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The X-Com Files / Could not hold myself.
« on: May 25, 2020, 05:00:23 pm »
Me and my agents after reading changelog.

XPiratez / Missile strikes softlock game, Alt+F4
« on: April 28, 2020, 01:08:58 pm »
So I encountered this problem, when got to stage of the game when this princess girl decided to bomb me to stoneage and I did not even have had AA close to be open for research.

So, these are softlock scenarios I encountered:
1. I had my prison blasted while I have been interrogating  a prisoner. Softlock, I cant transfer or sell the one who is being interrogated.
Possible solution, make one prison/den spot inside old world lab.
2. My base was blasted, cause it was cut from lift when my corridor got destroyed (defensive build with 1 corridor), leaving me with only a lift and hangar, after transfering everything to another base I still had something in my warehouse, even when I checked that absolutely everything and everyone was transfered I had like 1,4 or something additional unregistered cargo. Softlocked.

Both times I was softlocked in sell/transfer windows.
Any way you can fix this in later builds? I admit I cheated out of this by instabuilding powerful radars in every blank spot of base, just to deflect these missiles till I researched AAs, cause they spammed me hard twice a month and my interceptors were to slow to catch up with strikes and to weak to destroy all of the scout designators.

The X-Com Files / Logics, questions, suggestions.
« on: April 17, 2020, 11:18:40 am »
So, here is the list of what I think is either does not make sense, breaks lore or just not logical:
1. Aquatoids having purple (psi) shield. TFTD lore says that every marine alien is full of implants that block psi, so why do they have psi shield?

2. This comes out of question 1. I can mindcontrol and panic those critters.

3. Shock weapons under water. I'ma be real with you chief, buy a shocker and stick it in water then pull the trigger. Block shock weapons for under water missions, we have dart guns for that.

4. Why do I need a assasin interrogation to unlock martial arts training when I have ninja scroll and Lo Wo's scroll? I am late game and  locked out of Helix Knights and Psions cause they demand MA training.

5. 90% of Hydrospace marines during alien raid in military base run around with crowbars and axes, unarmored. Really? These guys are affiliated with X-Com, why do they not have aquaplastic armors? Theres also only 1 dude with gas cannon and 1 with sonic pistol.

6. Can we fix non hostile AI? Police/military, all run around like headless chicken, sometimes even two steps away from enemy, instead of shooting they like "I'ma run around  stupid"

7. Is zombie arc broken? I cant seem to progress after cleaning nests and catacombs, and I did live captures and kills of all HVTs there.

8. Not getting Shogg arc opened, whats the criteria? I did open it last playthrough.

9. Not getting bobblehead robots missions too.

The X-Com Files / AKs and grenades.
« on: April 02, 2020, 06:12:06 am »
Started a new game.
1. AK-47 and AKM use 7.62 both, AKM was,is and will be using 7.62 caliber rounds, not 5.45. So both should have same damage, plus AKM is more accurate, not less like in current mod build.
Also swap icons, your AK-47 has AKM icon and AKM has AK-47 icon.

2. This bugs me a lot. Normal throw has insane range, but impact grenades like flashbangs have tiny. Suggestions:

a) Nerf throw range. (Cause catching grenades across the map when a grenade launcher cant boast the same is not cool)


b) Make all grenades work like flashbangs do. (Cause lets be honest, no one uses primer above 0, unless its explosives and tnt)

The X-Com Files / Chemical Warfare and deployables.
« on: March 24, 2020, 12:17:03 pm »
I played around some more and finally got an idea what could be added.

First thing, chemical weapons in their current state are not exactly what I thought them to be, excluding the Dim.X ones, they are very good. Now what I had in mind are gas grenades and toxin sprayers. Gas grenades are pretty self explanatory, prime, throw, get a gas cloud with DoT effect + other effects for your own tastes, hallucinagen (moral damage) tear gas (stun damage) and so on, you get the idea.
Toxin sprayer idea is similar to flamethrowers highly inaccurate, short range,sprays over area leaving DoT fires and covering small areas, only instead of fires they leave gas clouds and deal small ammounts base damage like flamers do.

Second idea came whem I played 40k mod.  Deployable weapons, aka crouch to shoot properly, this could be applied to some super heavy weapons in game, like HMG, I am sure you can hardly fire 50 cal from hands without a exosuit. Or you could make new weapons for said purpose.

Gyrojet weapons aka "Bolters, Brothers!" lastly. I know it might sound like I am pulling this from 40k, but lets be real, gyrojet weapons did exist, but failed due to a number of reasons. But since we can apply alien tech, like alloys and E115, who said we cant make those viable and deadly?

The X-Com Files / A question about mods future.
« on: January 28, 2020, 07:57:01 am »
I am sure some people thought about this, so I wanna ask a question to you, Solarius:

Is it possible to change endgame to T'leth destruction instead of Cydonia fall?
Something like, you win the last battle, overmind is destroyed, then instead of endgame win credits, theres just chunks of frames from TFTD intro, then like "The year is 2039-2040" and we step into TFDF stuff with most of tech forgotten (including all TFTD tech, cause you know, global mass amnesia conspiracy  ;D).

The X-Com Files / Alien Hunting Party suggestion.
« on: January 22, 2020, 04:14:45 am »
I dont recall the correct name of the mission, but I think I named it correctly. Its quite a rare mission which happens in jungle tiles and has 2-3 anthropod hunters. This name is wasted potential. Why? I really was expecting yautja hunters instead of dummy anthropods. :'(

Why not make a "Predator" scenario? You did "The Thing" I am sure making "Predator" would be cool thing to do, heck even "Aliens vs Predator" movie scenario can work too, I know it will take a lot of effort to draw Yautja and xenomorph sprites, but I am sure  you can find people that would be hyped making such uniq sprites for uniq scenario.

This mod is really awesome, totally want to see more solid content in it.

I feel those weapons are severely underpowered. Why? Just look X-Com Apocalypse. Description says that warp weapons ignore armor, I cant feel that. 44 warp damage feels a lot weaker than 50 laser damage or plasma damage for example.

Acid damage is absolutely useless due to limited range of shot and accuracy of weapons utilising it, excluding dimension X acid spitting grenade, that thing is somehow ignoring all those armor values.

When you close Dimension X arc, you are cut off from warp tech weapons till nearly endgame, also you dont get the most usefull grenade anymore, Bumeroid (though originaly its a sentient landmine, but I suppose coding it in is a too hard for OXCE).

Sonic pulser (120 expl damage) > Plasma grenade (90 expl damage (Why not 90 plasma damage?))

Sectoids surviving 150 kintetic damage from Heavy Gauss with a 20 unit purple shield?

P.S.: I know the damage formula is weird in X-Com 1\2, but sometimes its just absurd.

The X-Com Files / Alien Key decyphering
« on: January 20, 2020, 12:27:52 pm »
I constantly run into a problem where I cant get this research done, because I dont get some researches for it even though I did all interrogations to point where I cant even interrogate anyone anymore. Also often I get duplicated info after interrogations.
All this places the game in a dead end, where you cant free any country from alien control.

Slapping a save file for dev to take a look. I interrogated to max all Sectoids, all MiB and all Hybrids.

OXCE Bugs FIXED / [FIXED] TFTD Seg. error, again.
« on: January 04, 2020, 10:08:11 am »
Ok so I found the previous post on this problem marked as fixed. Now its up again.

Each time I get to second stage of alien base\artifact site, I get a seg. error and crash right after game saves.
This does not happen on liner missions. Also game crashes with seg. error when I try to pick up a stunned alien.

Using OXCE 6.3 + The world of terrifiying silence mod. Note: Game has same problems even without mod.

Dropping some saves and log.
Geosave is 1st day of month will spawn a, also a base is to the left of it on other side of land. Save is with the TwOTS mod.

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