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Suggestions / A few things I noticed, suggestions and bugs,
« on: March 22, 2020, 06:06:28 am »
Been playing on superhuman for a while now, got to 800 missions, then lost. Really burned my britches there, now at 170 or so.

Anyway, here goes.

1. Add a mod to randomize the UFO floorplan.
2. Hoverplasma tanks are about as durable as normal ground tanks, this seems wrong, marginally decrease ground tank and increase hover tank.
3. Stunned a crysalid with a stun bomb, it had 0 damage, checked on field that it was stunned and alive, no capture at end of mission? Other aliens captures fine in same mission.
4. Capturing an alien base does not give "alien food" even tho its clearly visible in the base.
5. What is that Cyberdisc alive capture research, its not even possible to capture alive is it?
6. New endings? (Build all 9 bases to max facilities and have a monthly income of 25 million?) (Killing every alien except the brain and you capture it alive?)
7. If 3 months of excellent rating, country with no alien base on it with refusal to pay xcom has a 10% chance per month to renter project?
8. Training facility? Putting rookies will make squaddies and give a small boost to stats per month?
9. New Research? (alien fauna?)
10. Ability to purchase back what you sold to the world market.
11. Alien Breeding thing from alien bases?
12. Ability to buy captured aliens from world market at insane rates (100 million for a commander?)
13. Stun Granade
14. Ability to manually place HWP's and Crew in craft at your own positions, would love to make tanks 2by2 in the front instead of one long line.
15. 3by3 super heavy explosive fits into backpack or hand. (SADM?)
16. Ability to build "human entertainemnt facility" once you have alien version, significantly boosts bravery for all soldiers in base or missions from base.
17. Media Facility, gives a small boost to Xcom Activity in region.

Ill post more if I come up with more suggestions. good port, finally get to play on superhuman, just as hard as I wanted.

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