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Help / Item functionality question
« on: September 04, 2020, 10:51:25 pm »
Curious if an equipable item that soldiers could scan or extract a "sample" (item) from enemy/neutral untis that would be recovered at missions end in loot for research/manufacturing purposes.  Would this be achievable via Scripts/code or not possible?


Work In Progress / [WIP][OXCE] Arc Volter Weapons
« on: March 24, 2020, 08:03:51 am »
Update release to V 1.1:  Includes new weapon to Volter set, the "Stormgun" (shotgun/scattergun variant).
Screenshot of stormgun below.  Check to make sure of using the 1.1 download.

My next foray into the OXCE tinkering business, sharing a weapon mod (3 small arms) I hope to expand on.
Following up on my MRF Fluid Armor with a line of Electricity weapons, Arc Volt Weapons, or " Volters " for short.

As a companion or alternative to laser tech at UFO game start, I wanted (mostly for flavor) something less "GI Joe" and at same time would add some some critical thought back.
I've no doubt someone has (or is) working on electricity weapons... (WotW?) but It interested me enough to put my own spin with a less overall objective and more a simple addition.
Before i blather on, here's what i'm working on; Brief (30sec) demonstration of rifle in action against floaters: (Screenshot of pistol at bottom)


V 1.1
  - Add Stormgun to Volter mod, 4 weapons total
  - Updated various entry sections for stormgun
  - Updated Rulesets (minor)
  - Refined BigObs art for original Volters
  - Fixed incorrect research points given for Volter Rifle (corrected to 20)
  - Fixed typos in string entries
Mixed sounds for weapon effects and original artwork (be kind!)  Filled in some believable details/story to fit with the early game.  It's a fun mod but its not an uber weapon, although it does higher damage than laser, it suffers several drawbacks (included in readme).

Please find attachment below, and consult ReadMe included for more details.
Install as usual, drop into mods folder and activate in OXCE.

Thrilled if this became worthy enough to be used, just give me a heads up if you would.
Do tell if i royally screwed something in the 1.0 drop, for a good laugh, or your honest feedback.
Here's to cook'n some Sectoids!

Resources / Gaffer's Goodie Bag
« on: February 17, 2020, 12:26:15 am »
Going to start dropping resources here versus individual threads, a general goodies bag.

First a Pilot spritesheet for the TopGun mod based on the red jumpsuit with helmet someone did (can't recall where on forum?)

Some samples here.  Zip included (stock 8 male/female paperdolls, spritesheet, custom armors craft info.  No oob files yet.) Ruleset not included.

Spritesheet coloring a bit light but looks decent.  May redo later.

Work In Progress / [WIP][BETA] MRF Liquid Armor
« on: February 16, 2020, 12:50:18 am »
First mod attempt.
Be advised with that said, while to the best of my knowledge, this is working without issue for all intensive purposes, there may be issues with grammar, questionable syntax, ruleset conflicts with other mods, graphical anomalies etc. I know I borrowed values for things like listOrder from other mods as I went along (stealth armor)which will need correcting.
Please consider before using/commenting. Criticism/corrective suggestions/any feedback welcome as I am new to this and have plenty to learn.

MOD: Adds new research and armor to early UFO Defense game. MRF ( Magnetorheological Fluid ) Liquid Armor - based on real developmental tech. ( See Here: )
Intent: Offer alternative for personal armor at game start ( requires research and manufacturing). Base armor stats mostly lower than Personal Armor but is cheap to produce and available to research at game start. Work is complete with Spritesheets, inventory (paperdolls), research, manufacturing components. Items, bigoob, flooroob. Correct pallet (hopefully).

Screenshots in next post. Included Alternate ruleset in zip file that omits research and manufacturing, making the armor available on market at game start for personal preference. Simply extract and overwrite existing .rul file. As with other mods, extract to Mod folder and activate in OpenXcom.

Please let me know what you think and if it works! Thanks, gaffer

[EDIT:  Will add screenshots when able - Currently unable due to maintenance].

Resources / [ARMOR] [GRAPHICS] Alternate Personal for UFO
« on: December 31, 2019, 09:54:42 pm »

Been working with photoshop alongside my commendation/art efforts on variants to soldier art (currently personal armor) with my take.  Alteration is primarily female soldiers as I never cared much for the Male armor look.

Have a few other small projects going but this has been my focus of late.
As being an less than an expert,  looking for feedback on my work.  Plan on sharing soon if there's interest.

Essentially complete minus some tochups for bad pixels I've finished on PC but not transferred to phone where I'm posting.  This is focused on the Inv PaperDolls and keeps existing color scheme so no changes made to spritesheets.
Samples below:

Other efforts aside from commendations has been expanding UFO paperdoll faces and I've quite a few now.  Most of the female faces are copied from other mods (namely xcom files) so.this I wont share unless I've looked into the the author(s) position on usage.  Male faces have 10.or.12 originals /alterations I think.
A few of the blonds shown.

Thanks for any feedback.


OpenXcom Extended / [Suggestion] Pilot Diary for Pilot Class
« on: December 06, 2019, 05:58:05 am »
As implied,
Wondering of it would be tedious / doable to add a Pilot stat page for pilot Class from the
TopGun WIP mod??  In effect something like the soldier diary for pilots.  This would add
depth/interest to pilot class beyond accumulating dogfight experience and being a craft
requirement.  Perhaps something like this was already planned with TopGun??

I'm far from being well versed in yaml, but some ideas of how the .rul file might look.
Forgive any syntax/spacing/structure issues.
See Below:

Code: [Select]
# Idea for expansion on Pilot soldier type
# "pilotDiary" ALA soldierDiary by shoes
# pilotLog - Contents for all Pilot sorties data
# pilotLogScores
# victoryTypes
# victoryValue ???
# pilotRecord??
#Pilot Log history (Logbook)  - all stats
  - type: STR_PILOT_LOG
    background: somebackground.SCR
      dogfightHitCount: XX            #Total hits on ufos
      dogfightShotCount: XX         #Total shots taken in dogfight
      dogfightAccuracy: XX           #Accurracy as % hits over shots taken
      pilotTotalScore: 210             #overall score (tabulated scores)
      sortieFlightsCount: 10           #missions flown
      sortieFlightsScore: 50           #10 flights x 5 pts per flight
      sortieHoursCount: 14            #flying hours/time aloft
      sortieHoursScore: 70            #14 hours x 5 pts per hour
      sortieRatioTotal: 70              #VictoryCount over FlightsCount as a %
      sortieVictoryCount: 7           #UFOs downed/destroyed, Aerial Victories(Kills)
      sortieVictoryScore: 90          #aerial kill score
      sortieVictoryList:                 #list of kills displayed?
        - STR_SMALL_SCOUT         #5pts
        - STR_MEDIUM_SCOUT      #12pts
        - STR_MEDIUM_SCOUT      #12pts
        - STR_HARVESTER              #25pts
        - STR_LARGE_SCOUT         #12pts
        - STR_MEDIUM_SCOUT      #12pts
        - STR_MEDIUM_SCOUT      #12pts
                                             #Total - 90 victory points
    pilotLogScores:                    #Scores for individual stats
      sortieHour: 5                     #5pts per hour
      sortieFlight: 5                    #5pts per flight
      sortieVictory: 10                 #10pts per victory
    victoryTypes:                       #ufo types-->ufos.rul
#  victoryValue:  #needed if not in ufos.rul?
#    STR_SMALL: 12
#    STR_MEDIUM: 25
#    STR_LARGE: 50
#                -  OR  -
#Append ufos.rul with weighted point values
#Could just use existing score value in ufos.rul
    victoryValue: 5
    victoryValue: 12
    victoryValue: 12
    victoryValue: 25
  - type: STR_ABDUCTOR
    victoryValue: 25
    victoryValue: 50
    victoryValue: 70
    victoryValue: 50
  - type: en-US
# Pilot Log Strings
      dogfightAccuracy: "Dogfight Accuracy"
      dogfightHitCount: "Shots Landed"
      dogfightShotCount: "Total Shots"
      pilotLog: "Logbook"
      pilotTotalScore: "Total Pilot Score"
      sortieHoursCount: "Total Hours"
      sortieHoursScore: "Hours Score"
      sortieFlightsCount: "Total Sorties"
      sortieFlightsScore: "Sorties Score"
      sortieRatioTotal: "Victories to Sorties Ratio"
      sortieVictoryCount: "Total Victories"
      sortieVictoryScore: "Victories Score"
      sortieVictoryList: "Victories List"
      STR_PILOT_LOG: "Pilot Log"
# Ufo Strings
      STR_SMALL_SCOUT: "Small Scout"
      STR_MEDIUM_SCOUT: "Medium Scout"
      STR_LARGE_SCOUT: " Large Scout"
      STR_HARVESTER: "Harvester"
      STR_ABDUCTOR: "Abductor"
      STR_TERROR_SHIP: "Terror Ship"
      STR_BATTLESHIP: "Battleship"
      STR_SUPPLY_SHIP: "Supply Ship"

Basic thought would be for tracking base stats (e.g. flights, kills, hours etc) and have
some score system built alongside.  UFOs currently have a score value.  This could be
used for pilots as a point system for kills, or introduce unique key (e.g. value / victoryValue)
Would be great to see if time permitting in the future.

Thanks for looking.

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