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OpenXcom Extended / [QUESTION] Openxcom turn timer.
« on: April 02, 2021, 11:28:27 pm »
Hello for long time, idk if this correct forum section to ask this, but is there a way to mod some sort of turn timer into openxcom?

I think these kind of timers would be fun to add into openxcom, since it brings lots of pressure to player to operate in the mission as fast as possible, and what that causes... mistakes. lots of mistakes.
For now ,we have infitive time to plan how we execute our plans in the missions, but with the timer, it would be "funnier" when we execute plans hastly, like in "real situations", nothing is really planned forward. And it brings some movemntum into missions, like someone tapping on your shoulder and saying "keep moving, keep moving" ...

Orginally this idea came from space hulk boardgame, where you have 2 minutes to make your decisions as marine player ,in your turn. And it is lots of fun, specially when you have bigger forces, you must think faster the outcome.

To be more "extra" , the higher ranked units could bring more time to the timer, lets say some one is the captain rank, it brings 30 seconds more to the timer (if the orginal timer is 2 minutes, then it would be 2:30) ... altough thinking further, this would make game easier, and exploit the captain class to stay further from the front.... but if he/she gets killed the timer goes back to 2 minutes per turn.

So yeah, just asking if this could be possible in openxcom, i think you get the idea what i was suggesting, even trough my horrible english lol. cheers mates! ... also quick horrid image edit how it look maybe ingame :p

Offtopic / Xcom Enemy unknown theme music
« on: November 03, 2018, 12:40:32 am »
just noticed this ,and i had to share this... great channel btw he has too!

Work In Progress / [SUGGESTIONG/QUESTION] Xcom Intro city mod
« on: February 05, 2016, 10:33:00 pm »
Since terror missions takes place at the cities, is it possible to have ACTUALLY have city like sprites/landscape. Everyone who has fought in new york seems like faraway downtown land. Questíon (since i dont know nothing about map making) how limited you are to have sprites in one sheet? or are they limitless,like you can have 100+ sprites in one sheet to build a city? just asking before i continue do anything, and notice afterwards that it was all just waste.

second question. is it possible to have "regional" cities to be diffrend counties... like china being chinese architecture, euro be europian archtecture etc etc...

iv just been thinking that theres loads and loads of weapons,ships,armor mods, balancing, new ufos,but no really anykind of "newish" terrain mods.. new aliens would be awesome too :>

sorry for confusing text, beer is overtaking me. Have a quick scetch image to distract you!

« on: January 10, 2015, 08:57:46 pm »
[Armor/weapon] Space Marines mod


Thunderhawk Gunship mod - By Bulletdesigner

Space marines mod released. Discuss here, report bugs and such.

Future plans:
+ fix all in first release
+ "advanced" weaponery
+PDF (cannon fodder units)
+Imperial Guards
+Assault Marines
+Squad Leader suit(s)
+DIY Space marine ( Layout of the space marine sprites, so you can make your own Chapter)

Distant plans:
+2x2 size Terminator
+New planet placed into horus herecy chapter
+Chaos to opponent side (marines,renegades,cultists)

and something more :>

updated 16.10.2015

Work In Progress / [ARMOR] Gas-mask equipment
« on: July 12, 2014, 03:59:13 pm »

Gas-Mask mod

So... Sharing this here ,since iv allmost lost my nerves making this to work. if anyone is willing trying to fix this,  you will be credited to god amongst men ;P (it must be something small that i havent noticed in ruleset)

Everything else works well (inventory, purchasing, ufopedia) except the battlescape sprites. Somehow it just get messed up everytime i try to config it (e.g gets Black boxes, white lines or just looks something like mutilated mutant)

Purpose of this mod was kind of a minor, able to fight in smoke without inhaling smoke all the time as some players seems to love fighting in smoke.
inspiration for this was definatly Emans playtrough videos ,loved his playtrough from the start when they first appeared to youtube :)

So yup, here it is.

edit: Works well now, big thanks for falko helping out @ irc

Work In Progress / When Xcom fails...
« on: February 06, 2014, 01:15:40 pm »
... Doom guys come to stand STRONG! Rrip n Tear!  ;D

This is merely just a concept art still. most of the inventory items are just photoshopped in, exept the inventory doll (still in messy state) and the shotguns. Battlescape doomguys are real deal, only needs editing in arms at leg parts still. after that its quite easy to change palette to megaarmor (blueis armor) by just changing the palette.

Thinking of it, it would be fun to replace Xcom tech with doom tech. meaning that there would be no xcom weapons or fancy things. You would start the game only with the first weapons that doom had.. with doom pistol and Knuckles (knuckles would work as melee and stun) .. then just researching forward for example:
Chainsaw -> Shotgun -> shotgun ammo -> Super Shotgun -> Minigun -> Minigunammo -> Rocketlauncher -> rocketlauncher etc etc...

Side reserches would be Stimpack -> Medikit ->  Armor II -> Armorr III etc etc.. something like that.

Or even dem Powerups research ... Berserk, Partial invisibility, megasphere .. well these would prolly be impossible to code i guess.

But yup.. concepts :3

Resources / Scout drone [Needs ruleset]
« on: November 23, 2013, 12:00:58 pm »
After losing my hair on making ruleset for this, i just gave up couple weeks ago and got frustrated ... SO now ,instead having this graphics set lurking in my HD, i decided just share this for anyone who wants to try to make ruleset for this, if anyone willing to do, since my knowledge on code side is just, AAAHRG! D:

This pack should contain everything needed graphically and with sounds:

1. Battlescape sprites total of 75 images (used base sprite sheet from Civilian Male)
2. Ufopedia image
3. Battlescape BIGOB image (smoke popper)
4. Corpse image
5. Smokepopping sound

My intentions were to make this kind of ruleset for this:

- Costs 1/4 of Tanks price
- Smoke popper range would be limited to 1 square distance (so it would only be able to smokescreen itself and anyone near it)
- Small sized smoke screen (not huge like the smoke grenades smoke screen)
- Very vulnerable to get wrecked
- Have slightly more TUs than reqular tank? ... ( faster )
- No weaponery at all ,as it is just used for scouting and spotting aliens.
- Ufopaedia image to have Giftys Descrition:

An inexpensive and rudimentary UVS (unmanned vehicle system) often used in modern military conflicts to scout enemy positions or bomb sites. This X-Com model, courtesy of the US government, has been fitted expressly to quickly locate hostiles in a first-contact scenario, feeding real-time digital intel to the rest of the squad. The Scout Drone carries no weapons, but is capable of detonating a smoke pellet to hide itself or its squadmates.

Those are merely just suggestions, but you can do anything you want for it.
IF you use this in your mod or anyway, atleast give me credits for these graphs, this took a lot of time to create from scratch. (and of course Gifty too if you use his text) ;)

Enjoy! Have fun! :)


Released Mods / [WEAPON] [WEAPON] Sir, the arms dealer has arrived.
« on: October 03, 2013, 04:20:57 pm »
"Gentlemen, take your seats and lets do some business" ...




Updated UFOpedia to better one. ignore image text.

Suggestions / Rotating items in inventory
« on: August 30, 2012, 04:12:37 pm »
Dunno has anyone suggested this minor thing, but how 'bout having a chance to rotate inventory items?

Resources / Ryskeliinis sprites
« on: August 10, 2012, 06:45:15 pm »
Luke granted me a access to his openxcom site ,so go look at there :) ... updates coming to there more often than here. Any feedback is great, good or bad, post it here.


hi! been lurking these forums for a while now, and today decided to join the fun  :)
just here to show something iv been making..

this is still in work in progress. First one is new armor sprite for soldiers, combat suit. basically just a helmet, vest and kneepads... made with photoshop. only frontal sprite made ( over 9000 sprites to go? ;P ) ..could decrease the damage made by alien grens and explosives?...

and for the request , is there way to get the soldier sprites from GIMP to photoshop in *.psd format? ..talking
about this...

... i liked the idea of having all necessary sprites in all standing poses seperated by layers, but for editing, i really really want to avoid using GIMP... also is that pack missing the walking sprites?... altough awesome job with the pack  :)

Second picture is just a concept idea for xcom ... since there is tanks in xcom ,why not to have some androids to fight with xcom soldiers ..could be researchable in mid game... useful for "first to go, first to die" and for scouting. no more "FFFF- my best soldier died after getting out of the craft" ...well atleast lesser times.

quick update: now with ingame design.

thats all for now.  cu!


UPDATE!: Combat suit is done, download link is:

features: Battlescape sprites, battlescape corpse, inventory dolls & corpse. only few hand sprites are edited slightly. (just noticed that it looks better with xcom orginal hand sleeves on... viewers choise tho)

installing notes: ...uhh do i need to even bother? use pckview :p

NOTE: iv only tested this in dosbox using xcom and noticed there is some color bugging when animation starts moving(known problem?). i had no time to test this in openxcom, but it should work. But enjoy! you'r free to do changes for your likeing if you want to use it in your mods and host that file. just give atleast a credit for me if you use it. ;)

 cheers, im off for a trip. hopefully i didnt forget to add something important...


2nd UPDATE! Sectoids Retarded Cousin, just for lulz

feat. Battlescape anims & corpse, inventory corpse.

This is just a simple edit for the sectoid... at the weekend when i was bit drunk  i had this vision of this little abomination sectoid.. retarded cousin of sectoids. just really had to make this for the laughs. Use freely in your mods if needed. (it can always be something else than retarded cousin, maybe a sectoid without a suit or lower intelligent sectoid, your choise.)

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