few exceptions). If you can reduce enemy armor, flamers will be quite effective.
 -Easier: All grenades have shorter range, and heavy grenades have the shortest range. From 20 tiles to 10-17 tiles of range depending on power or weight. Enemies will still use grenades but the aim is to reduce enemy grenade spam meta, Orks have proper Dakka now instead.
 -New: New grenade types have been introduced (more towards disabling, panic inducing or armor reducing/bypassing types). This makes them work more as an attrition tool than a random roll to see who´s dead this turn (and not in power armor).
 -Easier: Less Plasma early on, with the introduction of more Chaos early weapons and bolter types.
 -New: In addition, new lighter plasma carbines and spray guns also mean you´ll bump into far fewer heavy plasma sporting enemies until the very late game.
 -Easier: Some enemy turrets stats have been reduced, especially reactions and accuracy over long ranges. Example: The big Ork turret will no longer reaction blast you across the map quite as often.
 -Harder: Daemons are now tougher and have more abilities, no longer will they go down quite as often to a single bolter shot or two, upping their danger level. This is to help especially the Khorne Daemons.
 -Harder: New Spawner/Transforming enemy types have been introduced, as a counterbalance to high explosives, missiles and grenades. Some Chaos enemies are "Blessed" and may either spawn a daemon on death or transform into some mutated warp monstrosity. Some may even summon reinforcements themselves. So walk softly and carry a big gun (make that several big guns).
 -Harder: Chaos Space Marines and their leaders have been buffed and moved up to be even more of true late game foes, with the introduction of many new mid-game enemies to take their former spot. Chaos Behemoths, commanders, Dreadnoughts and  Terminators have had their health and armor slightly buffed. 
 -QoL/Easier: Economy rebalanced, with a focus on a lessened grind compared to base 40k. Adamantium and promethium costs have also been reduced. This is still being tweaked and balanced. Very powerful weapons and special armor will still cost quite a lot of resources but "standard" armor upgrades and better weapons should now make late game losses less punishing.
 -QoL: There´s a new honor token system to reduce the need to store massive amounts of corpses in fridges, instead each corpse can quickly be traded in for a number of tokens.
 -QoL: Storage space increase. With lots of new weapons and enemies, storage space has been increased slightly to compensate.
 -QoL: Barrack space increase, especially to help the Imperial Guard player.

Disclaimer: These are according to our own gameplay preferences, if you prefer the vanilla economy or balance and just wants the added enemy variety, we encourage you to make your own tweaks and changes.

The mighty to-do list:
Just a few examples, but to give you guys an idea of what we got planned, are working on or just to get inspired I´ll list some here:
 -More themed traitor guard units, cultists and weapons. We consider the existing ones to be mostly Khorne/Undivided, so there´s plenty of space to fill in with Nurgle, Slaanesh or Tzeentch themed units.
 -New maps and missions, our big weakspot but we are certainly interested in adding more variety here.
We´ve not done the art for any of the things on this list, so if you´re feeling inspired or want to help out, hit us up.

Considerations for future additions, in no particular order:
-Nurgle Blight Launcher Heavy Auto Grenade Launcher.
-Nurgle Deathguard Havocs with Gravcannons.
-Nurgle Blightlord Terminators
-Nurgle Pestigors
-Slaanesh/Nurgle Cultists factions (maybe with some Necromunda mixed in)
-Slaanesh Anointed Terminators
-Daemon Furies
-Possessed Marines (First Draft Exists, Leflair)
-Tzeentch Daemons expansion, Screamers DONE in 037.
-Adeptas Dogmata, Sister Cop of Sisters.
-Adeptas Paragon Warsuit, 4xtiles unit like the Centurion or Behemoth. Proof of concept sheet done by Xom126.
-Adeptas Terminator tier armor.

Just to give you an idea what suggestions we've already recieved or come up with ourselves.

Contributing/lending a hand and bug-reporting:
We´re just some passionate modders that like the 40k mod and have gotten together to contribute this mod pack to the community. If you want to contribute anything at all, be it a weapon, unit or art, feel free to contact us and we´ll get you sorted.
Of course, playtesting and bug reporting is also a form of contributing, so just by posting your findings or questions in this thread, you´re helping out! (more than you´d think, some bugs are like finding a needle in a haystack).
We´re also open to ideas, suggestions and balance discussions, so post away.

40k / [ADDON] ROSE - Rebalanced Orks and Sisters, Expanded
« on: December 13, 2020, 08:43:26 pm »
Hello there.
Imagine if you will, Orks and Sisters, gallivanting about the galaxy with more guns, armor and toys. Happy as they can be. A beautiful world. Let's make it happen.

This mod is now combined with IGMA, forming ROSIGMA, available here:,9687.0.html
Which combines ROSE with IGMA!
Go download that for the latest version of ROSE.

Last Pre ROSIGMA version: ROSE Standalone v09 dated 20210405

In short:
-This is a *sub*mod for the 40k mod
-It adds a bunch of gear and units for Sisters, Orks and Chaos (primarily Khorne and Slaanesh, but some for tzeentch and nurgle too).
-It adds several early armors and new units primarily for Adeptas
-A dozen+ new enemy "racelists" (what XCOM calls a enemy force) that can appear in various missions.
-Some cost (less grind) and balances changes (shorter grenade ranges, less accurate and twitchy enemy turrets for example).
-New SFX and VFX for weapons and units.
-New ufopedia artwork.
To give a fresh experience playing the 40k mod!
You *can* play it as a new player, if you want all the new fun toys for an Adeptas playthrough, but while it makes the mod a little easier in some places, it also makes the mid and end game tougher with new challenging foes.

Mod name subject to change but its the gist of it. I got advised by BrainDaMijj to get a thread up for my mod-of-the-mod. Not just my sprite reworks and changes, but also some of Xom126 excellent spritework.

Disclaimer: I update this mod pretty often, stomp out bugs (faster with your bug reports as help!) and add content.
That said, this submod has some rough edges, mostly in placeholder inventory art or unfinished ufopedia pages for some enemies that I slowly replace with the real deal.
If you can live with that, this mod is perfect for a second playthrough!

Some of the new guns I've cooked up:

~and there's more~

What this is expanded summary:
-Global rebalance. Started out as an easier version for new players and less grindy, but I've generally tweaked things along the way. See below for more indepth breakdown of what is changed. Rule of thumb: Is this more fun/interesting? Does it fit the lore if you squint? Alright! Doesn't work in practice? Let's change it then.
-New Units, armor and weapons. Started out adding some small things to the Sisters, but now there's dozens of new enemies and a expanded "tree" for the Sisters. Eventually, maybe some sort of Inquisitor branch with Acolytes.
-New Enemies: Primarily Chaos and Orks are expanded so far, with lots of things in the work.
New Orks include Burnaboyz, Kommandoz, Stormboys, Meganobz and Warbikers. They are primarily higher end Ork enemies, so be careful! New Ork lists may appear in Space Hulks and other side missions.
New Chaos units are primarily Chaos Sisters, spread between the 4(5) Chaos factions and will show up in early and midgame in both mixed and dedicated lists.
-New and changed race lists. You'll face much expanded/varied enemy forces.
-Chaos path for Sisters, eventually.
-Quality of Life changes for Imperial Guard: No more -10 strength for carapace, and other minor buffs that will make your guardsmen about 10% more survivable!
-Stealthy rework, partially implemented for the Kommandoz. Certain units will use camo to sneak about, other units (scouts, officers, assassins) will use anti-camo to detect them!

Some of the new Ork enemies with their new weapons. Light Kommandoz and 'Eavy Burnas.

New Assets, for anyone to play with:
-Sisters, Orks and Chaos.

New units, armors and upgrade paths, pictured left to right: 1) New Sisters starting soldiers, the Novice, 2) Upgrade to Cantus armor and 3) Medicae Armour.
4) Elohim armour, first upgrade to standard SoB armor, 5) Retributor armour, devastation equivalent, 6) Sister Superior armor upgrade for experienced SoB.
Complete with customized voice lines, equipment and new upgrade paths.

New Weapons and changes
-Overall, all* small arms (lasguns, bolters) have extended drop off range from "5" tiles across the board to 6-12 drop off range, depending on if its a close combat or "rifle" version. Pistols are generally in the "5-7" range.
-Heavy Bolters have their drop off accuracy dropped, so they are no longer quite the sniper guns of before.
-Grenades range is dropped from 20 across the board, to 10-17. Heavier grenades = less range. Should make AI grenade spam a little easier to deal with.
-That Ork cannon turret? Less accurate and now with drop off range included.
-Armor changes across the board, good armor in the front, slightly less on the sides, a lot less to the rear. Flanking now awarded.
-Chaos Daemons beefed up, and some now come with nasty abilities.
-Plasma guns range shortened just a lil bit, from 24 to 18, with exception of the added guns with their own shorter/longer ranges.

Sisters new toys:

*CHANGED GUNS*-De'az Bolter and other light bolters: More dakka. Along with some other light bolters, it now has 4-shot auto and more ammo. Mostly a gameplay change to set them apart. Special ammo = less shots per mag. Now accepts inferno rounds.
New Weapons:
-Harborym Incendiary and Krak "Faust" disposable rocket launchers. Can be used off hand and take 2-3 inventory slots.
-Scourge pattern Bolt Pistol with a bayonet for melee cutting.
-Seraphim Bolt Pistols, high rate of fire and special extended magazines.
-Cantus Light Bolter. Semi-fluffy, but a sister trainee bolter. Lighter weight, less recoil, less damage. Baby's first bolter. Some simple sprite modifications of the De'az bolter.
-Elohim Light Bolter: Battle rifle kinda bolter, 2-shot auto fire, but longer range and punchy. Weights more. Has the ability to use INFERNO rounds and AP rounds. Now custom spritework just yet.
-Retributor Heavy Bolter: Sisters get this tastefully red Heavy Bolter, based on the Godwyn. Lighterweight, less recoil, slightly less dakka than the Space Marine MkIV. Uses 3 kinds of belt ammo (60 rounds).
-Arche Sniper Rifle, Sisters now got their own unique sniper/marksman rifle. Not quite as long ranged as the Astartes, it can feed Elohim light-bolter ammo and has a "double-tap" select fire.
-Malthus Light Lascannon, Sisters now get this hand held Lascannon. It sacrifices a lot of firepower and accuracy, but it has small power packs that fit in the pocket and it's more mobile than the full size lascannon.
-Cherubim Grenade Launcher, less ammo capacity but higher yield, gives sisters quite a bit of early grenade firepower.
-Redeemer Shotgun, for close encounters. Has several ammo types.
-Throne Missile Launcher. Has a autofire option that can fire the full ammo capacity of 3 light incendiary missiles. Not very long ranged or accurate, might get an anti-armor melta option in the future.
-Beamer Meltagun / Harmonic Melta Gun. A mid range meltagun option that fires a single beam of armor searing melta fire.
-Hellspite Kombi-Bolter. A further development of the Elohim Bolter, can fire several types of 40mm grenades from its underslung launcher.
-Mephisto Kombi-Bolter. A bolter with a underslung light flamethrower, what's not to love?
-Dominion Pattern Bolter. A "Elite" bolter for the Sisters, with a better bayonet and fun "detonator" rounds.
-Retributor Mk.2 Heavy Bolter. Now even lighter, and only takes box mag ammo (40 rounds).
-Potestas Heavy Kombi-Bolter. Take the Retributor Mk.2 and merges it with a light melta gun for armor peeling at close ranges.
-Clovis Plasma Spray Gun, it's a light barrage gun, instead of single shot it does autoshot! Less damage per shot and less accuracy though. There's a chaos version too!
-Jupiter Gravgun, a gravgun with an AoE effect. Quite nasty! Gravguns no longer just ignore armor, they damage it severely and causes a fair amount of stun damage to anyone that survives. Also gets a chaos version.
-De'az Storm Bolter, lighter, less recoil, less range. For when you're not in a Terminator Power Armor but still want that sweet storm boltin'.
-Galgalim Assault Cannon, lighter, close less range. Has a smaller ammo drum/box.
-Hilebard melee weapon.

*NEW GRENADE*-Phosphor grenade, burns heretics and creates some smoke cover.
*NEW AMMO*: Adeptas De'az and Elohim bolters can now use the Light Bolter Inferno Rounds, expensive but highly effective against meaty boys and daemons alike.
*CHANGED AMMO*: Inferno rounds for the Sisters Retributor that can be stored in the "belt" slot (no backpack required). Needs costum sprite work, and AP round version. "Works", but a little fiddly to fit in the right slot now.
*NEW SPRITE*: Alternative darker red version of the basic Sisters armor is now selectable from the armor menu on all Battle Sisters.

*NEW UNIT*: Sister Novices are now the base Sister recruit. Much cheaper to recruit and run than full Sisters, they can be ranked up to Sisters with more experience and higher stats. Custom sprites/inventory screens etc all done and new voice lines (from DoW).
*New ARMOR*: Cantus armor for novices once they've ranked up. Makes them more survivable. Custom voice lines added.
*NEW UNIT*: Fraternis Militia replaces Guard recruits. They are very brave! And very terrible. Still need some custom inventory spritework and voice lines, but there's some ersatz ones in now.
*NEW ARMOR*: ADEPTAS ELOHIM Armor, I've not coded any hard limit on using it on lower rank Battle Sisters, aside for the price, it offers a decent upgrade over the starting Sisters armor.
*NEW ARMOR*: ADEPTAS RETRIBUTOR Armor, sacrificing rear, under and flank armor, as well as melee ability, the Retributor armor strength enables it to use heavy weapons with ease and have advanced targeting systems. Custom voice lines included!
*NEW ARMOR/UNIT*: ADEPTAS SISTER SUPERIOR Armor. Only max ranked Battle Sisters can be promoted to Sister Superior, on their way to becoming the Canoness! This is a rather good suit of armor, a step up from the Elohim. Got custom voice lines. Needs some testing so all the upgrading works.
*NEW UNIT*: Adeptas Assassins/Imperial Assassins. Work in progress. High stats, high cost. Eventually: Callidus etc assassins.
*REBALANCE*: Most Sister armors rebalanced, both armor and stats changed. More survivable on the high end. Maybe even too good! Retributors/Assassins are now rather effective at getting across distances alive to chop things up.
I've played around with damage resistances, so pay attention to these. Some armors are quite good vs plasma!

*NEW* Novice Medicae, upgrade path/unit to Hospitallers. Early research and cheap armour option that can be used by Novices. It got unique voice lines.

The Adeptas start is changed to include the new weaponry and low tier units, Elohim and Retributor armors can be built with adamantium and money, without more research needed (for now).
Your starting force of Militia, Novices and Adeptas will look something like this:

New Sisters based Enemies:

There's a lot of them, but not just because I like the Sisters, they serve as a pretty useful mid-game enemy like the Snakemen in OG X-Com. Branching the gap between the early cultists and traitor guard, and then the actual Chaos Space Marines.
- Balance wise they have lighter power armour than the Chaos Space Marines, and worse stat (with the exception for some possessed/elite/commander variants).
- They have less of a focus on plasma weapons(with the exception of perhaps the Tzeentch ones) and instead use a variety of sister weapons, bolters, meltaguns, flamethrowers etc. I'm gradually adding in chaos variants.  When they do use plasma weapons its the (newly added) lighter plasma variants like the carbine. You will not be plasma-sniped across the map quite as often with these.
- They have some gimmicks and surprises of their own, like adding more (ranged) flying units, assassins and transforming units.
- Their addition allows us to rebalance the Chaos Space Marines to be more impressive, with more health and armor and "The best" weapons chaos got to offer. When they do show up, they're a bigger deal. Note: Not quite done here on rebalancing them all, so some may still be a little on the weaker side.
- They can be mixed in with other forces easily, both on the low end (traitor guard/cultists) and on the high end (Marines).

Vanilla Heretic/Chaos Sisters, straightforward Sister baddies but also fitting in here are defectors and anyone branded Heretic by the Ecclessiarchy itself. Could be misfiled paperwork (knowing how 40k works...). Somewhat easier to dealt with than CHAOS as they don't have very fancy equipment. Often they'll be mixed in with defectors of various kinds, or with actual chaos sisters that may be misleading them.
On to the four flavors of Chaos Sisters: each god gets their own little niché and theming. Khorne has variations on Repentia and Retributors with heavy firepower, Slaanesh gets "devoted", elite units and weird daemon-stuff, Nurgle Sisters with various blight abilities and higher health pools, Tzeentch Sisters have the higher tech, flamers, krak/melta and long ranged weapons.

Orks new stuff:

-Orks now have access to the BURNA/SCORCHA combo flamethrower/melta weapon. Very dangerous up close. Weapon sprite crafting from Xom126.
-Orks have access to Sneaky close combat weapons, a shiv and a slugga, used by the Kommandoz.
-Orks have access to Stinkbombz, which can stun and knock-out your units! Placeholder sprite for this grenade.
-Orks have access to Tank Busta Rokkitstikks, one-use rokkits for close combat anti armour work.
-Orks have access to Krakk Stikk Bombz, much like the Krakk grenades, but Orky!
-Orks have access to Tankbusta bombs, think very big melta bombs. Short throwing range luckily! Used by Tankbustaz.
-Orks have access to Tank Hammer, a dedicated anti armor rocket hammer. Don't let them slap you with this.
*NEW ENEMY* Ork Meganobz, thanks to the spritework of Xom126. These guys got twin shootas and ersatz Power Klaws/Killa Saws. Verydangerous. Dead 'ard.
*NEW ENEMY* Ork Warbiker, thanks to the spritework of Xom126. Early terror unit, sadly no quite the smoke belching coal rollin' bikers as envisioned. They do explode though.
*NEW ENEMY* Ork Burnaboyz, very dangerous up close, and will epxlode on death. Xom126 turned my mockup into a beautiful battlescape spritesheet so expect these lads to pop up.
*NEW ENEMY* Ork Kommandoz, simple recolor by me. Can be encountered. Very sneaky (bring recon), very purple. Very killy.
*NEW ENEMY* Ork Tankbustaz. A whole load of new weapons, but no custom sprites just yet. Can be encountered.
Most new Ork units are *in* and may be encountered, but do not yet have custom spritework. Still figuring out the best way to have them show up at different levels of Ork bases and patrols, scaling with tech tier.

New Ork Meganobz are the 'ardest there is. Proper stompy too.

*NEW ENEMY*: Ork Stormboyz.
*NEW ENEMY*: Ork Weird Boyz. With their trusty wyrdboy stikk, they're quite the menace (see page 2 of this thread for more info).

In progress:
*NEW ENEMY*: Attack and Bomb Squigs, Xom126 working on that stuff right now! Will be deployable by certain Ork units.
*NEW ENEMY*: Ork Dead 'Ard Ladz/'Ard Boyz. I'm working on some new sprites for these. Coding draft is done.
*NEW ENEMY*: Ork Kommandoz Nobz. I'm working on some new sprites for these.
*NEW ENEMY*: Ork Warboss to be encountered in high level Ork bases! Thanks to the sprite work of Xom126.

New Chaos Foes:
-Slaangors, Ungors and Brays are in with a new set of Slaanesh weaponry. These are early-mid game enemies, but may appear in some configs late game.

I drew a snakey boy, and then put him in the game. He's very friendly.

-Slaanesh Anointed, elite snakey infantry, boosts the variety further.

In progress:
-Slaangor Bullgors and Fiendgors.
-Slaangor Turnskins.

*On the to-do list* Chaos Daemon Nurglings, Heralds, Furies, Possessed, Spawn and doggos to round out the Chaos daemon enemies.

Other new stuff and changes:
-"Dekker" Pattern Twin Core Plasma Gun, a long range, twin-shot, plasma gun that will be available for both Chaos and Imperial forces. Capture it to research.
-Orks changed to not be 20% resistant to Lasgun fire. Credit to Buscher for this idea (he got a mod that handles this across the board for guard).
-Economy rebalance to be lighter on the grind. Personal preference, but adamantium and promethium costs are down across the board and money rewards are up. Feel free to tweak this to your own liking!

Download and Testing:
I've been working on this for a couple of months and have it in a playable state, even if all new assets aren't done yet, so I'm looking for playtesting, both for stability, bugs, missing things and balance.
Of course, if you're feeling inspired and want to make some sprites, either to patch up holes or got a cool new idea, feel free to contribute! You can find most of the "team" (as it is) on the 40k mod discord, we're happy to help out.

Some known issues on my fix-it-list:
-Enemies may appear dual wielding like Rambo. I've gone through the deployment files to minimize this, but it may still occur on occasion due to a couple of issues where I don't want to break something with the main mod or haven't found a solution.
-Some adeptas/chaos guns may appear for purchase in store for guards/space marine on occasion after I add a new weapon after midnight and forget to scrub a "buy" or "requires", give me a heads up and I'll fix it.
-Some sprites are not done yet and uses placeholders, goes for inventory sprites and floorOBs, and a few "spawns on death" units lack proper transformation animation. On the fix it list, but takes the most time.

Give me heads up if something is not working or you run into bugs and feel free to discuss the mod itself, And of course, you may reuse the sprite assets or make other changes.

Work In Progress / The Leflair Sprite Sweatshop, Voxels need not apply
« on: September 13, 2012, 08:13:08 pm »

The Veronian mod pack - Leflair # Version 1.0B
Requires: OXCE, tested to work with version 7.0+ download link
 Download Link 2

Special thanks to:
Bohemonds excellent Unit Sprite Studio for making this manageable.
Buschers help with playtesting and balancing.
The Martian for the Battlesprite of the Viracoid (based of the UFO Defense concept art).
And the rest of the openxcom community for all the coding and spriting tricks I've found by looking around.

This species pack is a standalone submod that introduces the Veronians.

These biomechanial aliens are the  workaholic team players of the Alien invasion. The Support player that happily buries their teammates under a mountain of free ammo packs in that online FPS.
They may appear cold, indifferent or even threatening, but inside their hard shells live a goey mass of tang that only wants to be best buds with everyone... but you, filthy human!

The Veronian menace are introduced with their own weapons and terror units as a primarily mid-to-late game species, but have a low % chance of appearing teamed up with various other aliens - providing new unique challenges for the veteran X-Com player.

The intention is for these guys to be challenging opponents in themselves, and provide new threats. But they should still fit in with other Aliens.

A step or two (or three) above Snakemen in capabilities, they have tough frontal armor, but less health than Mutons.

As for their method of combat, well it´s a spoiler:

They are meant to provide a different type of threat than the Mutons, they will only rarely kill your soldiers outright, instead bypassing or damaging your armor and slowly chipping away at your soldiers ability to fight.
Some of them, especially at high tech tiers, have the ability to Turn your soldiers against you! But not by means of psi... for the specifics, there´s further spoilers down below.

They have a couple of weaknesses, and tactics that should work well against pure Veronian lists... which is why I´ve also added some mixed late game lists! Very spicy.

This mod packs consists of (spoilers for special abilities and weapons):

-A full set of the new Veronian alien species.
Soldier, Medic (Stun), Engineer (heavy weapons/grenadiers), Navigator (sharpshooters), Leaders and Commanders.

-Each rank has their own color coded sprite sets (Purple, Green, Brown, Black, Blue and Red respectively) with slight detail differences for the higher ranks.

-Three new Veronian alien guns and a grenade with new visuals and sound effects.


The Veronian guns are effective against armor and draining, but do little direct health damage. The Disruptors do laser type damage.

Tactics: As these weapons are unlikely to kill in one shot, but cripples (freezes/stuns/panics) the target, using sacrificial decoys may work well.

You can research and unlock these guns for use, and you can unlock a new X-COM Disruptor tech, which allows you to research the X-Com Disruptor Gun and a manufacturing topic. Note, this requires both alien disruptor research (the heavy variant will unlock the XCOM research topic) as well as elerium and alloy research.

-The X-Com Disruptor Gun is effective both against and past armor, does little direct health damage but cripples the target. Good for helping you capture enemies. For balance it´s expensive, single shot (with heavy drop off to accuracy), aimed shot only (so no reaction fire and 55% TU cost) and relies on captured Veronian power cells (it can use both types).

-The Viracoid terror unit, a ranged variant of the Silacoid, based on the unused Concept Art "Glowing Silacoid" sprite sets (battlesprite set provided by the Martian). The Viracoid acts as a "blocking" unit.


-A Viracoid weapon
spit, launching a arcing Area of Effect acid-type globule that like the Veronian guns, do little direct damage but all kinds of crippling status effects.

-The Turned Ones, a terror unit for the Veronians.
These former humans have been turned by
the fearsome Veronian Conversion Beam, an alternate ranged attack that their high ranking and specialist units use (Depending on tech level).

-The Conversion Beam Cell can be used by any Veronian gun, and has a chance of turning any target they hit into a Turned One, lobotomizing and genetically altering the victim on the spot - turning them into an alien puppet!

Do the Veronians intend to turn all of mankind into pasty smurfs, or aggressive teletubbies? Yes, yes they do.

-The Turned Ones are tough melee enemies, who´s attack both drain their targets (locking them in place) and has a chance of also turning their victims into another Turned One! They are slightly faster and healthier than chryssalid Zombies (but do not spawn anything on death).
-The Veronians have a special raceList with the Turned Ones mixed into a lot of lower slots, for early-mid game Abduction and Research missions primarily. While Turned Ones go down easily enough to more Advanced X-Com weapons, early game they may prove quite threatening.

-Ufopaedia and autopsy articles for the new aliens and weapons.
-Research integration: With commander, leader, navigator etc unlocks as usual for aliens.
-Campaign integration included, with several different racelists including some mixed ones.
Basic Veronians will appear in the early months, but the full list only later (with a very small % chance of later Veronian lists popping up early to keep that nice element of "That´s X-Com!").
Veronians will also happily team up with other alien species fairly often (5-10% chance early months), depending on the mission type. They may even build a base together! Who knows what commander you´ll find in such a base, could prove fruitful? 
After month 7 and 9, a more dangerous Mixed Veronian lists may appear with Ethereal leadership present in small quantities, along with some Muton muscle and mechanized forces.
Veronians least favorite mission is the infiltration type (not being very social), so they have lower chance of appearing there.

Here´s a little run down briefing on the Veronians and their lore, hard to fit in the ufopaedia and its fun to have some background to the weird purple aliens you´ll be shooting at/get shot by.

Cranking up my best Comicbook-Straightfaced-Concerned-but-possibly-crazy Scientist persona for this one.

The Veronians:
The Veronians possess tough biomechanical bodies, with precise movements and seemingly fearless behavious at first categorized them as a new combat class alien.
However, upon further analysis of the living specimen we can conclude that they are more of a semi-biological machine, with the bodies made or or grown from an alien silicate-alloy, acting as a exoskeleton for the viscous silicate-ethane Veronian lifeform inside.
We have not been able to determine if this techno-organic exo-skeleton grows naturally from the Veronian life-form, or is produced by some other means. We can determine a number of embedded cybernetic modules and implants, differing from caste to caste or even individual Veronian. 
While speculative, their precision, focus and affinity for the alien technology, especially their spacecraft, mean the Veronians have some form of engineering or production focused role within the Alien Empire.
Their combat presence in raids, and structured organisation with unique weapon technology hint at some further purpose and origins apart from that of other alien species encountered.
They are fully combat capable, if poor melee fighters, and are sent on preprogrammed abduction missions. They make for poor infiltrators, providing only a support role during such missions.
Veronians are highly resistant to psi-attacks, but incapable of carrying them out. Its possible that their lack of a central brain make them incompatible with at least human forms of psionics. 
The Alien leadership appear ot have some means of control, possibly implanted or a specific weakness that allows the Veronians to be commanded. Disturbingly, it is also possible that they are cooperating as allies with the other Aliens and are not under direct control.
In the field, the Veronians most commonly follow their own command structure, with clear color coded ranks and functions. Their higher ranking members appear to possess slightly greater capabilities.
It appears unlikely that Veronians care about honour or ranks other than as a function of their organisation. Integrated with other aliens, or using Turned Humans, the Veronians treat all allies in the same calculating manner.
They show no willingness to communicate with us and indeed, have no direct biological means of doing so aside for writing or possibly sign language.
The Veronians high intelligence, complete lack of empathy for humans and high degree of integration with the Alien designs for Earth means they must be destroyed wherever encountered."

The Veronian arsenal differ from that of the other alien forces encountered. Armed with Phased Disintegrator beam weaponry, more akin to emitted lasers than plasma particles, with less of a focus on direct damage or destruction hints that the Veronians approach to battle and tactics is also different.
Veronians can be encountered on any form of mission, although they seem less interested, or capable off, infiltration missions.
When carrying out research, harvest or abduction missions, the Veronians combine swift raids with a focus on controlling the battlefield. Ensuring no civilians escape the mission area before closing the net.
The Veronian missions appear mostly focused on capturing large quantities of humans, taking hundreds or even thousands with them. How they manage this considering the limited size of even the largest alien craft can only have unpleasant answers.
They also appear to provide most of the labor and technical expertise for swiftly constructing and assembling the many alien bases. It is possible that they have one or several manufacturing plants or craft nearby that assist the alien campaign.
When threatened, Veronians will organise counterattacks, designed at neutralizing whatever they consider a threat. For this purpose, they will amass not only their greatest weapons and soldiers, but also employ allied forces.
Combined with Aliens with other capabilities, the Veronian presence could prove a significant problem to our forces.

The Viracoid
The Viracoid are a variant or possibly an advancement of the Silacoid lifeform, a living mass of muscles and redundant organs protecting a biogenerator at its silicon core.
Veronian bioliquid is present throughout the Viracoid, giving it added resilience, intelligence and possibly facilitating communication with its more humanoid kin.   
Produced as a living bioweapon, the Viracoid is extremely hard to kill or cripple and is resistant against most forms of damage. Only overwhelming firepower can render it inert.
Its primary means of attack is discharing large viral globules at surprisingly long range and with a decent area of effect.
The Viracoid attack globule consists of an exterior biomatter wall that breaks down on contact, releasing a hot blast of alien neurotoxic viral load to anything within its vicinity.
The viruses within this mixture have been engineered to attack both matter and biological targets, breaking down armor and dead matter as swiftly as molecular acid. We suspect this ability can be modified by the Aliens, either between missions or even in the field.
Against human victims the viruses attack the nervous system, primarily the brain and spinal cord, causing crippling neural damage.
Victims muscles convulse with crippling strength, eventually paralyzing the motorfunctions or send them into a coma, from which only the most advanced technology can hope to revive them.
It is believed that this attack primary purpose is for capturing large numbers humans for abductions. This fits the pattern of Veronian armament capabilities and focus, even if the means differ.
A common side effect to exposure is a state of neural shock with unpredictable mental consequences, with long term permanent psychological trauma, memory loss or even brain deterioration as a result.
The Viracoid hardiness means that the enemy can air drop hundreds of these from any of their craft, to quickly subdue an entire town or city centre population of people.

The Turned Ones
The Turned Ones hint at the Veronians part of the aliens masterplan for mankind. The Turned Ones are originally human victims exposed to Veronian conversion beams, suffering permanent mental and physiological changes brought on by rapid mutation.
These changes appear the be preprogrammed, as each Turned One are eerily similar in both external and interior appearance, only traces of their original DNA allowing us to track down who they used to be. Any resemblanceto their original appearance is minor at best. 
Intentional neural damage has made the Turned less susceptible to feeling pain, steroid and adrenalin changes in the body have significantly strengthened them.
We suspect that the Aliens can produce a effective grunt soldier with this method in a very short timespan.
Memories and personality are erased or altered, making the victim susceptible to alien command and mental domination.
Those Turned that are brought back to an Alien base are further modified genetically with retroviruses, steroids and alien-cybernetic implants or organs, for specific purposes. 
Earlier samples captured indicate a less precise turning process, brute forcing and leaving the Turned damaged permanently and less capable as a result from the process.
Later samples show frighting advances, both in advances to the beam conversion changes, and physiological modification. The Aliens may have been experimenting with hundreds of abductees over decades to perfect this method.
Short of manpower, we suspect the Aliens are using thousands of abducted and Turned humans for simple labor, combat and even food resources.
While capable of acting with unflinching aggression when commanded, the Turned are otherwise emotional nulls, lobotomized by the conversion process and no longer respondant to human interaction.
Left alone they passively stand waiting for new commands from their alien masters."

The corpses of the Turned are obviously human in origin, yet display several physiological changes. Hardened skin, engorged musculature, slowed metabolism and enlargened pupils.
Their brain matter display permanent changes in structure compared to a normal human brain, with several areas associated with memory and emotions appearing shrivelled and decayed.
The result of human exposure to alien nerve disruption technology, these internal alterations significantly shorten the Turned humans lifespan and like most aliens encountered, are rendered sterile."

Reports of abductions across the globe and evidence from the field suggest that the Veronians are now turning thousands of humans with their conversion weapons, altering their minds and mutating their bodies to suit the purposes of their alien masters.
Aboard alien craft and bases, the Turned appear to serve both in a simple labor capacity and even more disturbingly, serve as walking emergency rations for other aliens.
These observations hint at the Aliens true intentions for humanity, and should they be able to scale up this process, entire cities could fall."

Reusing this mod or assets:
You may include, mix or modify it for your own mods as you please (just write a mention in the credits or something).
I´ve modified the zombie and Viracoid attack sprites and some particle effects, but unsure about their original source/creator.
The more X-Com the merrier is the way I like it.

Balancing and bug hunting is hard on my own, so if you have bug reports or balancing feedback, post them to the thread and I'll take a look at it as soon as possible. Possibly even faster than 9 years!

Old first post:
I say this project doesn't have nearly enough new pixels going for it yet. Let's do something about that shall we?

Here's something I've been working on the last couple of days:

The Veronian (there's a homage hidden here), a three-eyed and mouthless alien with some bug-characteristics:

Main sheet with "alternative" sprite variants boxed in yellow (that I haven't really settled on yet) and pink boxes marking showcase or comparisons.

Threat-wise I'd place them somewhere between the Snakeman and Muton, with a few low/high outliers in stats and gimmicks. Only the commanders and leaders have limited psi-ability (worse than a Sectoid) but they are all very resistant to psi-attacks.

Running animation, front and back:

The first angles I did so probably the most wonky.

Death animation(s):

A couple of ideas here, might want to edit a frame to have the collapse be a little more gradual. Not sure.

#1 Terror unit, the Iron-maiden (working name):

Might look better shortened a little and a bit too tall and broad (death frame) anyways if 32x40 is an absolute limit for units.

A flying coffin that is powered by human life-juice, likes to zip around and shoot people in the face on its free time when not abducting civilians for the Veronians sinister experiments.

Defense profile: Tough exterior with the front being the weakest, squishy insides and slim profile for an overall rather survivable terror unit.
Mobility profile: It's fast and can fly so it's highly mobile with good energy regen.
Attack profile: The armament is a slightly more rapid firing heavy laser, not super powerful but accurate.

#2 Terror unit, the Mobile Assault Fortress [The MAF, is a working name] - Only got a concept for this but leaning towards a non-flying one-tile terror unit a step up from the Iron-Maiden on the "oh shit, it's a terror unit"-scale.

Only got some doodles on it so no sprites yet. Tougher but a much slower, non-flying version of the Iron-maiden. A little more alien looking, will see if I can fit it within the frame limits.

Once I'm satisfied with this set I'm going to start ripping it apart and make something with PCKVIEW that's importable. OpenXcom aint done yet and I have even less clue about the programming side than I do about the graphical side, but I feel there's plenty of potential for cool new stuff if OpenXcom rips the interior open and allows easy modding and adding entirely new sprites (and species).

I also got some doodles for reworks of the Snakemen, Mutons and some terror units. Either to serve as new species or to replace the old ones.

Criticism and improvement suggestions to existing sprite work is always welcome, it's easy to become blind to your own work (and getting those damn legs looking decent in all angles is a story unto itself).


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