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Desired behavior, by example:

1. Open "Sell" screen of base 1.
2. Select the filter, say "Outfits".
3. Press "2" to switch to base 2 "Sell" screen while retaining the "Outfits" filter.

The ask here is to make step 3 possible. Also for "Purchase" screen and also for custom search filters (via "q" hotkey).

My use case is: I am trying to understand what is my supply level of different items across all my bases, while understanding how many items of given type are in each base.

I know I can do Base information -> Stores -> All bases.
But this won't let me understand which base has how many items, it doesn't have filtering by category, doesn't show ammo in nice indented & colorized text rows, and doesn't allow me to purchase/sell on the spot.

I attach an example of a screen from which I should be able to jump between bases with number hotkeys, without losing the filter.

One thing that would greatly help my soldier inventory management woes are additive equipment templates. That is, I would like to be able to load an equipment template without removing items in slots that given template doesn't use. I often find myself equipping soldiers like that, for example:
- main weapon: Rifle + clip;
- secondary armament: psi weapon;
- accessories: incendiary and stun grenades + medi-kit.

Then, for different soldier, I would use the same set, but swap out psi weapon with pistol, as the other soldier is not a psyker.

I originally posted this on X-COM files discord #suggestions channel:

Hey Folks, check out this tool I just wrote:

You can use this to analyze, using Excel, weapon stats.

Here is an example (with SPOILERS), of stats of all (<- spoilers!) pistols in game, sorted by aimed accuracy:

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