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Resources / Custom Tilesets & Help
« on: August 19, 2012, 08:21:08 am »
I want to show you my custom bathset made for openXcom. Get impressions and tell your opinion.
Prewiewpictures are included.

Why i made this example ?

Interior sets often lack objects to create more specific/indivudal rooms. So i decided to make a bathroomset with some basic objects. This should give more freedom to map/tileblock designers.

(download @ attachement)

-The tileformat fits 32x40 and is splitted correctly.
-The tiles should fit smoothly together.
-NEWtileplacementinfo.jpg gives you a help how to puzzle larger tiles together

These tiles have NOT been tested in XCOM EU & openXcom. I do not own XCOM Enemy unknown.
I do not know how to bring the graphics into the final game.

Problems with PCKview

I saved tiles as 32x40 pixels 8-BIT BMP & applied the UFO-Battlescape colorpalette from (Tactical palette).

Still there seems something to be wrong. The colors seem to be accurate but still mess up in Editors like PCKview. Luke83 said if he pastes the files into an orginal game .bmp everything works allright although there is no change in the used colors. I simply have no idea why the program is not accepting .BMP files using the accurate colorpalette created in GIMP.

Anyone any ideas about that ?

Before i am going to make other tiles i'd like to get opinions about colors/Contrasts that are used. And of course it finaly needs a sucessful ingame test or all the effort might be simply wasted.
Any sugesstions for specific sets,colors,objects etc are aprecciated.
I looked for bathrooms via Google and there are a lot of different styles and types. To bad a lot of details simply get lost at the resolution of 32x40. May be you found some interessting pics that could be a refference for a set.


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