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Suggestions / Ground Elevation
« on: July 18, 2011, 07:06:19 pm »
As requested. Moved to Suggestions

An Idea for after v1.0

In the old xcom the ground elevates suddenly and unnaturally.  Of cause this is acceptable seeing when xcom1 was made.  What is the possibility to implement tile elevation like in Alpha Centauri?

1) Corner tiles are handled differently in SMAC.  The whole tile is skewed rather then only a half of the tile like in Xcom.
2) Instead of elevating a whole square like in Xcom, SMAC only elevates the corners of tiles.  This gives the map more variety.
3) The gradient of SMAC's tiles is about 50% of Xcom's,  this gives it a smoother appearance.

A little tweaking of the code and drawing of some additional tiles then it should make a noticeable difference!

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