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UPDATE 2 : The recent Amberelec update broke the mouse controls/cursor in Openxcom (and the port of Exult).  Fixed packages have just been added to Portmaster so please update/redownload it if you have that problem.

UPDATE:  OXCE is now built into Portmaster now so ignore the instructions below and just install it via portmaster.  Also note that you should NEVER enable opengl as it will immediately crash on loading if you do (if this happens, you will need to manually edit the .cfg file to disable opengl)

Old post below

I have ported OpenXcom extended to the Anbernic RG351P which is a Linux based retro/emulation handheld gaming system.  Since it uses KMSDRM which is not very well supported by SDL 1.2 (if at all) I used the libsdl12-compat library so that it actually uses SDL2.  Other than that it is a straight port though Options.cpp needed to be modified to change the keyboard shortcuts and make fullscreen mode the default.  Eventually it will be added to PortMaster but until then here is everything necessary (except for UFO/TFTD files, of course) to install it manually.

How to install/run.

1.  Obtain and install the latest PortMaster from here .  This is mandatory as it uses a keyboard/mouse emulator called gptokeyb which comes with PortMaster.
2.  Download the attached zip file and extract it to your ports folder on the SD card (i.e. X:\ports).
3.  Read the README-port.txt file for how to install the game data files, where to copy saves/mods to, and how controls work.

Compiling Info (straight from the readme).

This is a straight port of OpenXcom Extended (, only the default keybindings in Options.cpp has been modified.  It was compiled using the premade virtual machine by Christian_Haitian ( and uses sdl12-compat for  All other libraries were copied as-is from /mnt/data/arm64/usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu from the development vm.

Released Mods / [COMPILATION] A few small mods.
« on: November 11, 2019, 06:53:06 am »
Finally got into modding and decided to post a few of my small mods that I recently made including a replacement for the xcomutil high explosive damage mod which I thought was overpowered.

Calcinite/Deep one terrorists appear underwater - Makes it so that Calcinite terrorists and Deep One terrorists appear on underwater missions in addition to Hallucinoids/Xarquids.  Note that this mod is pretty much untested at the moment.

UFO/USO Breeching Charge - Adds a purchasable grenade that does a damage of 200 so it can pierce UFO/USO hulls.  The difference is that I reduced the blast radius to 2 annd made it more expensive ($2500 each) for balance reasons.  I also changed it to use the same inventory space and sprites as the blaster bombs.

Long Range Laser Cannon - Makes the laser cannon worth using by increasing the range but decreasing the accuracy and damage.  Range = 65, Damage = 35, Accuracy=33.

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