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XPiratez / Score loss and enemy bases
« on: November 10, 2019, 12:56:03 am »
Hello, I'm liking the mod so far but I've encountered some big issues with the score.
I'm playing at difficulty 2, honest man (well, until now), build K1.

Yesterday I was in October of the first year and the guild built a base near my base and my score started to sink, I was losing around 100 points a day, I had to take it down to avoid a game over.
1) I couldn't get into the base because as I approached it a guild ship immediately appeared and shot down mine. At that point, my best ship was the convoy with three starting weapons and I couldn't stand a chance. I had to lure the enemy ship out with one of my other vehicles, let them destroy it, wait for it to go back to the base and then send the convoy as there seems to be a delay for the enemy ship to appear. How are you supposed to do it normally?
2) The base was filled with enemies in power suit and gauss weapons. I managed to do it going melee and using high explosives, but are you supposed to deal with such enemies so early in?

Now in November things were going good, I had over 2500 points two weeks in, then my score started to sink again, a day it went down 500 points for no reason at all. I tried fast forwarding it until the end of the month and finished with -500.
There seem to be no enemy bases anywhere this time.
I'm not skipping missions, except for the random landed govt ship that I'm supposed to ignore. I'm not in the mutant alliance.

The mod is too opaque with the score, what is a player supposed to do when in two weeks you lose 3000 points for no reason at all? I'm very confused.
Thanks for the help!

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