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Just a little thing I cooked up with copy/paste + gimp

After I discovered that right clicking on the solider's armour in the inventory screen at the base would allow you to change your soldier's faces, I tried to use it to really personalize my people, a-la fireaXcom (because I actually like that part of the new ones)

However, I quickly became frustrated by the intense amount of options, and the lack of a preview.

To find the perfect face for my character meant scrolling and clicking through 6 dozen entries, with no way to compare them along the way.

This is an attempt to fix that.

It's messy, but it's better than nothing. If someone wants to make a prettier version I'd be all for that.


P.S., I know the black background makes it hard to see some of the finer details in the hair of the soldiers and etc, but sadly that's also the color of the default background in the selection screen, and trying to use the bucket function to fix this is really messy, as many of the hairdoos are the exact color of that background.

Help / XCF readiness mechanics edits. new problem
« on: March 16, 2020, 07:21:30 pm »
Hello. I am trying to do something similar to what I described in this post:,7987.msg124573.html#msg124573

I have gotten stuck trying to call the variable unit.getMorale and using it.

I have no idea why. it is being called and used only about 12 lines up in another script using a very similar hook.

unit.getMoraleMax seems to be working just fine.

these are the edits I'm trying to make:

from scripts_XCOMFILES.rul
Code: [Select]
      - offset: 1
        code: |

          #add morale and energy totals for calculating readiness
          var int moraleLostTurn;
          var int energySpentTurn;

          var int currentMorale;
          var int currentEnergy;

          unit.getMoraleMax moraleLostTurn;
          unit.getEnergyMax energySpentTurn;
          unit.getMorale currentMorale;
          unit.getEnergy currentEnergy;

          sub moraleLostTurn unit.getMorale;
          sub energySpentTurn unit.getEnergy;
          unit.setTag Tag.UNIT_TOTAL_MORALE_LOST moraleLostTurn;
          unit.setTag Tag.UNIT_TOTAL_ENERGY_SPENT energySpentTurn;

          debug_log "Total Morale Lost is now" UNIT_TOTAL_MORALE_LOST;
          debug_log "Total Energy Spent is now" UNIT_TOTAL_ENERGY_SPENT;

and this is the error message I get in the log file:

[16-03-2020_07-06-48]   [ERROR]   Unknown argument 'unit.getMorale'
[16-03-2020_07-06-48]   [ERROR]   Error in matching arguments for operator 'sub'
[16-03-2020_07-06-48]   [ERROR]   Error in parsing script 'newTurnUnit' for 'Global Event Script': invalid operation in line: 'sub moraleLostTurn unit.getMorale;'

The X-Com Files / Inaccuracy of AKs? Urban legend and game balancing.
« on: March 09, 2020, 05:44:58 am »
Just saw this video:

and learned about the popular misconception of AK-47/50/etc being inaccurate, and why it's a thing.

then I checked the ruleset of this mod and noticed that the misconception made it's way here as well.

So, just a little psa. this is a myth. AKs can be just as accurate as regular rifles.

course, as mentioned in the video, any beat up and overused rifle is going to perform worse, so if you're just saying that the crap you get off terrorist's dead bodies is worse than the stuff you buy new, that makes sense.

Also makes sense to have trade offs for game balance of course.

Just didn't want to any decisions to be made cause of trying to be realistic when reality isn't actually that way.


I am playing Reaver's megamod, remixed twice, with some other mods thrown in the blender for good measure.

I plan on using this post as a sort of playlist, because I'm uploading on bitchute, and they don't have that feature yet.

Comments and roasts welcome.

Also, this is not edited. I press the pause button on the recording when I'm doing uninteresting things,
but other than that it's just my raw, unfiltered pain, for your enjoyment.

Intro, setup, and futzing around

No one:
Me: Typing is hard

Meet my soldiers at 13:45

Episode 1: Better Bored than Dead

Episode 2: Cyberdisks are Hard part 1

Episode 3: Cyberdisks are Hard part 2

Epidose 4: Lesson #1: Things Explode

Epidose 5: Door of Attrition

OXCE Suggestions Rejected / [Rejected] Configurable number of xcom bases
« on: February 11, 2020, 08:49:31 pm »
Rejection reason: after long discussions, it was decided that this is an unwanted feature (not even as optional feature!)

Yeah. I'm bringing it up again (kind of)

I've read one of the other threads about a similar thing:,2558.msg29870.html

I understand why you don't want to make unlimited bases the default, or even as a setting/default mod, because it allows for exponential growth in such a way that the game isn't really about strategy anymore...

but is there any reason to add the option for more than 8 to the engine, so that modders can use it to better fine tune the balance of their mods?

the vanilla game would still have the default of 8, and players wouldn't be able to change it on a whim.
but if a someone wanted to make a mod where say, you had 30 or so bases with less storage each that were almost constantly under siege, (see how long you can last kind of thing) then you could.

[edit for clarity] So to reiterate, I'm advocating giving modders the option for more bases.

[([original unclear thing meridian replied to]: So again, i'm not advocating for infinite bases, just for giving modders the option for more])]

[edit] this has been proposed before, but I thought I'd start a new thread for it just to keep it separate from requests for infinite bases.

Disclaimer: I haven't seen season three yet, so if I suggest something that doesn't make sense stranger things lore wise, that is why. also, please don't correct me in those cases, cause spoilers.

Also disclaimer: I'm realizing this is quite ambitious, and I'm sure you've got better things to do at the moment, but I hope you consider it for a far future thing.

summary of idea:

Xcom = trying to capture eleven (who would be in her thirties of course, cause late 90s)

super hard early game mission/research chain: capturing key characters > interrogating them > locating and capturing eleven > base defense from demigorgon

Rewards: slow early game psi training + low tech psi Armour which requires user to basically not move. (maybe also special psi abilities? damaging psi attacks?)


First, after unlocking the first promotion, you would be given an thing to research such as: "dense paper report with a mildly interesting title"
upon completing said research, you'd be given a briefing by one of your staff people, basically summarizing what information remained from mk-ultra and the experiments on eleven.
they would recommend trying to locate eleven for recapture and further study (in a more humane manner than their predecessors of course)

To locate eleven, you would have to go on missions to capture various characters of the show (who would not be as good at hiding as eleven would be). interrogating them would have a chance of unlocking the next step in a three(?) item long tree to finally unlock the mission to capture eleven.
they could be interrogated multiple times of course as usual. once one is captured the only reason to find another one would be to get a higher chance/more lower chances going at the same time.

characters who would know eleven better (in the future) would have higher chances of unlocking the next step. (e.g., hopper and mike have 90% chance, Ted wheeler has a 10% chance, everyone else somewhere in between).
people with higher chances to unlock research would be harder to capture.

For each mission, there would be a timer, after which the mission ends, the peeps escape, and you go back home in shame.
If you kill a peep, you would lose 5x the score you lose from killing a civilian.

Some characters would fight back, others would just hide (and possibly try to trap you?).

There could be multiple characters per mission sometimes. if this is the case you would only need to capture one of them to succeed, but you would still get some score subtracted for any uncaptured peeps.

characters who would fight:
Steve (spiky baseball bat. sneaks up behind your dudes whenever they aren't covered by another guy's vision)
Lucas (slingshot thingy that I forget the name of)
Hopper (pistol and shotgun with lots of ammo)
Nancy (revolver with super high accuracy)
Jonathon (lighter/knife. also sneaky)
Dustin (hockey stick and heavy hockey armour. very resistant to stun)

Eleven (her mind. special psi attack that does a lot of damage if successful; telekinetically throwing rocks/other debris. would be basically a blaster bomb style bullet)

everyone else would hide/be protected by attacking characters.

I think all of them should use the sneaky Ai (except for melee ones. that would probs have to be custom to get it to work right) if it is possible to implement that on a per enemy basis.

then, once you have finally captured eleven, a base defense spawns immediately after your transport returns to base.
My reasoning for this is that eleven would freak out enough to cause another rift/portal thing.

you would "fight" a single demigorgon.
it would be basically unkillabe with early game stuff and only 10ish early game agents. fire would of course deter it from coming at you, if you happen to have it that early.
if possible it would be nice to have it spawn in places other than the hangar and access lift. so it's creepier and harder.

the only way to win this mission would be to unlock the jail and let eleven (powered by her own third faction Ai) go and wail on it with psi crap.

after that eleven would meet the commander, see that you are reasonable, and cooperate for research. once the research is finished she would leave (consumable research. possibly remove all other stranger things related peeps from jail also?)

the research would take a freak ton of time, but would unlock a debuffed version of psi training facility, giving you the ability to put your agents in psi training (at a slower pace) a year or so earlier than normal (depending on how long it takes you to complete the chain).

it would also give you access to a suit of armour (or rather, semi-mobile sensory deprivation chamber)
the "armour" would subtract all but ~15 of your energy, allowing you to move only ~5 tiles a turn maximum. it would also give your empty hand the ability to mind probe and panic enemies for a higher time unit cost than the psi amp.

It could also possibly give you access to special psi abilities (even with psi amp if you could make a new one that is only unlocked with both psi research trees)
they would basically be eleven's abilities mentioned earlier. soulfire-esque thing (would do less than eleven's does), and small, low damage projectiles fired like a blaster bomb.

That's all. hope you consider it. good night.

The only other mods I have active are support drones, expanded terror reworked, death splash, and celebrate diversity (though that one seems to not do anything at the moment)

It does it for both regular and terror missions. expanded terror worked on it's own, reaver's doesn't work even without anything else.
Reaver's remix by Lord Kane does the same thing.

and yeah, I'm the kooky manjaro linux guy.

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[30-12-2019_22-56-59]   [FATAL]   /tmp/.mount_OpenXcGO8Akb/usr/bin/openxcom(exceptionLogger()+0x5e) [0x4c5d4e]
[30-12-2019_22-56-59]   [FATAL]   /usr/lib/ [0x7f02673cb4da]
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[30-12-2019_22-56-59]   [FATAL]   /tmp/.mount_OpenXcGO8Akb/usr/bin/openxcom(+0xafe0a) [0x4afe0a]

I'm trying to get openxcom to work on manjaro.
I've installed the version from the AUR (arch user repository) and tried to use the app image from the website.
I have all the game files copied over from a windows gog installation. they are in home/user/.local/share/openxcom.
both apps still say that they can't find the files and "make sure openxcom is installed correctly"

where should I put all the files, and how should I put them there to get it to work?

Also, I think the linux version needs better instructions generally (on the main page in the nightlies) I had to find an obscure forum post by chance just to figure out that I needed to go to .local/share. Maybe I wasn't paying attention. still it's not great.

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