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XPiratez / Your crazy piratez moments
« on: January 28, 2022, 02:22:18 pm »
Figured we could immortalize our most infamous piratez moments here.  Or just the downright silly ones.

So I do my first pogrom of the campaign.  After waiting a turn upon discovering it's just bandits, the first thing I see is... THIS in spitting range of my craft.  May as well have been a sign reading free car parts haha.

XPiratez / Mission timeout cheat sheet
« on: February 11, 2021, 08:21:13 pm »
It's pretty annoying that missions vary in duration but don't have a timeout listed.  So here's a list of early game missions and how long they last on the geoscape before going poof, (some are missing, some I wasn;t sure what they corressponded with):

Fast (<1 day):

-space freighter: 4-6 hours
-aircar race: 2-4 hours
-hot pursuits: 3-6
-humanist safehouse: 20-40
-Traitors at large: 10-20
-Escape Tower: 4-8
-Crackhouse: 10-100 (lol)
-Bandits!: 12-50
-Shipwreck (castaway): 15-40
-Distress Signal (castaway): 10-50
-Dog's hideout: 20-40 (zaxx C)
-Pest Exterminator: 8-16 (zaxx C)
-Defend the lokknars: 5-10
-Pogrom: 4-10
-Eridian Terror: 6-12
-Blood rituals???: 15-40
-Gal party: 12-36
-orbital space station: 10-20
-Downed govt agents: 20-50

Medium (<4 days):

-archeaological dig: 50-100 hours
-sins of the father 50-100 hours
-mage villa: 50-100 hours
-smugglers lair: 50-100
-ghoul town: 25-50
-lokknar farm:50-100
-Highway house???: 25-50
-Sunday town: 75-100
-Humanist Arsenal: 25-50
-Humanist Villa: 35-70
-Bounty C bandit caves: 50-100
-Doomed Farm: 75-150
-Monster Hunts: 50-100
-Death and taxes: 50-100
-Devil's reef: 75-150
-Cruisin counselors?: 25-50
-Campus Carnage: 50-100
-Bootcamp?: 50-100

Long: (4+ days)

-underwater bounty C: 100-200 hours
-winter palace: 100-200
-disrupted comms: 240-300
-red lantern: 100-200
-bandit town: 100-200
-Haunted Forest: 100-200
-Ht house???: 100-200
-Tolppling towers; 100-200
-Isolated Valley: 100-200
-Prepper camp: 100-200
-Temple Raid: 100-200
-Warehouse wars: 100-200
-Scientific Experiments: 100-200
-Ratmen Rodeo: 100-200
-Taberna del diablo: 100-200
-Mansion Invasion: 100-200
-Siberia: 200-400
-Most sea missions: 100-200

XPiratez / ?Peasants are Superior?: A stupid playthrough
« on: February 06, 2021, 04:24:03 pm »

Figured I'd catalogue a stupid playthrough idea.  If anyone wants to grab a peasant and give them a goal or shout out ideas let me know :D 

Restrictions: No Ubers, no SS
Difficulty: Jack sparrow (because YOLO)
Goal: Make as much money as possible before retiring this life of misery.  Or global domination.  Fuck mars (no x-prison means no higher studies, peasant zubrin is too silly for me)

Attempts 1 and 2 were a complete failure, so here's attempt 3 so far

January Summary:


-Fired those worthless mutants
-Sold a bunch of junk, got rid of security corridors, spammin dem burrows
-Bought peasants dogs, shotguns and bows
-No additional brainers
-Got rid of bus and radar end of month, bought expeditions

Research roughly:
->Bounty Hunting
-Fire walk with me (current)
(Various infamy research along the way (honor, 1 nurse, fugutive search orders, dr. x))

-Nurses #1: 1 death, 0 captures, just barely got them on the third touchdown
-(Failed) Medium civilian shipping: 2 deaths to a bad embark in daytime, GTFO
-(Skipped) Temple raid
-Death and taxes: 1 death, 0 captures:
-Nurses #2: 0 death, 0 captures
-(failed) Red Lantern:2 deaths, killed a half dozen guys and realized it was just too risky and bailed
-Nurses #3: 0 deaths, 2 captures!!!
-Watchtower: 0 deaths, 0 captures, First expedition.
-(Skipped) Pogrom
-(failed) Distress signal (dogs couldn't see the enemy, so it was probably catgirls, fuck that shit, bailed immediately.

Goals: get trucks, camouflage, named dogs, merchants???, bikes???, lokknars???, monster hunt??? PUMP DAT GROG

Notes so far:  So far strategy has been pretty simple.  Cower in utter fear with shotguns around embark and throw molotovs to see in the dark.  Feels a lot lot xcom and electroflares.  Fire immediately on turn 1 if they're close because the alternative is worse.  Don't get cocky.
Looted a bunch of varmint rifles so I think I'm good for carbines, high accuracy will help a bunch.

Peasants are so pathetic, my best shooter fired a gothic raygun at 30% so I sold it.  I ended up with a surprsing 1500+ despite the utter failures, helps to know the early game infamy researches I guess, but february's going to be a mess probably.

Also just realized I probably got some peasants killed cause they were wearing shepherd.  Not the brightest armor choice.  But this takes some getting used to.

Not really sure how I'll be able to handle infiltrations since peasants can't fire a pistol for crap, though.

Some pretty pictures:

Dog go bark, gun go shoot


Check out my sexy priestess.  Look at those wonderful stats

Attempt #3 going strong

v2+++ Updated charts for vulcans and ninja landcruisers
v2++: Updated charts to reflect SAM nerf (350-100%->450-85%)
Removed SAM only chart as it's no longer a "special" building.
v2+:  Added crackdown odds to OP
v2:  now allows for mixed building types; fixed escape not closing app

Heya, so math sucks.  Why do math when a computer can do it for you?  (Simulator as attachment below)

Will let you know how effective your defense buildings are if you enter the # of buildings, their toHit and dam, and the offending object's HP.  Also works for vanilla xcom if you want to know how many missile silos you need for to stop X waves of battleships with Y certainty also.

Damage is assumed to be a spread of 50-150% and a miss is assumed to be 0 damage (both facts supported in a lot of places including the bootypedia)

This only says whether you are 100% successful in shooting down all the waves, doesn't calculate buildings lost on a successful missile strike (I actually don't even know the details of this anyways)

Also, I figure this would be a better place to talk about missiles if you felt like it than one of the generic threads.

Main takeaways for me:  To fully stop 3 waves of missiles, you need extreme overkill:

(Chances of flawless victory)
Overcharged Radars: 3 = 1.2%, 4 = 66%  5 = 99%
Flak Towers: 3 = 1.3%, 4 = 9.7%, 5 = 27.9%, (8 = 82%)
Flak Cannons: 3  = 44.7%, 4 = 70.8%, 5 = 86.4%
SAM Sites: 3 = 88%, 4 = 97%, 5 = 99.5%
Vulcan Battery: 3 = 53%, 4 = 82.7%, 5 = 94.6%

(costs to reach 60%:
Radars: ~3.5 million
Towers: Don't ask
Cannons: ~1 million
SAM sites: 700k)
Vulcan: ~2 million

Also the odds here:

Are 100 to 1 not 30 to 1 XD (24 buildings, 1 wave, 50 to hit, 500 damaged, 3000hp)

Full spoilers on crackdown deterring in piratez:


Out of curiosity, I decided to delve into the ruleset for crackdown ships and generation, etc and decided to make a handy dandy chart.  Ship size is the same throughuot difficulties)

First the chances of given ships:

STR_ALIEN_HARVEST (? assuming no crackdown): 25%
STR_ALIEN_RETALIATION(uses "battleship" which actually seems to be a cruiser instead, it's 3500 HP whatever it is): 10%
STR_ALIEN_RETALIATION_L(assault transport, 1500): 15%
STR_ALIEN_RETALIATION_M(breaker, 900): 20%
STR_ALIEN_RETALIATION_S(boarding torpedo, 400): 15%
STR_ALIEN_RETALIATION_C(corvette, 2400): 15%

Harvest isn't counted in the chart below so , e.g. a cruiser is counted as a 13.3% spawn chance and so on.

The # of buildings needed to reach 80% defense are:

SAM Site: 9
Plasma Battery: 5
Gauss Battery: 6
Missile Silo:7
Laser Defense:7
Flak Cannon:13

The # of buildings needed to reach 98% defense are:

SAM Site: 12
Plasma Battery: 7
Gauss Battery: 9
Missile Silo:11
Laser Defense:12
Flak Cannon:18

The # of buildings needed to reach 99.97% defense are:

SAM Site: 14
Plasma Battery: 10
Gauss Battery: 15
Missile Silo:19
Laser Defense:15
Flak Cannon:26

The # of buildings needed to reach "lottery ticket" defense are:

Others: ineffective
SAM Site: 18
Plasma Battery: 15
Disruptor Shroud:22

The # of buildings needed to reach "Make a mathematician's head explode" (about 1:800^31)defense are:
Disruptor shroud: 31

The # of buildings needed to reach 100% defense are:
Disruptor shroud: 32

Note: SAMS have 5 beds, but no base defense turret if they get through

Note 3:  The above charts are only useful if playing ironman and is only for an unknown random encounter.  5 SAM sites will never stop a cruiser.  If you're reloading, the best defense buildings are missile silos since 3 can occasionally defeat a cruiser with 7% chance.

Foot patrol (early ninjas, ratmen, doom dudes)


Flak cannons:
2: 76%
3: 90%
4: 96%
5: 98%
6: 99.3%



OC Radar:
4 = 100%

Disrupter Shroud:
3 = 100%

Higher tech buildings mostly just get close to 99% quickly

Ninja landcruiser individual odds:

Chance for 60%
Flak cannon:12

Chance for ~80%
Vulcan: 14
Flak cannon:14

Chance for ~95%
Vulcan: 17
Flak cannon: 17

Chance for 100%
Disrupter shroud:26

Ninja landcruiser All 3 destroyed:


Chance for 98%:

Chance for ~99.9%

Chance for ~99.9999%

Chance for 100%
Disrupter shroud:26

XPiratez / The Newbie Guide
« on: February 12, 2020, 09:35:22 am »
Seems like everyone's too lazy to make a strategy guide, so I guess I'll make one.  This is currently updated for K2

All sections past "choosing a starting base" will contain spoilers in a "least spoilers first" fashion.  If I seem to be spoiling things too much for you, just skip over to the next section


Can't strategize if you can't play it.  Read the readme that comes in with the game, but notably, when it asks you to copy a folder, you want to copy the contents (shift select) of the folder that contains the executable of the game comes in (UFO Defense.exe).

Furthermore, when openxcom is loaded you'll need to go to the mods section and x-piratez should be in a dropdown menu.

Some initial settings needed for sanity: 

A)There should be an option to show movement TU.  If you've turned this on, you should see an AI path and a number for
B)Nightvision mode is also scroll lock by default, which is problematic if you have no scroll lock button, so this should be switched to another button.
C) Air fighting speed should be set to the slowest setting.  Air fights go fast and are highly lethal.  You might want to speed up some movements as well.

??? that's all I use, maybe there's some other things some people could mention


There's too many to list here, but here's some that will affect you right away.  Read all of the bootypedia's initial entries, here's some that are important whether they're described or not.

A)  Holding shift lets you sprint.  Maybe this was in vanilla and I was just playing wrong all this time.  This causes an increased energy drain, but is honestly the default movement speed in practice.  Notably, while sprinting, enemies will get the jump on you if the TU difference between you is enough to cause reaction fire when they first see you.  So unless you have a specific goal in mind you might want to sprint a few steps and then walk the rest.

B) You generally have superior night vision to citizens, the most common early game enemies.  This makes most early game missions considerably easier during night time (with some exceptions).

C) Listed in the bootypedia but worth reiterating:  If you're facing an enemy in melee, when they have their turn you will dodge their attacks.  If it's ranged attacks, this costs 6 energy (not TUs) and has a chance based on the evasion of your armor.  If you do not have enough energy, you will not dodge!  Furthermore, I pistols have an increased chance of defeating dodge, could be wrong

D)  Your morale drops over time


Generally speaking, there is jack sparrow and everything else.  If you're playing something not jack sparrow, you will have a good idea of later game difficulty based on your initial missions.  However, the highest difficulty also has some wrenches thrown in and additional base defenses.
There's a button for iron man, but you're better off just deleting your save if you lose than pressing it: the game is extremely long and there's no point in having a save wrecked from a bug.


There's several good starting options, but there's three that stick out to me:

A) Middle of North America:  The main advantage of north america is your radar covers basically the whole continent.  You won't need to pursues UFOs as much because they'll just turn around and head back inland.

B) Middle of Africa:  My favorite, the main advantage here is a bigger landmass and your back is the pacific ocean.  The only missions you'll miss in the first month or two are set in new zealand or hawaii. Also, you'd think desert towns wouldn't grow apple trees (important later), but you'd be wrong.

C) Northern tip of india:  Main advantage here is it's 100% land and also mostly backed by the pacific ocean.


If you sell the Tiny Drill or Menacing Hull, you've basically lost the game.  You will get a warning in a research but probably after you've sold it.  That's kind of a trend to the mod.  So here's things you can or can't sell in your starting base.

A) The Security Corridor: SELLABLE.  It says it stops enemies from going in the sewers.  It does not.  Sell this P.O.S. Or better, build a burrow on top of it (which autsells it and subtracts time from the new building)

2) THE OLD EARTH LAB:  NOT SELLABLE.  It's like selling your starting lab in XCOM only you can't build any further ones.  I'm curious if anyone's played a game where they sell if after reaching mess halls and uber farming and builds a ton of bases, but it's probably not a good idea.

3) ARMORED VAULTS:  KINDA SELLABLE:  It's a really really nice building.  But it's also worth 300k.  I sell it, but most do not I think.

4) HI-RES RADAR:  NOT SELLABLE (in january).  In january you get a bunch of UFOs that land so there is no point.  This stops until april mostly, so if you are desperate you can sell it in february (but you're just going to end up rebuilding it)

5) ANY OTHER BUILDING:  You can sell them but there's nothing to gain really.


7) PILES OF JUNK:  MOSTLY SELLABLE.  These used to be worth more as loot than processing.  Now they're worth a fair amount more, but the tech needed is kind of a ways off.  There's certainly no harm in selling some or all of it if you feel the need

8) HELLERIUM + SCRAP:  SELLABLE.  But the scrap isn't worth much.

9) EVERY OTHER ITEM: Not worth enough to sell or is useful in some way.

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