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The X-Com Files / How to deal with Ninjas?
« on: November 23, 2019, 04:18:49 am »
No other early game enemy gives me as much trouble as the fiendish Block Lotus Assassin. I'd rather face Chupacabras at night, at least those I can reaction-shoot. I never manage to finish an outpost mission without losing an agent or a dog if I'm lucky. The only way to even find a ninja is to wait for one to attack me, since their throwing range is significantly higher than my spotting range.
My original plan for the new 1.0 start was to leave the Black Lotus arc to later. Postpone doing outposts and bases until I have at least Bio Exo suits available (with that strong cutting resistance an agent can usually tank a hit or two) but I just can't leave them be. The promise of briefcases full of sweet dosh and flame gloves is just too alluring.

My strategy at the moment is to simply let the dog walk in front of my group of soldiers and hope, that the ninja strikes from that direction and manages to only kill the dog and nobody else. Then get him in the next turn.

Honestly, I am quite baffled by the difficulty of this enemy type compared to others, particularly at this point in the game and even later. Even by late 1998 the only thing I can do is to tank their attack with my improved armour and then retaliate. The presence of assassins in any mission makes it significantly harder than corresponding missions of other cults. The exception being the HQ, strangely enough, thanks to its layout, which enables camping behind corners and doors.

Anyway, how do you guys deal with these wretches? I must be missing something really obvious.

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