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Released Mods / [TFTD][MUSIC] Sound Canvas VA and S-YXG50 music packs
« on: March 18, 2020, 01:07:11 am »
Made a couple of music packs for TFTD.
Those were recorded from TFTD Collector's Edition MIDI files. GMWIN (floppy version Victory music) and GMLOSE (floppy version Game Over music) were captured with DOSBox, since they are absent from Collector's Edition.

One of the packs was recorded with Roland Sound Canvas VA (basically a software version of SC-55), the other with Yamaha S-YXG50 VST plugin. Both sound much better than the built-in Adlib emulator.

I haven't tested them much, so any feedback is welcome.

See also: — MT-32 music pack,6032 — Playstation music pack

OXCE Suggestions Archive / [Suggestion] UI improvements
« on: April 22, 2019, 06:47:30 pm »
I have a few ideas of small UI improvements that could save a lot of time and frustration, especially in larger mods with a lot of micro.

1.1 Scroll wheel in inventory.
"Scroll Right" is currently the most clicked button in the inventory screen, and it doesn't even have a keyboard shortcut.
Wheel scrolling would be a huge improvement, if only because you can flip inventory pages without moving the cursor.

1.2. Shift + Scroll wheel for next/previous unit.
There are hotkeys for Next/Previous unit, but scrolling would be much faster and more convenient, especially with 15+ units. It could work both in inventory screen and in Battlescape.

2. Remember the last selected unit in inventory screen (after going back to craft equipment).
Right now when you press the "Inventory" button in craft equipment, you always start from the first unit. This makes going back and forth between craft equipment and inventory inconvenient. It would be great if inventory screen "remembered" the last selected character.

3.1. Live filter.
Quick Search is great, but it could be even better as live search, searching as you type without having to confirm it with Enter.

3.2. A user option to make the search box always on.
There's no reason not to have the search box always visible and selectable, other than preserving vanilla look.

3.3. Clear the search field with Right Click.

4.1 Remove item from craft loadout via inventory screen (Shift + Left Click).
Craft equipment screen doesn't show how many items your units already have equipped.
Being able to remove items from a craft straight from inventory (with Right Click or Shift + Left Click, for example) would make getting rid of unnecessary stuff a lot easier.

4.2 Remove every item currently displayed on the ground from craft loadout via inventory screen (Shift + Clear inventory).
Used together with quick search it can be used to remove a specific weapon and its ammo, weapons with certain damage type, or everything that is not equipped.

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