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Is nice.

Recently I have been trying out TWoTS and Hybrid Mod, and liked when UFOs intercepted my craft. And, well, the alien base defense mechanism when they spawn an intercept ufo to give my craft a nice and proppa welcome. So the question is as it is in the title - are there standalone such mods? So that I can enjoy it for closer to vanilla experience.

I know Hobbes did something like that, but the descriptions on are, well, too word-skimpy. The descroptions here on forum are a tad better, but still.

Thanks in advance and sorry if wrong place.

Help / Giude for PCK frames
« on: January 22, 2020, 09:03:30 pm »
So I was modding the TFTD just for my purposes, making some little changes here and there, and I thought that logic dictates that most of aquatic races should be able to swim underwater. Makes sense for me, at least.
So I went to armor ruleset, added essential changes, and I thought I would be good. Well, turned out I was wrong. Upon testing, the game crashes with the message I have attached below. Several debug sessions later, I can surely tell that this is caused by trying to look at floating alien.

The point is, I am afraid I couldn't find info related to these frames. I converted the xcom ion magnetic armor files to compare it with the one I got for gillman race, but, well, guess I am not so clever as I thought for this kind of stuff. Is there any guide for what frames are for what and a safe editor for these frames?

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