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Help / Giude for PCK frames
« on: January 22, 2020, 09:03:30 pm »
So I was modding the TFTD just for my purposes, making some little changes here and there, and I thought that logic dictates that most of aquatic races should be able to swim underwater. Makes sense for me, at least.
So I went to armor ruleset, added essential changes, and I thought I would be good. Well, turned out I was wrong. Upon testing, the game crashes with the message I have attached below. Several debug sessions later, I can surely tell that this is caused by trying to look at floating alien.

The point is, I am afraid I couldn't find info related to these frames. I converted the xcom ion magnetic armor files to compare it with the one I got for gillman race, but, well, guess I am not so clever as I thought for this kind of stuff. Is there any guide for what frames are for what and a safe editor for these frames?

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