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Feature request: When a transport reaches the mission site and the mission start confirmation pops up, if you press "No" the transport goes is set to Return to Base.

My request would be to make a toggleable option that changes it so it is automatically set to Patrol instead.

Reason: The only reason I ever select "No" is because it's reached the site at night and I'd rather wait for daybreak than deal with a night mission.

I can (and do) of course click on the transport, click again to confirm I'm selecting the transport (as it's on top of the mission site), and select patrol, but that's 3 extra clicks I have to make about 50% of the time (playing XCOM Files where earlygame mission timers are rather long). This option would save me about 1.5 geoscape clicks per mission.

Thoughts? I'm not sure if I should be requesting this here, or if it would be more appropiate to request to OXCE.

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